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iPhone 12 Mini 64GB $720, 128GB $767.40 (40% Off), iPad Air 4 64GB Cellular $880 (20% Off) Delivered @ Telstra (Account Req)


Similar deals to last month are back again tomorrow at Telstra, iPhone 12 Mini has dropped $79 from the previous post ($21 more than that before it). iPad is $19 cheaper than the last deal.

iPhone 12 mini 128GB confirmed as $767.40.

As always, enjoy :)

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      • +1

        Lasts a day here in regional QLD for my wife who uses her phone more than I do.

        TBH battery packs are dirt cheap, offer more flexibility, and i'm never far away from a Qi charger either at home car office etc.

        With my current phone I just stash a charged 10,000 MaH pack in my overnight bag just incase I do too many video calls.

        I like that this thing is small and can come for a run or night out without me noticing it.

      • I doubt it, bring a battery pack, they are cheap and portable when you need them.

        This lasts a day for my wife who takes a million photos and does some light internet browsing.

        We’re both near chargers at home car office etc and take batteries on trips so no biggie

  • If I were to purchase it outright, will it be locked to the Telstra carrier or will I be able to use it as an unlocked phone with any other carrier?

    • No, all the iPhones on the Telstra store are unlocked so they can be used with any carrier

  • Oh my gosh. It must be old age. I have jumped to Apple. Would have loved the green to be 128 gig but what the hell.

    My LG V20 is starting to do some very strange things lately and the Samsung is well.. Samsung.

    For me, that is three separate operating systems with three phones in a row. Windows with the Nokia 1520 (Win 10 and still my favorite), Android and now Apple.

  • Picked up another 128gb mini, hoping it won’t get cancelled as I’ve sold my ip max 11….

    Shame I missed out on 256gb’s in last Telstra day

    • Just wonder why you move from 11 pm to 12 mini?

      • +1

        Wanted to try something smaller (much in this case) between kids and carrying bags etc I’m hoping the ease of handling makes up for loss of screen real estate, I’ve iPad mini and pro so hoping it’ll make me pick up those for longer browsing sessions.

        • Yeah, miss the size of 4 and 5 series. I'm using the 11 pm too, battery life and screen is insane for entertainment, and just realize that it's not bigger than 7/8 plus too.

    • +1

      Mine has shipped, ordered at 1 a.m!!

      Do I get an ozbargain badge?

    • When was the last one?

  • +1

    why dont any other colours for the mini have 128gb?

    • I believe they've sold out. If you have access to rewards store, the white one still has 128gb and 256gb. An hour ago, Purple and Blue has 128gb too but no more.

  • +1

    Anybody knows if they will do a credit check for outright purchase? It asked for driver's license during checkout.

  • I'm very pleased. My iPhone 12 mini 128GB black has shipped.

  • From what I can see, these prices require you to sign up to a plan…

    • +1

      You don't need to. If you already have a Telstra account you can just press "Outright" and then scroll down to the bottom and press "Next" under the Review your Selections area. Then press Continue only with this item and it'll work.

      • Yes confirmed. You just scroll past the select plan and click Next. Then pay. Though you need to be signed in to do this to your Telstra account as doweyy has stated.

        • …and signed in…and signed in…and signed in…and signed in…

  • +2

    I've decided to join the apple bandwagon but was considering an entry level device like 11,xr or se.
    this 12 mini deal is the best value proposition I have seen for a 1 year old device, if you don't mind small size and smaller battery size. I would say this price point actually makes sense for once 😁

    • +1

      Yeah…I'm a tight-arse too, but already invested in the ecosystem. I was hanging out for a sub-$500 2020 SE like the Vodafone ones through Officeworks. This was a good deal though, so have ordered one to replace my iPhone 7

      Usually my wife takes my old phone, but she already has a 2020 SE. My son will be happy though. The 7 is a decent bump up from the iPhone 6 he currently rocks, and he'll now have the latest iOS.

  • I ordered two for the family, funny how the latest order shows expected completion 4 Sep 2021, but the earlier one is on back ordered.

  • I can’t imagine why i fail the driving license check. Bugger..

    • Middle name

      • Apparently i only have a letter as middle name on my driving license and the form check does not allow it.

  • anyone know when this deal ends? I'm waiting for my new westpac credit card to arrive in the post.

    • it’s today only, but i have a feeling that there will be more discounts in the future, knowing that iPhone 13 is coming real soon!

      • Next one is the first Thursday of October.

        • Are there so many iphone 12 stocks ?

  • damn, iphone 128gb sold out??

  • Will this stack with shopback?

  • looks like they are on backorder and website keeps crashing when verifying my ID

  • I managed to order a black 128gb using a $2 prepaid card to create a Telstra ID but it's on backorder. It crashed on the first try but worked on the second.

    • do you know how long the backorder will take?

      • No timeframe given:

        Thanks for choosing Telstra. We know you're eagerly awaiting your new device and we'll do our best to have it available for you as soon as stock arrives.

        • damn, I still can't buy mine, it keeps crashing in the ID checking bit. I have tried 3 times now

          • @Homr: Ouch, good luck!

            • @docpol: Something went wrong
              We're unable to process your order at this time.

              Take me back to Telstra.com.au

              • @Homr: Ah, just wait for the next deal, I guess.

      • +1

        Was on back order for the previous deal but received the phone within a week

  • Does anyone knows what ios version 12mini ships with? Asking for jb purpose!

  • So last time I went to Officeworks and the guys there price matched me for the mini 128gb.
    Today I got up early and went to my friends at Officeworks again, but this time they told me that they are unable to price match for Telstra 🧐

    So I ended up buying one via Telstra to not miss out and to reward myself for driving to Officeworks at 7am.

    • Yep denied too. Manager clearly aware of the need to have a Telstra login so it wasn't simply available to public. Sad face. Missed out

  • And onboard for delivery.

  • Ordered yesterday. Arrived today in the morning. Sweet!

  • Black 128gb on board with driver headed out today, Can’t find my drivers license FML

    • I wasn't sure if the delivery guy would ask for it…but he did.

      • Since when do they ask for a drivers license?
        If I live at the delivery address and open the door from inside that’s all the proof they need.
        They should at least ask what name the parcel is under before handing it over for verification.

        • shrug …it was part of the phone purchase. In Telstra's store I had to provide a license number, and then the postie needed the last four digits on delivery. That was mentioned on the website before I checked out.

          Our delivery guy knows me, so it's not like he actually needed it to identify me. It seems to have been a requirement of Telstra that he get the last four digits though.

    • Delivery bro didn’t ask for mine. Phew

      Only bummer is I’ll have to keep carrying my pixel with gpay until I find it and set up Apple wallet

  • Arrived 4 Sep by Startrack. Very fast delivery. But how do you get a tax invoice? Numerous emails and texts about the order and delivery came but no tax invoice. And nothing in Telstra account either. 30 minutes on chat was no help either.

    • There should be an email from Telstra with title "You've made a payment". Click "View receipt" and download the PDF file.

      • Thanks. The email said the order was confirmed and there was a box to click and track the order (which when clicked did not find the order). The email included a line saying "What you'll pay today $x " (future tense) but said nothing about a receipt. The payment appeared straight away on my credit card account and as mentioned the phone arrived very promptly. Sounds like there was meant to be a subsequent email with the receipt - not in any spam folder though. After delivery a further email came saying 'your order is complete' but no tax invoice.

  • anyone's address messed up by Telstra and have any update?

    Mine showed delivered to wrong address and Telstra chat is just not helpful at all. have no idea it is in warehouse now or delivered to wrong address. Startrack showed delivered

    • You should receive sms with a link to re-deliver or change delivery address. I tried clicking the link but I said I am unauthorised in the system (possibly bec I don't have any active service with them). I called the customer service and they are resending the order. Now showing as backorder!

      • Just saw an update. Expected delivery 15 September.

    • I have something similar.

      Startrack wasn't able to deliver it because Telstra system added some prefixes to my address. They didn't leave it to wrong address either. It got returned to Telstra. I messaged them just now to get it re-delivered but it is not on backorder.

  • Yeah, my order status shows delivered yesterday but I haven't received anything. I came here to see if anyone was having similar issues. I'm in one of those hotspot LGA in NSW though.

    • Chat guy gave me StarTrack tracking link and it shows 'In Transit'. I wonder why Telstra thinks that means it's 'Delivered' ? Lmao.

  • Returned my iPhone 12 mini 128gb, audio issues playing YouTube, music apps & during calls, sound drops out but video keeps playing or loud crackling and looping distorted audio, restored software via iTunes with zero improvement

    Within 14 days I should get a new phone replacement? If they have stock?

    Really enjoying the form factor, great summer phone

    • I wonder how many people have have audio issues. I've just sent my phone back to be looked at as the sound kept cutting out on calls after the first 20-60secs yet when they called me back, I'd find out that they could hear me, I just couldn't hear them. Also, I couldn't send picture messages to non-iPhone users. I could only get it to work if I turned WiFi off to do it.

  • +1

    People with delivery issues - FYI there's a thread in the forums to collectively discuss: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/649000

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