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Black Hario V60 Dripper Kit (Inc Rhino Grinder + Papers + Coffee) $65 + Delivery (RRP $126) @ Barty Single Origin


Hey guys, keen to paying it forward again with everyone at OzBargins, keen to even-up the score with the recent https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/648067 bomb about the AeroPress for $45.

Here's the same type of offer for the Hario V60 Dripper, a 2Cup Black Ceramic Dripper which includes the Rhino Tall Grinder, Filter Papers paired with the famous Barty single-origin from Ethiopia YirgaCheffe normally the kit would RRP for $126, also, we have a strict budget so grab one before the sale price equalises πŸ€“.

This Barty Speciality Coffee from Ethiopian rolls over the tongue leaving a sweet spicy scent, hints of cinnamon and orange zest. Its gentle, rounded, easy acidity matches the floral scent to perfection and complements the smooth warming taste. Hints of fruit, currants and cinnamon flow over the taste buds, leaving complex flavours of fruit, wonderful floral notes and a tingly, spicy finish.

Also, just an FYI we're about to drop a V60 & AeroPress Master Class Coffee Dial-in Service, meaning if you're a newbie to speciality coffee or would like a private master class or join a group with one of our coffee experts … we'll be launching virtual sessions into next week while in Lockdown & Covid for some mid-week entertainment, if your interested hit up @Nathaniel on the chat use the MasterClass button to leave your details.

Keen to keep everyone smiling during Lockdown & Covid, we have a storewide offer, Free Shipping Over $75, shipping Australia Wide, & Globally with love for you guys, we're paying it forward raising awareness for Mental Health which means you can drop by and chat with us in confidence or anonymous, feel free to drop by, just say, β€˜Hey Erin’ our qualified mental health professional.

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  • +13

    I read it as Black Mario and thought "wow, that's very inclusive of Nintendo."

  • Already waiting for the AeroPress offer to come back :-p

    • +2

      One time thing, we vowed to never piss* off the Aero gods ever again πŸ‘Š

      • not sure why you got downvoted for the comment, I hear aeropress is really strict about the retail pricing

    • +1

      Missed it by 5mins too!

  • +1

    HAHAHA a mario … classic! morning mate, I hope you've got a good cup of coffee in front of you 😁

    • Hi there, what kettle do you recommend for this kit? Cheers

  • Nice one Op, thanks for looking after us. Not sure if I missed it, but how much coffee is in the bundle?

    • 150g fresh made to order

  • -1

    Any chance of a deal without the grinder?

  • What's so special about hario compared to normal filter

    • +2

      well, it's made in Japan, it's design, it's black and it has ridges to help brew a well-balanced cup, plus its ceramic hehehe

      • Bought, thanks

  • This is an amazing deal if you are getting into pour over coffee. I have a hario v60 already with the filters and been using it for years now. Solid pour over brewer.

  • What's the difference between this style and cold brew one?

  • +1

    oh! I will get @Nathaniel our coffee expert drop in and give you a proper explanation.

    • Would like to know if the decaf is suitable for pourover as well? Not looking for something too heavy on the roast

      • OMG our decaf is amazing, its from peru, a super speciality lot, I purchased like 160kg and there's no more of this vintage in Australia, check this out: https://bartysingleorigin.com/products/the-anxiety-kit not cheap tho, please make sure to watch the Swiss Decaf Process it super fascinating

  • Do you guys offer a sort of one-off purchase tasting pack with a few different coffees so we can try what you offer without spending like $100

  • Can anyone comment - is this grinder any good?

    • It's a very basic grinder so it will do an OK job at best. But at this price its a steal. Plus if you end up liking the coffee out of the V60, you can just upgrade the grinder later.

      • Hey

        Apart from travelwise etc, are there any advantages of this or other manual grinders over the standard Breville smart grinder?

        • Much cheaper and more compact.

          • @seanfoite: Thanks for the reply.

            I hear about different grinders being the most important thing and was just wondering. I have used a manual one and it took ages to get enough coffee for 2 cups.

            I now have the Breville and works fine but always looking for ways that may make a difference

            • +1

              @slipperypete: Yeah can be slow for sure. I've got a Timemore C2 and its super quick to do 30g (which is enoguh for 2 cups). But anymore than that and your probably better off with a electric grinder. Only reason I don't have one is that I don't really have the bench space for it in the kitchen.

    • About on par with a Porlex hand grinder. Both use ceramic burrs which were the bees knees years ago. Decent entry level and good for travel but nothing amazing.

      You can still get good coffee from it.

  • +1

    How is the rhino tall grinder compared to the compact, in terms of uniformity and ease of use (acknowledging the tall holds more coffee)? The compact has smaller burrs - does this make it harder to grind? If you're making coffee for one, which would you recommend? Great deal - cheers!

  • -1

    is the dripper plastic? If so you might want to change the details on the page which just says its "black ceramic"

    Kit Includes:

    Hario V60 2 Cup Dripper - Black Ceramic
    Hario V60 Filter (40 Units)
    Rhinowares Tall Grinder
    150g Barty Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Co-operative

    • +3

      Rep commented above that it's ceramic

      • ok cool - their v60 page mentions ceramic coloured which made me hesitate

    • Quick google search mate. It's Ceramic hence Black Ceramic.

      • really! hahaha thanks mate

    • No ceramic

      • Wait. I just placed an order 1 hr ago due to it said ceramic. Would u like to double check on it? Order #1862. I dont want the plastic one :(

        • i meant that it is ceramic

      • +2

        You should put a comma in there

    • done! thanks mate ✌️

  • Can it be used for cold brew?

    • no, that's an entirely different animal, will get @nathaniel to explain

  • Wow, this is an amazing deal if you want to get into drip coffee. Well done OP.

  • You'll be replacing that grinder in no time.

    • why? well i suppose a burr grinder like the Comandante MK3 https://bartysingleorigin.com/products/comandante-c40-mk3-ni... is what you need but no one wants to blow RRP $450 on a proper kit early in their coffee game πŸ‘Š

      • +2

        Timemore C2 - $70

        Got nothing but coffee fines using the Rhinowares with my V60 and hated the coffee I brewed - Changed to the Timemore, changed the whole coffee experience.

        • Interesting! got a link for the that? Might see if we can re-sell it …

        • +1

          Stainless Steel over Ceramic burr set will definitely contribute to the coffee fines. You'd be forgiven to use this Rhinowares hand grinder / Porlex with an Aeropress due to the active brew method, but passive brews such as V60/Kalita Wave/Chemex those fines cannot be overlooked.

          • +1

            @yojabbajabba: dude, i believe the making of the coffee is the genuis part, great for the brain, it gets you the zone, the grinding of the beans always does it for me, dialing the grind and pour over … always loose myself, it sure gets me grounded and present ready for the day πŸ‘

        • +1

          Seconding this. C2 is great value.
          Went from a porlex with ceramic burrs to the C2 and have not looked back.

  • What should I add for $10 so I get free shipping?

    • Disregard - went for the $75 Peach kit with the Hario server instead. Thanks OP

      • Same haha i think this specific deal is great for those who already have the server tho

  • +1

    I got one of these; though a plastic one with a glass pot. Love it. If you grind the beans just before you make the coffee; you can see all oils from the beans at the top of the pot. I find I don't like adding milk to this style of coffee. Not even sure why; I just feel it is meant to be drunk without milk. The only thing is you need a decent water pourer; it needs to be poured slowly on the paper otherwise; you might miss the ground coffee. Most kettles are fine but if you're a purist you might need a pot with a long narrow spout. Okay I've rambled; sorry. I could talk about coffee for hours.

    • +1

      The oil thing is all about the coffee being either over roasted or stale/old. Nothing to do with the grinder. Also, if the milk is curdling that means you've either over heated the milk or the beans are toooo acidic — go figure ✌️

      • Re: oil, so over roasting will result in less oil and vice versa for under roasting? Also, I only really notice the oil when I use freshly ground beans. I don't really get it with pre-ground coffee.
        Thanks for the tips re: milk, I just don't feel the need to add milk to to pour over coffee. But then again I haven't tried it in a while.

  • I'm sorely tempted - would be a great travel kit … but chance of travel in the next 4 months is looking pretty slim…

    • +3

      You're kidding right, we're not travelling further than to our supermart until Xmas hahah right now, best to grab a kit and walk around the block while the kettle boils πŸš€

      • +1

        Mate I needed that laugh. Another happy customer!

  • If you already have a grinder and want to expand to V60 then the Hario Craft V60 Brewing Kit is seriously good value.
    In my experience v60 has quite a steep learning curve and a goose neck kettle is almost mandatory.

    • yeah right, that's true, you can now jump onto our site and book yourself into a master class with Nathaniel or myself anytime. Something to do while in lockdown.

  • My AeroPress hasn't even arrived yet, but now I'm tempted to get the V60 too…Guess the only thing getting slim this lockdown is my wallet…

  • Not bad… But this should never of been $126

    • +3

      I'd say $126 is a pretty reasonable price for a set like this.

      Most places sell:
      Rhinowares Tall Grinder - 70
      Hario V60 02 Ceramic - 45
      Filter paper - 5
      Single origin 150g beans - 15
      TOTAL = $135

  • can i just call out, we only support single-origin coffees, direct from farm to cup, meaning our singles start from anywhere around $28 for 150g and run all the way to $140+ where we've a few kits on pre-order starting at $55 from FST, check this out: https://bartysingleorigin.com/search?q=FST

  • Thank Barty for doing a great job, God bless.

  • Hey @bartjawien
    Just wanted to check this one: https://bartysingleorigin.com/products/el-salvador-bourbon-p...
    If a Hario V60 02 Ceramic is only going for $29.5 that's seriously a good deal - did I read this right?
    Kit Includes:

    For $29.5, you get
    Hario V60 2 Cup Dripper - White Ceramic
    Hario V60 Filter (40 Units)
    Ethiopian Harrar (ground beans specific for your V60 filter)

  • What a deal. Things like this make lockdowns bearable. I hope folks don't forget this generosity and keep supporting Barty. Good on ya!

  • Ah thanks guys, loads more bargains coming your way, trying to cook another awesome set of gifts while we're all lock-in at home. Stay tuned πŸš€

  • Hey @bartjawien, when can we expect orders to be packed and shipped? (Been a few days since we ordered and paid! Around 5 days). Cheers!

    • We've picked and pack today, waiting on couriers to pick up, so anytime this week you should receive your order. The driver & courier network is under some super pressure with lockdown and covid. We released a service announcement last Friday, check this out: https://bartysingleorigin.com/blogs/news/shipping-delivery-t... And! :) thanks for your patience and support us, much respect πŸ‘Š

      • Brilliant! Thanks! :) great to hear, and thanks for the hard work

        • πŸš€πŸ‘Š

  • Hey guys, how's everyone going? It's RU-OK day? Please make sure to ask a mate, like for real, if they're ok? Thanks, Bart