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Blue Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition $151.27 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


First post here,

Cheapest I've seem ever,

About this item
Blue VO CE Software Including Advanced Voice Modulation with Warcraft Presets Transforms your voice with the sound of legendary World of Warcraft characters
Warcraft HD Audio Samples Entertain your stream audience using hundreds of HD audio samples from Shadowlands and the World of Warcraft universe
Custom World of Warcraft Design Combines a sleek Battle Grey finish with elegant gold accents and the official World of Warcraft logo for a powerful on stream aesthetic
Customizable Laser Etched LED Warcraft Runes Use preset Warcraft color schemes or create a custom look to match your on stream aesthetic
Enhanced Blue VO CE Broadcast Vocal Effects Download Logitech G HUB and create your ultimate broadcast vocal sound using a suite of upgraded voice effects or choose one of the included pro presets

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  • Apples to oranges but how does the quality of this compare to the modmic wireless?

    • +2

      Don't have the Blue Yeti X but can guarantee most standing microphones will sound a lot better than the modmic wireless. Hardware Canucks did a good comparison with a large variety of mics, unfortunately, doesn't have the Blue Yeti X or modmic wireless (has the older Blue Yeti and wired modmic though). But that gives you a pretty good idea of the difference in quality.

      That said, it sounds good enough, and being wireless is so damn good that I bought 2 haha!

    • Modmic wireless sux.

      When the mic works, it works. Audio is good compared to my old $7 mic.

      But half the time it craps itself and people can't understand me. I have to wait a few seconds for it to go back to normal.

      I am now in a market for a new wired mic

      • Interesting, I have 0 issues with mine. If ask for a replacement or refund.

  • Same mic as the standard one but with the extra modulation in the blue yeti software right?

    • +1

      same mic as the Blue Yeti X, not the standard Blue Yeti.

    • +1

      It's all in Logitech G app now and has been since the wow yeti X launched

  • +15

    finally people can hear me say leroooooooy jennnkins

    • +4

      I’m coming up with thirty-two point three three uh, repeating of course..

      • At least I have chicken

  • +1

    Thanks. Got one

  • +2

    Got one because who knows I might need a second mic if my rode NT gives out.

    Tbh I just couldn't resist the price.

    • hey man the rode nt will never die, I think mine is on 4 or 5 years now

    • Don't they have like 10 - 15 year warranty thou? Hell, it could be lifetime, there's no need for another mic

  • +1

    great price

  • +4

    THAT'S A [email protected]#$ING 50 DKP MINUS!

    • +1



  • +2

    oh boy, picked this up in the deal 8 days ago for 218 from the same seller…. now im feeling sad…

    • +3

      Same here, except I managed to cancel the order as it hadn't yet shipped and got a refund. Purchased it again just now at the above price. Give that a go perhaps if you're willing to risk it.

      • Sadly shipped 2 days ago
        Did Amazon do any price protection stuff?

        • +2

          Hit them up. Worth a shot.

        • +1

          Doesn't hurt to ask. Contact their custoemr support.

        • +1

          Usually not, but they will often cover return costs, so you can just buy another and return your current one if you're bothered

          • +1

            @Lukas: rep said cannot refund the difference, and a $24 shipping cost would come out of the refund when returning.

            But even with that, it is still nearly $50 difference so seems worth it

        • Can you do a return later?

          • @ky1975: yeah, is the plan - just purchased another one in the mean time.
            So damn wasteful of Amazon though, especially with shipping shortages, it's disappointing

            • +1

              @ult1m4tum: return with reason "product doesnt meet expectations" or "incompatible or not useful", doesnt charge the return fee

      • +1

        i cancelled my order from the last deal a couple days ago too. so glad i did, i needed the money back and when i saw it had gone down from the "sale" price by about 4 dollars i thought i may as well cancel it.

  • I like the price but definitely not the design. How sad.

  • Any good for music (voice)?

    • I use it to record Cello, its pretty solid… recommend a foam pop filter

  • Woot. Just looking at this a few days

    Can anyone recommend an affordable but good mic stand?

    • +1


      look for one that looks like that. don't pay the ludicrous price of 100 dollars that most of the big names want, i got one like the one on the vid, if not exactly the same, been using it for a year and a half and it's still working perfectly. i would link you to the one i bought on ebay for 22 dollars but it appears the seller is no longer selling it, but they are mostly pretty much the same anyway, watch the full video because it is not immediately apparent that it is compatible with the blue yeti, you have to unscrew something (as shown in video) and then reattach it differently and it will hold the blue yeti.

      it doesn't have to be neewer brand, mine was unbranded but still works the same as in the video.

      https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/114474746111?hash=item1aa73a00ff... this looks exactly like what i have and what he has in the video, there are some sellers selling it for about 10 dollars more with a few addons.

      • +1

        Thanks for the recommendation - I've had an ordinary Blue Yeti for years sitting on my shelf so I might finally be able to use it properly with this.

        • +1

          you're welcome

  • +8

    I just bought it. Didn't think it through…and I'm not gonna start now.

  • +1

    This is a feeling

  • +1

    Nice one OP, wonder why the Warcraft version is so much cheaper but that's not my problem, bought one!

    • +1

      It could be because of what they did to Sylvanas (although that story hasn't fully concluded yet…) and the slump in popularity that came with that after the recent lawsuit against Blizzard regarding negative trends in their corporate culture. Maybe.

  • +2

    For this price just get a um2 (or umc22)+behringer c1 and an amazon basics xlr cable+scissor arm. 150 for a usb mic is a rip off.

    • For most people an XLR mic it just not viable, as you then have to invest in a DAC or Soundboard. For Zoom calls, streaming & 99% of what the average person does, this is a great deal as these mics price only 1-2 months ago was $300. I think Inquisitor Magnus on one of the other comments was spot on. With the Blizzard fiasco going on at the moment, I think Amazon just wants to get rid of these mics. I am not a WoW fan. In fact I have never played the game, but I like the look of this mic :-)

      • You don't need a DAC or Soundboard for an xlr microphone, that's what the mic interface is for. While the headphone jack on an interface won't power things like a DAC+amp combo would, it's still better than what onboard audio pcs have. The yeti is notorious for having a bad and finnicky connector that breaks easily, xlrs are designed to last literal decades.

        Ozbargain is unfortunately a site that props up sales just because they're a sale, not because the product is actually worth that price. The fact that someone is unironically recommending a usb mic that costs as much as a good xlr setup is telling.

    • I was going to buy a Yeti but I’m following your advice instead now. Thanks!

  • Not a fan of the WoW aesthetic but couldn't resist a deal. Thanks OP

  • Nice find. Bought one. Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP! Bought one. :)

  • Bought one this afternoon. Also signed up for Amazon Prime as I did not want to pay for shipping. Will be good to see how this goes with my personal RIG plus on my work laptop where I'll probably be using it for most of the time as I'm on calls for 3-4 hours a day.

    Also don't forget to claim on Tax for next year!

  • +1

    Silly question can this mic be used for normal teams calling and zoom ? Ie without the voice filters ?

    • Yes mate. The voice filters are just an (awesome) optional gimic.

  • +1

    Does it pick up a lot of noise?

    • I found with my normal yeti, the sweet spot is turn the mic volume on your PC down to about 30-40% and turn the gain on the mic to about 10-15%.

      and keep the mic about a fist away from your mouth.

      • +1

        and to make sure the pickup pattern is set to cardioid (the one that looks like a pizza with a slice taken out of it)

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Bought 2 :-)

  • +1

    Thanks OP you legend! This is my birthday present to myself :)

  • How's the sound quality comparing with Rode NT? Mainly for vocal signing

  • +3

    Optusprime, you are a legend. This is by far the cheapest I have see this mic for. I keep an eye on Amazon daily & missed this! I can sell my old one for about $100 & for $50 I get a brand new mic, which has way more features. Ordered mine & as I havce Amazon Prime, $0 shipping :-)

    • I thinking of doing the same with my mic now. I got it for $90 pre covid second-hand and think I can get rid of it for around $100. I don't know if I should commit yet because I am in a LGA of concern so no fast sale.

  • Thanks, had been waiting for a deal like this for a long time. Just bought one

  • Can I use this mic for MS teams calling and use my monitor speakers for audio? Will it cause echo or issues?

    Also can you game with CS go with this mic while using a headset for audio ?

    • I do not see why not. I do that with my crappy $15 mic with sound coming out of external speakers. In this case though you can also set the microphone to only pick up sound coming from the FRONT of the microphone to help reduce extraneous sounds that might from your speakers.

    • 100% you can use it for Teams. I use mine for Teams, Zoom, Discord & Facetime. You can use the mic with headphones, as it has a headphone input at the bottom of the mic :-)

  • Same model is an "EB Games Exclusive" for $349.95.

    • That is hilarious. Shows how important research is!

  • it dropped to ~149 earlier today and now unavailable

    • It was $149 for 3 days and probably sold out now.

      • appears to be available again /shrug

        • I don't see it for some reason.

          • @Sheng: haha yup, it's gone again.. doing the same thing it did before. doesn't show out of stock, just redirects to a different model. i bought one and when i click the order to view it, it just shows it's no longer available.

            • @lulzenberg: Both models were in the same link but under the different colours option originally. The WOW one was $151 and the original black one was the higher priced item.
              I guess now that the cheaper WOW version was sold out, it was just removed as a 'colour' option in the original link.

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