expired Blu Ray Movies Fishpond: Moon $5.36, Rise of the Footsolider $4.97 Heaps more...


Fishpond have some cheap blu rays going. They seem to have free shipping Australia wide, and a few decent titles at around $5-6

Rise of the footsolider
Harry Potter order of phoenix
Sword of war
Full metal jacket (deluxe editon)

There are some rubbish ones in there no doubt but maybe someone will benefit

Ive posted a few times now so do your worst….


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    Decent prices but I have a policy of not buying from Fishpond.. one of the most inconsisten companies around.


    Many of the items show an Australian version, however many show what looks to be a UK item. Anyone had any experience with what you will actually receive from these guys?


    Just received one within just under 2 weeks, no problems, came form New Zealand.

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    Rise of the Footsoldier $16.49
    Moon $13.95

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    i tried buying something from fishpond (thought id give them a chance), almost 2 weeks ago, it said it would be dispatched in one working day, 10 days later it was still processing. So I would recommend, not wanting it anytime soon if you do decide to buy from these clowns.


    If there is "Ships within 24 hours from UK supplier" besides the Add to Cart, then it will take quite some time to be delivered.

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