Corkor Reversible Vegan (Cork) Belt Black/Brown $65 Delivered @ Etsy


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Made in Portugal. Looks great

Not disappointed at all with the comments. Thanks for the humor, fellow Ozbargainers

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  • +1

    Vegan Cork

    As opposed to non vegan cork????

    • Corker cock! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • +7

      allows them to charge 75% more to dimwits

  • +3

    Sorry I only eat FODMAP belts

    • +1

      Veganism isn't a diet.

  • +2

    Never try cork before? any good?

    • a little dry and woody

    • +2

      Done right it will melt in your mouth

    • +1

      It's great. Never tried a belt yet but there's a cork wallet and handbag in my household and they have lasted for years already with little sign of wear.

  • +3

    Vegan hahhahahahahahahaha.

  • Can I plug my bottle of grange hermitage with one of these?

  • +2

    Cork belt? Sounds like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen

  • There’s some real corkers in here

  • +2

    My first thought was 'lol'. My second thought was 'scam'. My third thought was 'what's for dinner, I'm getting hungry'. You're welcome

  • +4

    Reversible Vegan

    So it'll turn my gf into a meat eater?

    • -1

      It will when you wear the belt for her and point down.

  • -2

    Lol, the Etsy model looks proper vegan 🥕

  • What’s the usual price?

  • does it compliment lentil soup as a side?

  • “Not tested on animals”

    How and why do you want to test a belt on an animal?