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1% Cashback on Eligible Utility Bills @ ING


A new benefit for Orange Everyday card holders who meet the bonus criteria.

Unsure what the list of eligible utilities are, but seems like paying by BPAY or direct debit can get you up to $100 per financial year cashback on gas/water/electricity bills

Participating utility providers

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Referrer and referee will each receive $50 for opening new Orange Everyday & Saving Maximiser Accounts ($1k deposit + 5 card transactions/month required). Do not participate in the referral system if you do not have a $50 referral code.

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    Thanks OP. A saving is a saving.

    • +4

      Some credit cards give similar deals, so I will not take up ING offer.

      For example, my Coles Mastercard gives me 2 flybuys per $1 spend, so on the $100 spend, I get 200 flybuys points, which is equivalent to $1 (1%)

      • yeah, Coles MC is the best one, 1% is only for the first $3000 spend after that is 0.5%. You need to take into account the $99 annual fee as well.

        This ING is not so meaningful since I also stock up Coles MC prepaid when it is on sale at Coles. It is useful for the not-so professional "general public' though 😂

      • +2

        I like this small offering because my energy company is free for bank account direct debits, but charges for credit card payments.

        So this is a net win for me on this single point.

        That said, the rest of the things ING are removing suck badly.

        • +1

          I've noticed BPAY via Beem It allows me to workaround this by paying using my credit card – it seems they absorb the credit card fees.

          • @itsfree: Yeah, definitely! That's a good point. I like all my bills to be automatically paid, but that's a good option.

          • @itsfree: They don't absorb anything. Only Biller that accept credit card payment via BPAY can be paid using credit card with BeemIt, so the biller is the one who absorb the fee.

            For those billers that don't you can use Zip Pay with flat fee of $2.5 for upto your limit of $1500.

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    Goodbye ING.

    • Huh? 🤔

      • +3

        See what @Putin said below.
        ING are taking away far more than they give back.

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    Let’s be honest and address the elephant in the thread.

    This 1% while good, it is not enough to make us feel better about ING.

    ING started attracting us with all the early cashbacks on tap payments, then it was taken away.

    They consistently had high interest rates, and then they introduced few hoops to go through before you qualify.

    ATM rebates will be gone soon.

    Time for us to open our own OzBargain bank ?

    • ATM Rebates are gone? I think you get 5 per month and then free at the big bank ATMs?

      I'm thinking about changing.

    • +2

      Really, where do you do get this from?

      There is no way they took the ATM rebates if they don'y have machines of their own right?

    • +8

      They reduced it to 5 per month, but to me that’s more than enough. I probably take out cash a few times a year

      • +3

        The limit is extremely disadvantageous while travelling overseas.

        • just use your card to pay, many places has EFTPOS payment. Do big withdrawal instead of many small ones which is what you do with your non-ING card anyway. Bring Citibank card as backup and withdraw from Citibank ATM for fee-free.

    • +1

      Just withdraw says Woolies not atm

    • -1

      Any source on STM rebates going? All I've seen is them reducing it to 5 a month or so (more than I use) but it's not going completely?

    • +3

      They need to bring back 5% cashback on everyday spend, 1% cashback on homeloan repayments, $0 fee on super account, and they recently removed 50 cents bonus on cashout transactions. These are what they used to have us back in 2018, and removed all of these benefits
      once they got the so called “the most recommended bank” achievement, not anymore.

    • I was prepared to be upset about the ATM rebates being limited to 5 per month but then most major banks and a bunch of others are completely free, including withdrawing at Australia Post or Supermarkets.

      So it comes down to those pokey, weird ATMs you see in out of the way places and a few banks here and there. You get 5 free of those before you're charged, everything else is free. I mean, it might be inconvenient for some but not many people, surely.

      Also, I haven't withdrawn cash from an ATM for 3 months.

      I also can't blame them about the low interest rates considering the official rate; it's not bad in comparison to everyone else.

      I'm far more annoyed by the extra hoops to qualify for things they introduced a long time back.

      • +1

        I'm far more annoyed by the extra hoops to qualify for things they introduced a long time back.

        The way they sneak things in is also lame. The Savings Maximiser extra hoops were buried in a Nov 2017 email with the subject line "Say goodbye to our international transaction fees…". Yet there was zero mention in the email "The latest on your Savings Maximiser" a week earlier.

        In the current case, when I opened the email "new Orange Everyday banking benefits start 1 December 2021", call me crazy but I somehow wasn't expecting that to mean reduction and/or removal of benefits plus increased fees.

    • -1

      Bank Of OzBargain?

  • +1

    For many utilities bill that can be paid at Auspost with no fee, you can get 2% with HSBC. For the others this is a good deal.

    • 2% back is only for transactions under $100. Most utility bills are over $100.

      • +1

        Can you split?

        • Yes. Easier with the self-checkout machines but also doable at the counter, though it can be tedious (especially if it's a big bill).

          • @the splingee: you can only get max cashback $50/month which is $2500 spending with Tap and pay.

      • you must be newbie :)

    • Does HSBC have the free international transfers like ING has now? And free ATM's (at least 5 like ING)? Because those features are my primary use with ING

      • No they don't. I use HSBC for tap payments and ing for international transactions for this reason.

        • Thanks for answering. Does HSBC have a minimum monthly transfer or something like ING in order to receive the 2%?

    • Is that for all ing orange users.
      I tried it for my rates bill (split into $99 chunks) and it didn’t get the 2% cashback…

      • HSBC………

        • Oops. I meant HSBC.
          I use. Y hsbc card for my rates bill

  • 1% off? Geez

  • +4

    ING benefits have just taken hit after hit, I'm not really interested in them as my primary bank anymore. Any recommendations for high interest savings accounts with good benefits these days?

    • +8

      Any recommendations for high interest savings accounts with good benefits these days?

      Hahaha hahahaha had to double check it wasn't April 1. There's no such thing in Aus any more. Very few banks offer savings more than inflation. It's all going backwards.

    • +1

      If you're looking for a high savings account, maybe Westpac for under 30s, but there aren't really any "high interest savings" accounts anymore. But for a main bank, Up Bank's app is amazing though, so I'd recommend them.

      • Thanks, I'll check them out.

  • +3

    I've promoted ING to friends for a long time but I'm looking at moving now. They've taken away a lot of benefits and to maximise this offer you would need to pay $10,000 in utility bills per year. No ozbargainer is spending that much lol

    • +3

      No ozbargainer is spending that much lol

      I'm sure our resident bitcoin miners would be racking up electricity bills of $10k a month!

      • Don't forget a fair chunk of Ozbargainers would have solar panels to offset!

      • not sure how you can rack up 10k per month of electricity. That is not even possible considering you can draw max 63A from a single phase power including all the house electricity usage

        So even if you draw max 63A from your single phase power, the max electricity usage is 63A x 240V x 24h x 30days = 10886.4 kWh x $0.20/kWh = $2,177.28, even if you have 3-phase the maximum is $6,531.84.

        There is no way you can reach 10k bill electricity usage per month.

        • I'm sure your maths checks out, but the 10k is annual, not monthly haha

          • @crazyhor77: surely it is more than 10k annually, but the guy above is talking about monthly.

  • +6

    This seems pretty restricted and the cost of losing unlimited ATM rebates (which are important to me) is too high.

  • +5

    waits for The Barefoot Investors 2022 update

    • as long as they still have the International ATM fee rebate it is still the best option for travellers. Many countries rip tourists off. i.e Fiji ATM fee is $10-$15 and Thailand ATM fee is $8 which is are ridiculous.

      • +2

        It's definitely worth hanging on to for the travel side of things. But their baseline commercial offering isn't as attractive as it once was. Although, I'm OK with 5 ATM withdrawals a month as I would rarely use that feature anyway.

        • If I remember correctly in the world this is still one of 2 options that rebate ATM fee. The other one is a US one called Sofi.

          I don't even bring cash when travel for a long time, before ING I used Citibank but you have to find Citibank ATM and it is limited. Since ING had the International ATM rebate and no fx fee I only withdraw whatever I used oversea.

          Most of the time I used Coles Mastercard oversea since it has no fx fee and you get points as well at the cashback rate of 1%, nothing can beat that except the CBA Ultimate Award card.

      • -1

        Cambodia is up to $23. I had over $2k in rebates there over the last 12 months.

        • be careful with some banks, the dodgy one is Vietcombank in Vietnam. This shitty bank reported the whole transaction amount + ATM fee to ING system as total transaction amount so I didn't get the rebate for it. Avoid withdrawing from this bank in Vietnam.

          I was lazy to call them up to get this refunded yet but I will do it when I have time.

        • +3

          Gee, I wonder why they have decided to limit the ATM rebate….

        • I’m as keen as the next to save money and use a benefit offered to me to make my life easier… but costing them $2k in rebates in 12 months obviously isn’t sustainable.

          Sadly with the big banks removing the atm fees locally, the vast majority of non ozbargain ING customers won’t even miss this benefit.

          I do wish they reduced it less but annoyingly it’s still by far the best option available for cash overseas from an ATM. 10 withdrawals a month (can have up to 2 orange everyday accounts each person/5 from each) should be fine I just hope they don’t further kill this off.

          • @OzTravis: limit of 5 rebates per month is reasonable.

          • @OzTravis: I am clearly an outlier. I have family stranded overseas for 18 months and they rely on ATM withdrawals.

            Don't be too quick to judge.

            • @gadgetguy: I know it is free but you should not abuse it since it kills the good features for us all. You should have withdrawn large amount each time.

            • @gadgetguy: hey I misread it so it is over 12months not 1 month, then it is what it is, you use it when you have to.

  • +2

    I get ING has taken benefits away and if you dont like it you should move but rather than hate ING it would be a more mindful approach to understand they took these benefits away before it was interest rates paying for those bonuses. No different to the big banks cutting your saving rate below 1%.
    If they banks cant invest you money they cant afford to give you cashback. Food for thought

    • Their margins are thinner than ever now, and it’s much harder to garnish .01% when it represents a larger proportion of the overall interest.

      Despite the low interest rates, the market still seems pretty elastic and sensitive to price differences, which is probably hampered by the fact that’s customers are able to move to alternatives so easily.

      Goodwill in the form of benefits from the shareholders will only go so far when they’re making less money…

  • +1

    still on the hunt for ING alternative as many are…

    • there are none for international ATM fee rebate. For domestic, what do you need ING for?

      • ATMs in some stores and (for example) Crown Casino charge fees. I am sure there are plenty more.

        However cash is definitely less of a requirement domestically these days.

        • -1

          be careful if you withdraw from Crown ATM, some lender do take this into consideration.

      • Oooh interesting! Didn't see this in the WP Google sheets.

        • +1

          It only went live today, so it's likely that not a lot of people are aware of it.

          Even though you lose a small amount in interest overall compared to ING, there appear to be more rewards and benefits in the long run. A $22.50 sign up bonus if you meet the eligibility criteria in the first month for a start :-) And it does round ups!

          So I am going to leave my ING account open for utility bill payments to cash in on the tiny cashback and switch everything else to Virgin (daily transactions over $100 Paypal, other direct debits etc.) HSBC 2% CB is then left over for any purchases under $100.

          • @KangaDrew:

            A $22.50 sign up bonus if you meet the eligibility criteria in the first month for a start

            Is that the 5000 virgin points thing? Any way to convert that to cash? I don't use virgin points at all.

            • +1

              @CVonC: Yeah that's where the $ value comes from. You can convert the points to cash and put that straight back into your account. And I you get 8 points for every transaction you make (I haven't read it all properly yet tbh but it seemed to have more pros than ING for me).

    • Macquarie

      • Macquarie doesn't reimburse internation ATM fee.

  • Here is the page that will list the providers that give cashback, still says "stay tuned": https://www.ing.com.au/everyday-banking/utility-bill-cashbac...

  • +4

    ING used to be good, but then all these other changes came in.

    Removed 2% tap and go… 5 monthly transactions… minimum account deposits every month…

    Next thing you know you’ll have to run 5km a week.

    • +2

      Yeh they likely got the number of users they were wanting by having those benefits, so are now removing them all and expecting to lose a certain percentage but not enough to hurt them more than the benefits were.

    • Best not to give the bank any good idea. they might introduce 5km a week and then add on 0.50km each week.

      • +1

        improve on your 5km run time by the end of every month…

  • +1

    This is the reason there arent many good deals anymore. Its because we accept 1% as good enough.

  • +2

    I still use ING for their 1.35% Savings Maximiser even though it has a lot of strings attached.

    • Any recommendations for Transaction account replacement? I guess people are just beemit or payid-ing between banks now

      • -1

        NAB sounds the bank you need, otherwise have heard of UP bank, and revolute bank too being good

  • +1

    Always using ING bank absolutely love their services.
    Although wish they had higher payID osko instant payment limit otherwise no complain with them since like 2 years

  • Macquarie is the alternative for ING

  • -1

    How does ING know if it is Utility company? It is not like merchant code from credit card. There are many electricity retailers, how can ING know which direct debit or BPAY billers are utility retailer?

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