[Megathread] Is This Site Legit/Real?

As suggested here, this thread will be a megathread to ask whether a particular site is legitimate.

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      Lol. Their AU address points to Marco Cafe !!!
      What a joke.

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        Good range of locations

        email:[email protected]

        address: US 170 Everett Ave, Chelsea, MA 02150

        address: CA 440 Rue Bouvier, Québec, QC G2J 1E3
        address: AU 253 Pacific Hwy, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450

        address: NZ 17 Clyde Street, Invercargill 9810

        address: IE Terryland Centre, Headford Rd, Galway, H91 WYF9

        address: GR Eth. Antistaseos 57, Ioannina 45500

        address: LU 66-74 Rte de Colmar, 7766 Bissen

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      No to be confused with dnk788 which is very legitimate

    • Totes legit.

    • Just bought a brand new MSI GTX 1080 graphics card for $145. Bought through PayPal so relying on their Buyer Protection to refund me if it doesn't work out. Will let you know how it goes.

  • Merged from Is OzMobiles Trustworthy?

    Has anyone had experiences with ozmobile? I'm looking at getting an iPhone with their black friday discounts going on.

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      I followed a link to them, and glanced at the iPhone 12 prices. They're advertising refurbished iPhone 12s - the "discount" is off the RRP of a new phone.

      So is it really a discount?

  • Merged from Is this a scam?


    I came across this via Favebook marketplace, these stuff are super cheap.
    You can pay via PayPal, I’m tempted to try it out and see if they actually honour it and then can just dispute with PayPal of any issues.
    Is there something I’m missing, if you pay with PayPal you’re protected right?!

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      Is this a scam?

      If you are asking this question, you already know the answer.

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      Xbox Series S for $120 yeah totally legit order way

      Go have a chat with them and ask ?

      Telephone: +61288228400
      [email protected]

      Unit C5 Bungarribee Rd, Blacktown NSW 2148

      Monday to Friday: 10am to 7pm

      • lol I tried calling no answer
        I searched the address and it’s HN in Blacktown lol

        I’m wondering why they push PayPal when they know the funds can just be reversed if it’s a scam?

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          keyword: can.

      • https://stores.harveynorman.com.au/harvey-norman-blacktown-n...

        Cnr of Bungarribee Road and Blacktown Road Unit C5, Blacktown Blacktown, NSW 2148
        Call (02) 8822 8400

        That's Harvey Norman

    • For me it;s SCAM.
      I have this web site you can look at. https://www.scamadviser.com/

    • SCAM

    • Yeah thought so guys.
      I’m wondering why they push the PayPal option when obviously you can just dispute it?

      • Doesn't matter, forget the site even exists.

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      Just a quick look at the prices screams out SCAM.

      If it seems too good to be true……..

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      The image in the about us page is stolen from here:


      (thanks google image reverse search)… https://www.google.com/search?tbs=sbi:AMhZZivpe6G-Y2jPL0rJue...

      see also here - https://au.sitejabber.com/reviews/newshop.com - looks like they are getting the sites recycled as the scams dry up to each one

    • My god theres some ugly shit on that site…

    • seems legit
      take out a mortage, pay day loans beg for money and buy buy buy
      then sell sell sell

      like freeee money
      u can be the next amazon

    • yes. domain registered 2021-11-15T07:00:59.0Z

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      Why do you think it's legit?

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      • OP: these stuff are super cheap.

  • Merged from Is This a Scam Site? "Paralleldeals" Not Sure Whether to Wait for Replies?


    Spent $20 here on 3/11, waiting on my order, only one email received from them since I ordered, seems like it's a shopify site.

    I emailed them this weekend, i know its too early to expect a reply, but I am wanting my products within a fortnight so want to make moves asap. Not a big financial loss, but I just want my products, it's annoying.

    Not sure whether to reorder elsewhere or follow up.

    Paid through PayPal (I didn't enter my paypal details, PayPal just automatically logged in on my device) so I thought it was legit, and at least assumed buyer protection.

    What do you think?

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      so I thought it was legit, and at least assumed buyer protection.

      Probably assumed wrong

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      It's registered in NZ to someone's home address: https://www.bizdb.co.nz/company/9429046245359/

      Seems like one of those dodgy "me-too" Shopify sites that drop ship cheap products. Unlikely to get much support, product will arrive whenever it does. If it does, no way of knowing.

      The owner, Rubal, has several other "deal" sites as well, including SalesPro and https://www.goslash.co.nz/ both registered to a dodgy MDT Accountants address.

      • Hmm… yeah thanks for that info, :S

    • I thought I'd opened Ebay

    • Looks like it's ligit, BUT its just a drop shipper based in NZ and one has 4/5 of no real info on the web site to show who they are or where they are. They also make it almost impossible to get in contact with them if something happens, so you think Kogan is hard then this mob will probably be worse as they are NZ based.

      I would give them a call on the phone and see who answers the phone.

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      The owners constantly like the Parallel Deals Facebook posts using their personal pages. Hit them up through messenger.

    • Do it and report back!

  • Merged from RM Williams Fake Black Friday Website? https://www.rmwblackfriday.com/

    https://www.rmwblackfriday.com/ = is this legit? I saw this on a Tik Tok ad, I'm not sure if real.

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      You seriously think RM Williams would create a whole new site / URL for black friday?


      I'm not sure if real.

      Then as your username suggests…

      donotuse the internet ever again. Please.

    • it doesnt even have an .au domain lmfao wowwwwww

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      I saw this on a Tik Tok ad


    • Username checks out for the link. donotuse the scam link.

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      People actually click on tik tok ads? How gullible are we?

    • Fake online sales are so rampant, RMW even has this on their website:

      • rmwblackfriday is a scam.
        pops up each year.

    • 50aud for a pair of RMs? Yeah nah.

    • Thanks op, bought 10 Chinchillas in various colours.

    • domain creation date: 2021-11-27T15:28:43.00Z

      unbelievable how quickly people find these scam sites

      • social media ads - tiktok

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    I'm so dumb! :(

  • Merged from is this a scam site?

    Looking for a bike for the missus and came across this rediculous website with rediculous “too good to be true” prices.

    i’m talking $99 for a $1000, $2000 and even $4000 bike.


    what do you think? scam? I can’t find anything in scam watch and similar sites.

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      I'm concerned you even need to ask.

      A $4000 bike for $100, something clearly not right there.


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      Yes, asked if this is a scam us ridiculous.

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        Yes, asked if this is a scam us ridiculous.


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          All of that was wrong, autocorrect with no checking. Should have read "yes, asking if this is a scam, is ridiculous".

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      Thanks, bought 4

  • Merged from MyRewards Cashback Site. Is This Legit and Do They Payout?

    Just wondering if anyone had used the Myrewards cashback site before? Are they any good, or should I avoid?

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      You can compare their cashback rates with Cashrewards or ShopBack — they do offer higher cashback rate for some brands, and lower for others. Apparently (according to their LinkedIn page) that they have over 2 decades of experience, and are going for IPO on ASX on 17 Dec. Interestingly that's one year after Cashrewards' ASX debut and they might soon face delisting if ANZ/1835i manages to acquire all the shares.

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      cashrewards.com.au ? I've never had a problem been using them for years and withdrawn roughly $100 so far

      • no myrewards I already use shopback and cashrewards

  • Merged from Is Nextbuying Legit?

    Has anyone purchased recently form this company. It's difficult to find reviews on Trustpilot etc. Looking at OnePlus 9 at around $600 which is cheap. Not sure about shipping costs.

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      ScamDoc says

      Analysis of the website

      Average trust score

      More investigations are necessary

      This domain name is linked to one or more countries known for being used by fraudulent websites.

      • This domain name is linked to one or more countries known for being used by fraudulent websites.

        So every country? More useless information provided by ScamDoc.

    • Strange not many independent review sites.

    • Nextbuying are legitimate. One of the more older Chinese stores that's still kicking around. I've not purchased from them in years though.

  • I'm not now interested. Price was in US$ so unattractive. My bad.

  • Merged from Nintendo Switch Console OLED White $420 + $15 Shipping. Is This Genuine?

    Nintendo Switch Console OLED White $420 + $15 Shipping with Coupon CON24


    1) Is this a genuine deal
    2) Did anyone use this website before
    3) Can JB Hifi / The Good Guys / Big W etc price match this website as the store is local NSW?

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      Looks shady as. No ABN/ACN. The 'Legal Notice' page is full of crap. Recently registered domain.

      I'd stay well away.

    • https://www.google.com/shopping/product/3774212570475801428/...

      Thanks It's displayed in Google shopping

      • Yeah. They've obviously added themselves.

        1 - List products cheaper than elsewhere so you show up on top.
        2 - Pay small fee to Google every time someone clicks your link.
        3 - Take The Money & Run

        Being listed via Google Shopping shouldn't make you think the seller is genuine.

        Be careful out there :)

    • 3) Can JB Hifi / The Good Guys / Big W etc price match this website as the store is local NSW?

      Here is you answer. If it's genuine, then JB et al will match it, so you can just buy it from a trusted retailer.

      Fwiw, I saw this site a few months ago when I was buying a switch for Christmas, and once I had:
      checked Google street view, and
      searched unsuccessfully for recent, relevant reviews and comments online..
      I had decided the possible stress of being ripped off wasn't worth the $50 that I might save.

      Didn't think to get it price matched though! Definitely worth a go at that, nothing to lose

  • Merged from Is This Crypto Real or fake?

    I have zero knowledge about crypto, but I believe a friend guiding me, I will post some imagines if it helps but is this website real or fake, think I made some money from some help, just don't want to get scammed.

    I'm using this www.appcw.com
    And a app called binance, deposited $100 then $950 AUD bought something called USTD what kind of shares is that?


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      If you're not willing to do your own research this is only going to end badly.


    • ScamDoc says

      Analysis of the website
      Bad trust score

      You should be wary

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      The person I know is using it, and my funds are in binance so iant safe?

      Well just don't have interest in this stuff, the girl I met which we have interest in each other mentioned. About this and she makes 700-900 per day so roughly 5-6k a week according to her, I just have a interest in her, she spends like a few hours with me doing this, I don't know what the hell is real or not.

      • The person I know is using it, and my funds are in binance so iant safe?

        Fine words paraphrased from every pyramid scheme…. ever.

        If it sounds too good to be true… I hope you know the rest.

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        I just have a interest in her, she spends like a few hours with me doing this, I don't know what the hell is real or not.

        Is this an online girl, or is she in real life?

      • +1

        the girl I met

        Red flag! Is the person accountable if things go wrong? nevertheless if you dont know what you're doing, don't put money you cant afford to lose!

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        she makes 700-900 per day

        Probably by finding a new sucker each day to send her USDT

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        No comment?, so I guess it's safe to assume this was an online only girl? (aka, A Nigerian Prince?)

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      I will post some imagines

      You answered your own question

      • Sorry man, I'm in this weird relationship and now it's going with crypto, just little sceptical, but the numbers look great tho. I mean if this girl is real I'm all in. Feels bizarre when you deposit into these crypto things get bonuses are those even legitimate?

        Like I mentioned I have no knowledge of gambling these things, she told me I made $120 and that seems real enough?

        It my funds can be transferred from this Asian looking site to binance should be safe?

        I want to start at the beginning of everything but it's just too much to type

        • Fake crypto. Once a week goes up like crazy and you can only transfer via binance or third party exchanges. This girl or your friend is a scam.
          Same story told by so called 'friend' of mine. A girl who recommended ecpc crypto to him who happened to be close to him as well. Its a trap!

          This happens to me. Avoid avoid

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          There are so many red flags here I feel like I've joined the communist party…

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      I'm in this weird relationship and now it's going with crypto, just little sceptical, but the numbers look great tho. I mean if this girl is real I'm all in.

      Why am I not surprised to hear this coming from you?

      • -3

        Mate what is a problem? I'm just asking some stuff about crypto here. As I am a person unaware of how the system works I was just asking if my funds were safe

        • +6

          The problem here is you've invested over $1,000 into something you admit you have no knowledge about and are now sharing screenshots wilfully to the public about it. Matter of time before a slip up occurs.

          If this money is a concern to you, which appears so since you're posting here about it, just stop and get some direct explanation and help or do your own direct research.

          Not even touching the "doing this to impress a girl" aspect of things, that's your pregorative.

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      girl I met which we have interest in each other mentioned.

      I met a girl who didn't have any principles, but she drew a lot of interest.

      Use your brain not your penis to think with OP.

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        Use your brain not your penis to think with OP.

        It's the OP … Just look at his post history, such as the time he tried to return toothbrushes to Coles

        • +1

          Seem like déjà vu.

          Adding into soon to be, post history: Worked for my “friend”, but rejected when I try to withdraw

          Someone needs to keep the scamconomy going… makes interesting forum posts.

      • +1

        There's one born every minute

        A few more days for OP’s new year’s resolution… maybe not…

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      I'm neck-deep in this market but have no idea what OP is talking about.

      • +2

        OP is only balls deep in the market

      • If DEvok is in the Crypto market I can add it to this list - Signs of the top

      • What do you use?

    • devo fake

    • Like a grinning wolf in grandma's glasses….

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