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Tecware Phantom RGB Outemu (Red/Other) Mechanical Keyboards $62.95 (Full Size) or $56.90-$57.95 (TKL) Shipped @ Amazon AU


Haven't seen a deal for Tecware full size mechanical boards yet so here we go.

Tecware Phantom RGB 104 Key (Full Size, Free Shipping)
104 Key Outemu Brown - $62.95Out of Stock
104 Key Outemu Red - $62.95Out of Stock
Next cheapest seems to be AZAU/Kogan at $74.95 delivered.

Tecware Phantom RGB 87 Key (TKL, Free Shipping)
87 Key Outemu Blue - $56.90
87 Key Outemu Red - $57.95
Next cheapest seems to be PCByte-Ebay/Kogan at $69.95 delivered.

Please note these are NOT the Low Profile models that have previously been posted.

Keyboards come with 4 spare switches, a switch puller, and a key puller as well.

Reviews look good, all four are L shaped review distributions, not V or U shaped.
Sold by AZ eShop and Fulfilled by Amazon.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    Great keyboard. Just got some grease to tune the switches but overall excellent value.
    Rgb sw is OK.
    RGB Macro keys are terrible.

    This is the red switch version.
    I have the brown.

    Differences https://switchandclick.com/tecware-phantom-review/#:~:text=a....

    • I also had the brown and it was a good keyboard. Some of the switches stopped working after a year or so but I probably had a faulty model.
      This price is hard to pass up though.

    • When you say 'tune the switches' do you mean you're lubing the stabilizers or lubing the switches? I wasn't aware that you could take out the switches in a board like this (I assume the switches are soldered onto the PCB).

      • One of the pictures says modular mechanical switches.

  • Can I use this for Xbox series X?

  • Thoughts on this vs the Spectre Pro? I'm after something budget (<$100) to replace my Corsair Strafe (Red) and am keen to try browns…

    Has to be RGB though…

    • Phantom. TKL is just so freeing.

      • +1

        …until you have to enter data on spreadsheets

        • +1

          It's not hard to use the number row. It's just like letters.

    • spectre pro, looks better to me because of the high profile case and knob.

  • I have the full keyboard and it's great. Responsive to type on and the different rgb programs are good. Nice and bright leds

  • I just ordered the full size version with brown switches from Amazon 5 mins ago and then I saw this post. Great deal OP.

  • this is hot swappable as well. Pretty ok deal to get in and experiment with mechanical switches.

    • +5

      This uses Outemu hotswap sockets.
      They're extra tight so they only fit other Outemu switches (which have thinner pins that normal)

      • Thank you. I am new to this stuff. Will cut the pin shorter on different switches (gateron) make it fit into the Otemu socket ?

        • +1

          Unfortunately not.
          The issue is with the thickness of the pins, so the solution would be to file/sand the sides of the pins.
          Wouldn't advise it though since it would be extremely tedious and might prevent the switches from working with normal hotswap sockets
          Happy to help if you've got other questions!

          • @jp1011: Thank you. It is really helpful. Actually I do not have the tecware keyboard but having the kogan keyboard (outemu brown) and I am going to play with it and learn sodiering stuff.
            Would you mind show me how to check if that keyboard does/does not have this same problem ?
            Do you have any recommendation of any full size keyboard that I can play around with and swaping different type of switches to experiment :)

            • +1


              Would you mind show me how to check if that keyboard does/does not have this same problem ?

              So all soldering boards will not have this problem, I believe it is only with hotswap boards that use Outemu switches and sockets.
              Kailh, gateron, glorious sockets (which are the only other ones I know of) are fine and will work with all switches.

              Any recommendation of any full size keyboard that I can play around with

              The only hotswap full size I can think of is the Keychron C2. But maybe double check with mwave if this is the hotswap version since the page keeps saying there is a "hotswap option", not sure if this is actually it.

              If you are interesting in trying new switches, I recommend looking at Dailyclack and Switchkeys. Both are based in Aus so shipping is fast and cheap.
              There's heaps of options, so I like to do some research and imagine which switches I would like in theory, then from that shortlist buy 10-20 of each to try out.
              You can get gateron yellows $3 for 10 from SK, which is a really great deal and starting point for trying switches!
              They also sell lube and switch film which is great to have if you want to experiment with your switches.

              • @jp1011: yeah, my plan is testing on the yellow gateron (linear) and T1 (tactile)

        • Actually cutting the switch shorter works for me… I have however only tried it on TTC switches.

          • @4iedemon: Interesting, and they didn't fit before cutting?

            • @jp1011: @jdoa00 I have the spectre pro and I use gazzew switches (which are manufactured by outemu). They fit perfectly and they are considered as very good midrange options (i have the Boba U4T which are considered mid-range tactile kings and i absolutely love the tactility but YMMV).

              As for normal switches (i.e. Kailh, cherry, gateron w/e), what I did was use a pair of pliers (non-cutting type) to squeeze the south-most pin to fit gateron yellows onto the board. The pin closest to the big middle leg is universally the same across all switches and so its just the pin closest to the edge of the switch which needs squishing. I'm not too familiar with how to comment properly but I'll drop a youtube video which shows exactly what I mean:

              It's actually quite easy but it might take some fidgeting to get used to at first but its wayyy easier and safer than filing or sanding the pin. I haven't bent any pins beyond repair using this method and the switches work just fine. Further note, the tecware keyboards all use SMD LEDs in which case you should buy switches which are "SMD-compatible" (quick google search will teach you what to look for :P).

              • @zyn0: Haven't heard of that method before, thanks for the info!

            • @jp1011: yup… i've used the TTC switch interchangeable with Gateron and Kailh then i thought i'd try the TTC on the Phantom TKL (not L) and i had the same issue as the Gateron and the Kailh. So, i experimented with the TTC (didnt want to try on the more expensive Kailh and Gateron) and somehow it is working.

  • +3

    I have the low profile one from the previous deal that included the free mouse for my laptop docking setup, it's great but I really miss the numpad a lot more than I expected I would.

  • Does this have USB pass through and Audio jacks?

    • Nope.

  • this or Keychron?

  • +2


    Whats the difference between this and OP?

    • +1

      Possibly the hotswap switches. Based purely on a quick on look at the link, I couldn't see that mentioned on the Kogan board. I have no experience with the Kogan otherwise.
      I have previously purchased the Tecware Phantom with brown switches and loved it. I made the mistake of lending it to my wife when her keyboard broke, she now refuses to give it back. I've recently purchased some silent grey outemu switches for 'her' keyboard as she's a heavy typist and she's received comments from people she's been on the phone to.

    • +1

      I have had the Kogan one for a few years. The one in this deal looks very similar, and uses the same switches.

  • Does anyone know whether this keyboard has a noticeable ping? I bought the kogan brown switch keyboard recently and the metal ping noise annoys the hell out of me.

    • There's a little from this video. You can reduce that by filling the case with something to dampen it.

      • ^ Either this, or lube the springs inside the switch with some oil (105 or Super Lube)

        • Oh yeah, lubed switches are amazing, but it's not my first suggestion for someone buying a cheap keyboard, especially tactiles, where it can change the character.

          It's a multi-hour process that requires the right lube, switch openers and fine brushes.

          • @Erwark: Thanks. Im pretty new to mechanical keyboards, is the ping less noticeable on red switches compared to brown?

            • @gettem: No, it's got to do with the spring inside, not the type of switch it is.

            • +1

              @gettem: Nah, the switch type is unlikely to make a difference. The ping mostly partly from the bottom-out and top-out of the whole key. This force transfer goes into the plate/case and reverberates. Hollow cases with thin plates (ie. cheap) are far worse, because it echoes rather than absorbs. Foam, rubber, cotton, playdough etc can fill the case to dampen the echo. Put your ear under the keyboard and listen to whether it's better or worse than from above? If it's worse, that's case echo. If anything reds are going to be slightly worse on the downstroke, purely because the user is more likely to bottom out.

              The switch springs themselves can also ping and this is what Yeemail's fix would improve. This is a hell of a job though.

              My board has Gateron Optical Blacks with YMDK PBT caps. Switches lubed with 205g0 and stabilizers with dielectric grease. GK61 case is lined with neoprene.

        • i will give that a try,
          silky smooth, astroglide, and wet stuff gold didn't work very well for me. therfore i will just use it for other things :)

  • +1

    Great budget keyboard for tinkering. Bought one of these to mod, added foam, lubed the stabilizer and swap the switches for Outemu silent switches from aliexpress, now works great as a silent mechanical keyboard for the office.

    • That's what I'm intending to do and will sell the browns it comes with on ebay/gumtree etc. Can you provide some more detail on exactly what you did? Did you buy the silent whites or the greys? Thanks.

      • +1

        I bought both the silent white and silent grey
        have the whites in the techware currently, and grey in a glorious board, pretty great value silent switches.
        plenty of vids on clipping/lubing/bandaid modding, I used dielectric grease on the stabilisers and shelf liner foam in the bottom tray.

        • Thanks mate.

  • Can all the LEDs be set to white?

    • yes

    • +2

      no, that's illegal.
      with RGB you can only use red, green, and maybe blue. outside of that you will go to jail.

  • Hi guys, this be my first mechanical keyboard. Without all those mod you guys mentioned above, would it be a good budget one as a out of box option? If it sucks without above tweaks, I think I will pass it.

    • It will be fine. You can't get much better value.

    • you're asking if a $60 keyboard is going to perform like a $300 keyboard.

      no, but not by much. it will be slightly better, but not a night and day difference.

      this will be your starter keyboard and cheap enough to try and fail different things, lol.

      • That's good enough. enough for a first time mechanical keyboard user.
        Although we are ozbargainers here, we still have the common sense that a $60 keyboard won't perform like a $300 one. Right? Lol.

  • Looks to be a permanent price reduction now.

    • so don't buy it?

  • thanks ozb, i just bought my 4th keyboard for my 1 computer. #fml

  • Thoughts on this for mainly typing for study? I have a Razer Blackwidow at the moment that is giving me double key grief.

    Don't really need something high end as it isn't primarily for gaming.

  • 104 Key Outemu Brown is OOS.

  • +1

    I picked up 2 of the Red TKL keyboards. Coming from an older aorus cherry red keyboard, I find the tecware keyboard to be quieter and the keys have a lighter smoother press to them. This is my first TKL keyboard and the extra space for my mouse is greatly appreciated.

    LEDs are bright and the keyboard a lot of nice RGB effects, the thing that surprised me is the weight of the keyboard, it's bloody heavy and solid. Much heavier than the aorus K7 I had and it's a smaller keyboard.

    Overall pleased with them, I just hope the quality/switches holds up over time, so far they seem like a steal at the price.

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