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Value Burger Box: 4 Zinger/Original Recipe Burgers & 4 Regular Chips $22.95 (Available Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays Only) @ KFC


Just in time for the footy finals KFC have just added the Value Burger Box to their menu which includes 4 Zinger/Original Recipe Burgers and 4 Regular Chips for $22.95. The burgers can be upgraded for an additional charge. Offer is also available via delivery on the KFC app for $24.95.

Going by this KFC ad the offer is available every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the duration of the footy finals. Which means it ends 3rd October.

Alternatively you can get the Family Burger Deal which includes 4 Zinger/Original Recipe Burgers, 2 Large Chips and a 1.25L Drink for $21.95 which is an app exclusive offer.

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    How do you take up this offer? via app only or?

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      Available in-store as well as app.

      • nice! Drive-thru here i come! :D

        • It's in the "Limited Time Only" section of the app which tells me it's not App exclusive. However I could be wrong.

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    Shut up and take my money!!

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      What’s your internet banking login then?

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    Looks like it is replacing the Family Burger Deal, which was similar but had 2 family chips instead plus a 1.25L soft drink for $21.95.

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      Hopefully not. Family Burger deal is good option

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      Swap the soft drink for another large chips and you get more than this value burger box deal for less

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    Replace the 4 regular chips with 4 gravies/coleslaw and get 2 large chips for $4. yolo ;D

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      Exercise.. combined with a balanced diet

      • Comment of the week

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    I have the 'Family Burger Deal' in my app. Comes with 4 original fillet/zinger burgers, 2 large chips and a 1.25L drink for $21.95. Might be a better deal for some? Though not sure if it's a region specific deal.

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      I agree, 4 regular chips = 2 large chips and comes with drink for $1 less

    • And there's also a mates burger deal which is better also isn't there?

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    The family burger deal is a better.

    $21.95 for 4 burgers and 3 large chips.

    • I'd rather get 4 gravies, 4 burgers and then get the $2 for a large chips separate or just chuck a $3 bag of Golden Eye chips in the airfryer.

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        It'd be worth it but ever since working at KFC, I stay away from gravy.

        • Why? I love the gravy.

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            @Orico: Tastes good but I've been put off ever since I was the one who scraped and weighed out 180g portions of gunk from the bottom of the fryer to freeze. To make a batch of gravy we added boiling water and some packet to the frozen gunk.

            Come to think of it, it might be even better value to swap it for large coleslaws, in terms of item prices.

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              @navjay: Just like nanna used to make it!

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              @navjay: One man's gunk is another man's nectar of the gods.

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    I do Family Burger Deal for $21.95 and do the survey for an additional large side and drink
    4 zinger burgers, 3 large sides and 2 x 1.25L drinks for 21.95

    • cant do survey at the moment as my local store is app ordering only and you cant go inside - same for you?

      • After sending in a complaint I found out you can use the survey when ordering through the app, my local store started playing hardball after the complaint and they ask to see the receipt. They have to go get the manager to put it through so they try and avoid it. When you collect the drink remember to ask for the receipt.

  • How to swap chips for sides online?

    • Use the KFC app. Click on each side and swap it to gravy, coleslaw, P&G etc.

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    Trivia: I noticed it last week

  • +1

    Does anyone else struggle to buy zinger burgers at their prices these days after the $5.95 deal for 2 zinger burgers last year?

    • +1

      Was such a good deal

      • Yeah I regret not using it more.

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    Did someone say KFC?!

  • Says $24.95 on my app :/ is it just me?

    • It's $24.95 in the delivery section. Change to pick up

      • 3 bucks delivery is cheeeep.

        • Nope, $24.95 is the delivery price. Then they charge another $8.95 for delivery. Its that way in Newcastle anyway. Will just go for a drive as it's only 1km away.

  • Man I love KFC

  • +2

    Cheap as chips still the value king imo

    • +1

      Totally. Never got why people got burgers from KFC. Chicken on the bone is way better.

      • I'm a big fan of both

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    Delivery is another $9
    Not free ?

    • +1

      same here, so not all stores?

    • -3

      Go pick it up then ya goose

      • and get into a fight with someone in the carpark?

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      It's 24.95 (delivery menu price as opposed to store price) plus $8.95 delivery cost

      • Not free delivery

  • Is the 4x burgers 2x large fries, 1.25L drink for $21.95 only on Fri, Sat, Sun too, or every day?

  • Isn't the Family Burger Deal better value than the Value Burger Box? Just going by math, thanks for the post OP. :)