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Telstra $69/80GB for 12MO SIM Plan (+$400 Gift Card) @ JB Hi-Fi (Port-In, In Store)


These two deals are currently available in store only if anyone interested. Not displayed or advertised anywhere. Good lad served me and advised well.

I have just grabbed the $69/80GB deal with $400 gift card at JB Hi-Fi Forrest Chase in Perth and successfully applied a $10 per month credit discount for 12 months through the telstra chat :)

Update: the deal with $400GC is still on thanks to raiyani

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      • Simonline.com.Au
        There was another oz bargain post on that

        • Oh. This is for new sim only (ie not recharge?)

      • Available here using coupon code SAVE22.

  • So if we order it over the phone, we will have to wait for a month for a sim and gift card?

    • Yep, apprently if you order a plan via Telstra directly it's 3-5 business days for the sim to arrive. If you go via JB hifi it is a month and they send you a letter which gives you a 10 day cooling off period where you can cancel. I asked Telstra to email me an e-sim instead to fast track it, but they declined and said they only send e-sim's in the mail with the sim card.

      • That’s weird. They literally have sim cards at JB Hi-Fi, that they give out when you sign up in-store. Why can’t they sign up over the phone and do a click and collect for the sim and gift card.

        • I think they do some sort of background checks ect, but yeah agree with you, there has to be a better way. Telstra themselves were no help and JB stores dont have a clue with over the phone orders as it's a new process. I might ring the mobile sales line and see what's the go

          • @jonnosun: Ordered a plan with JB over the phone last Sunday and got my SIM card delivered Wednesday (so 3 days later)

            Got the gift voucher by email on Friday (5 days after signing up)

  • Just called JB, was told on $99X24months plan GC is only $1K not $1.2K

    • was offered $1.2k on $99x24mo or $400 on $69x12mo yesterday in store (Perth CBD). These weren't advertised

  • FYI: got told this deal was for this weekend only, over the phone

  • Had no luck getting the $10 credit. Will continue. There's also a $500 voucher if using for a phone.

    • Sorry to hear that, why it's been rejected? I got mine applied yesterday after chatting to first rep on chat… I went with $69/mo deal and received a $10 a month credit for 12months

      • They said that it is a jb hifi deal and only deals through Telstra directly get a port discount. I asked if they could speak to their manager about it. They "did" and same result

        • I got the credit applied today - was easy. I Didn’t mention JB hi fi and I didn’t even port in, it was a new number lol

          All I said was

          “I was told I would get a $10/ month credit for the new connection - can you help to apply this?”

          They just asked to confirm which number it was for and then added it.

    • Deal got ozbargained?

  • Hi op, thanks for posting this deal and giving advise to others. I just wanted to know the advantage of this deal, so 59 per month minus 400jb card equal 308, 25.66 per month. What are some of the features that are very good? There are some catch prepaid deal posted with very low price and also amaysim.

    • Good point, would like know this too.

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      Hey mate, basically it gives you Telstra 5G network (available with $69 & $99mo deals) with 80gb or 150gb respectively. When stack up with GC and $10 credit discount it made a pretty good deal for me. Also some ppl need Telstra to use at work like FIFO workers

      • That answers my question, the key part is 5G. So it is good deal. Thanks for sharing with others, although when a lot of people apply, the Telstra store started to reject. First in, first serve.

        • Depends where you live as to how good the signal is but generally speaking, telstra has the largest network coverage and fastest 4g/5g lte signal so it is usually sold at a premium to other carriers

      • WiFi calling (the only prepaid service I can find that has this is Boost)
      • 80gb/month (whereas the prepaid services usually allow for much less for $29month).
      • 5g (5G has been taken away from Telstra PrePaid AFAIK)
      • Telstra Points (and some steals with said points - keep your eyes peeled on OzBargain)

      Note: Resale value of $400 JB gift card on OzBargain is usually 90% face value, so $360 cash towards bill. (59*12-360)/12=$29/month

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    There is also another deal with $0 for the Iphone 12 128gb with the $99 plan for 24 months with 150gb expires tomorrow. 5th.

  • How are you guys managing things once the 12 or 24 months is up?

    I've avoided grabbing these deals as I'm too lazy/time poor to keep changing my plan. Been doing the yearly Telstra pre-paid, which has data roll over and 5G - though they're now getting rid of this for the yearly plan.

    I guess doing this every 24 months, using the gift card for a new phone could work?

    • You would have to port out from Telstra for 30 days and return back and sign up for whatever deal is available/right for you again. It's this hassle that makes people think it isn't worth it

  • Ive called the JB sales line due to local store closed due to covid. They said the telstra $10 off per month deal, can only be applied instore. Anyone on the same boat and any alternatively to get this $10 on the $69 per month deal.

  • When you guys port out from Telstra, what is the port out company you choose?

    • Keen to know as well.

    • optus based networks work best

      last year i tried porting out to optus $2 sim then $10 plan then swapped back to telstra jb hifi deal a few days later

      • Which JB did you go to? I thought their system would show if you’ve been on the deal within the past 30 days?
        Only heard of the Hornsby JB in Sydney where there is apparently someone who has a workaround to give existing JB Telstra customers a new deal with the gift card.

  • it says its 300$ gift card now for the 69$ per month deal now

  • just messaged them online and they quoted a deal in august that the 10$ off deal is expired

  • Hi guys,

    Just wondering, I'm currently on an out of contract JB HIFI Telstra plan and plan on upgrading to the $69 plan with a GC. My understanding is the best way to do this as a "new" customer is to apply for a new plan and sim under my current Telstra account, then cancel my old contract and move my current number to the new plan. That would give me the new plan with same number and GC.

    Am i able to get a $10 credit from Telstra as a "new" number or is it just for port in customers? I tried speaking to the Telstra live chat but they have denied the credit for $10 dollars. Should i persist with another live chat?

    My other option would be to get a cheap pre-paid sim somewhere, "port in" to Telstra under my current account and transfer my number from my old plan?

    Thanks in advanced.

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    Hi all, I just did this deal at JB carrindale Brisbane.
    Just to clear things up, the $10 port discount was applied in store. I went for the $69 plan and am paying $59 per month. I received a $400 gift card and since I was buying a phone with it I got a $500 discount which brought the cost of an iPhone 12 down to $559. I did not have to wait 30 days for a SIM card and got it immediately.

    • Did you come from another provider or did you get a $10 discount from signing up a new service?

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        I came from Optus.

        My partner came back an hour later for the same and the $10 discount is no longer. Guess I got super lucky!

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    Just noticed that on the JB website it now shows the $400 voucher for the $69 plan, does anyone know when this offer expires? Been on hold for an eternity to enquire but can't seem to get through.

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      just signed up over the phone and once it arrives and I activate, hopefully I can get eh $10 p/m credit.
      Confirmed with the rep that the $400 offer is scheduled to run till 26th sept with possible extension.

      • Thanks mate, have updated the deal

      • 26th Sep :( Which may indicate we won't see the $500GC/$59 12month contract deal until after this.

  • Can you stay on the $69 Sim after the 12 month is up?

    • Yes, but at 60gb/month.

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    Is tha 20 GB Bonus data only for first month or all 12 months ? confused as Telstra's Critical info sheet from JB's website says only 60 GB

    • It's included under extras in the additional document once you've signed up to the deal, see below:

      20GB Bonus Non-Shared Data - You'll receive an additional 20GB of data for use in Australia each month, until you recontract, cancel
      your plan or move to an ineligible plan. Unused allowances expire monthly

      • Thank you @Mattcom
        does that mean 60 GB data that we get can be rolled over to next mont if not used or that expires too ?

        • No it doesn't:
          All data expires at the end of the month and is not shareable.

  • Anyone have issues getting in contact with their local JB store? Been on hold for over 30mins each day and even left my details but noone called back.

  • can we port in from Belong or still cant?