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Logitech MX Keys Wireless Keyboard (US International Layout) $138.66 + $17.79 Delivery @ Amazon UK via AU


Not the cheapest inclusive of shipping but definitely better than many local stores.

Edit: Price lowered further from $139.44 to $138.66

From a few threads, the layout of this keyboard (the US-INT) isn't ideal because you get the short length shift key and that extra button between 'shift' and 'Z'. Also a different Enter key.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    Got one for the mrs, nice keyboard. She's a key basher so very noisy when we're both WFH but this keyboard has cut down the clatter.

  • +10

    The keyboard layout is different than Australian ones

    • +6

      Not sure why you're being negged because it is different. We use the standard US layout here in Australia, not US International.

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    From a few threads, the layout of this keyboard (the US-INT) isn't ideal because you get the short length shift key and that extra button between 'shift' and 'Z'.

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    i bought mine from digi-direct recently for 159 bucks (applied their 10 dollar coupon). shipping only took 3 days instead of the Amazon UK delivery which wont arrive until end of Sept.
    for that extra $1+ difference i rather get it from a retailer in Australia

    • +11

      This must be the first time someone has positive things to say about digidirect shipping speed.

      • +4

        Dont worry im more surprised then you are when it turned up 3 days after i ordered it, and they gave me the correct one which was more surprising. Last time i ordered something from they sent me an incorrect item and was a hassle to get it changed.

      • +1

        Yeap, I ordered this keyboard from them 11 days ago.
        After ordering an advertised IN STOCK item I got the email "Awaiting Product Delivery." Email, and funny enough their website still shows they have this keyboard in stock to ship.

        I've since emailed asking for a real ETA or I'll be cancelling the order and haven't received a response.

        It's just such a bad way to do business, but I always go back for the low prices to roll the dice haha

        • Exactly the same thing here. They won't give me a real ETA. Won't even tell me if it's shipped our not.

  • +6

    Yeah, this isn't "US Layout" It's "US International", which is closer to UK layout.

  • +1

    Look at the enter key :O

  • +6

    Hey folks, you can price match https://www.digidirect.com.au/logitech-mx-keys-wireless-illu... at JB Hi-Fi - $169.15

    I highly recommend NOT buying from Digidirect as they never have stock in hand, take your payment and leave you stranded for 1 month+ till the back order comes through from the supplier.

    • can anyone confirm that jbhifi will pricematch digidirect ?

      • Yes this is exactly what I did last year. Same price too

      • +3

        Yes, I successfully did it earlier this week. JB price matched over the phone, sent me a link to place an order with $30 off deal applied (JB advertised price is $199), and the keyboard was ready to collect in 5 min in my LGA of concern 😀

        • Sweet. When they send you a link, are you able to use gift cards too?

          • @jace88: Sorry @jace88, I don’t remember exactly, but it was a standard secure checkout form with multiple payment options. I selected normal Paypal checkout.

            • @AceP: all good I will see if the wife wants this and if so will try my luck tomorrow! Thanks anyway.

              • +2

                @jace88: Good luck. Suggest try matching with Megabuy. They have it advertised for $159 plus delivery. But free delivery to the store.


                • @AceP: I asked and their response was price matching digidirect would be below their cost price.

                  Yeah like come on, make up something believable. Digi direct is $169.15 and MegaBuy is $159 + 15.95 delivery = $174.95. This means they're saying their profit is between $0.05-$5.75 lol.

    • Will Officeworks price beat Digidirect -5%?

      • +1

        Yes they will, but if your in NSW, its all click and collect and none of the officeworks carry stock at the moment. I checked and tried when i gave them a call.

      • +1

        I had no issue placing a price beat order through 1300 OFFICE for the MX keyboard and mouse from Digidirect about a month ago. Free delivery too since that is what DigiDirect offers. Don't know if I got lucky though.

        Just not a fan of DigiDirect with their lack of transparency of stock levels.

    • I have placed the order with digidirect since 23rd Aug I have got a reply that we dont have in stock. so far I have no idea when I will get this. I am thinking if i should ask them to return the money so I can buy it somewhere else.

    • Does it go lower than this price often?>

  • Got 2 from this deal (therefore free postage)

    Needed 2 for the house anyway. Wife loves it. And the keyboard.

    For real - it's pretty amazing. The weight, the auto illumination, feel, highest quality keyboard ever seen. Feels like pure metal, unaware of the plastic.

  • Why need to spend $100+ for a keyboard??

    • +4

      Why need to spend $70+ for a tefal pan?? Because if you use it frequently enough you should invest it in. Why buy a $50 pillow over $10 pillow?

    • +1

      You got any keyboard recommendations under $100 that are full-size, low-profile, illuminated, and can switch between devices without having to re-pair the Bluetooth each time?

      • Ironically the K780 fit all of that barring illuminated, they seem to have phased it out though.

        • The K780 doesn't look full-size; where are the Insert, Home, Page Up and Page Down keys for example?

  • +3


    Keyboard only Deutsch (Qwertz): 920-009403
    Keyboard only Français (Azerty): 920-009405
    Keyboard only Suisse / Schweizer (Qwertz): 920-009407
    Keyboard only Italiano (Qwerty): 920-009409
    Keyboard only Dansk/ Norsk/ Svenska/ Suomalainen (Qwerty): 920-009411
    Keyboard only UK English (Qwerty): 920-009413
    Keyboard only US International (Qwerty) : 920-009415
    Keyboard only Pусский (Йцукен/Qwerty): 920-009417
    Keyboard only Español (Qwerty): 920-009410
    Keyboard with Palm Rest US International (Qwerty) : 920-009416
    Keyboard with Palm Rest UK English (Qwerty): 920-009414
    Keyboard with Palm Rest Dansk/ Norsk/ Svenska/ Suomalainen (Qwerty): 920-009412
    Keyboard with Palm Rest Suisse / Schweizer (Qwertz): 920-009408
    Keyboard with Palm Rest Français (Azerty): 920-009406
    Keyboard with Palm Rest Deutsch (Qwertz): 920-009404



    9418 will ONLY appear on the Logitech Aus site, and ONLY from Aus resellers, not internationally.

  • +3

    I got one of these from the UK shortly after they were available last year.

    More than happy to begin with, great build quality, illumination and programmability across platforms but have suffered annoying frequent connection drop outs requiring restart of late that is not uncommon according to feedback.

    Have switched back to my other key board recently.

    • +1

      Mine loses connection with MacBook Air M1 frequently, requiring repairing. Another issue I have is that right click stops working on my mouse, and hovering over the menu on Ozbargain does not bring up the dropdown menu. Have to restart the computer to fix it. I think that is something to do with Mac OS though..

      • Are you using Bluetooth or the wireless USB?

        • Bluetooth

          • @nubzy: Odd mine never drops out. Using it for windows and Mac

    • +2

      I've never had a dropout with mine, but I am aware that USB3.0 devices can play havoc with most kinds of receivers due to the USB operating frequency being high enough to become a broad-band signal blocker.

      Have you tried a basic USB extension cable away from other USB devices?

  • I recommend the ergonomic version of this keyboard instead: Logitech ERGO K860.

    • +1

      I don't think this one does the switch between Bluetooth devices like the MX one does. ie pairing with multiple devices.

    • The problem is when you go to work or on Laptop & you need different muscle memory.
      However, the US-International layout is even worse - many keys are in different locations.

      Waiting for keyboard with small LCDs keys to remap the keys any way you like with the language you type & getting rid of the archaic QWERTY layout :)

      • which is why I am now looking into Kinesis Freestyle 2. It splits the keyboard into two.

  • +3

    Jb hifi Pricematch with digidirect then pay via Zip you get $30 off extra. MX Keyboard for $139, just pay it off your zip balance right away after. I hope this one helps. If the offer still valid on JBs website.

    • There's a lot of above comments saying how unreliable digidirect is

      • That's why they said to get JB Hi-Fi to price match with digidirect, not buy it direct from digidirect …

        • +1

          He edited his comment. It didnt have JB before

    • JB zip 30 ended 2 days ago.

      Any other good deals on this keyboard?

  • +3

    I have the AU version of this keyboard - it's great to type on and the low profile is just right. It's very solid for such a slim keyboard. I think the best feature is being able to connect it to three different devices and to be able to very easily switch between them. I have mine connected to 2 PCs and my AppleTV (great when needing to enter password for Netflix etc).

    But there's no way I could live with that weird enter key and having the backslash and # keys in the wrong places on this version.

    • Not to mention copying content on one computer and pasting it on another computer thanks to Logitech Flow!

  • -1

    I have two of the Officeworks version of this (typing on one now). I didn't think I'd use the unifying function, but I use it all the time, even with my Android phone.

    Overall I'm very happy with it. Got it for $109 with Officeworks price match.

    Things I like least:
    * the battery doesn't last very long; I have to recharge every week or two, no big deal
    * the spacing of the function keys in relation to the number keys are different to what I'm used to

    • $109?? Which deal did you match? I'm waiting to get one between $150-160 the moment it's available in the local keyboard format.

  • +1

    I wouldn't buy this layout of the keys. Too confusing.
    Rather buy Aus version of the key layout.

  • My Logitech illuminated keyboard died yesterday, after 11 years of typing and gaming.
    I would love to buy its current model K740, but weirdly it is not available in Australia.
    The MX Keys model looks nice, but I would prefer wired..

  • +2

    Got JB to price match Digidirect at 169, less 5% GC
    Not the best but need it for WFH.
    Thanks to info here, wanted to get local stock
    Should last a few years too

    • Delivered or click and collect?

      Did you just call the 13 52 44 number?

      • Delivered. Yes.

  • +1

    Emailed JB hifi and asked for a price match, a little bit of dicking around and they're doing it. Picking it up today, this is my dream keyboard as I find the gamer keyboards just too gaudy for my professional needs.

    • Whats their email for price matching?

      • It's an as per store situation, you get there by clicking on "help and support" in the top right corner of the JB website.

        Help and Support>Sumit a Request>Product and Price Enquiry>Choose a store>email.

  • I do not recommend this product.
    Had 2 keyboards failed within less than a year. Cheap mechanical Kogan outlived both. I do not bash it, but I 'zsh' it daily though.

    Anyways, after 2 fails, upgraded to Logitech mechanical latest gaming keyboard - was surprised to see micro USB connector, feels like guys starting to cut corners. Logitech support is horrendous. I was a fan for couple of decades, but now would avoid this brand and won't recommend this keyboard at all.

    • Been using my MX Keys since Mar 2020 and it still works great.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Just saw my local officeworks in Sydney just received stock today and managed to price match / beat the Amazon UK price.

    • +1

      wow! Well done on the price match!

    • Which store and do you have receipt btw? My local one, guy kept trying but said it had to be AU stock only.

  • For anyone buying this keyboard, make sure you update firmware to fix the weird backlight issues that seem to come from factory.


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