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Free Vibe Pack with 11 Channels in September - Was $6 @ Fetch TV (Fetch TV Box Required)


Free Vibe Pack this month.

Feel the buzz with great sports, music, comedy, reality and more. Vibe is the place for the latest games, shows, songs, looks and laughs

11 Channels:
Spike HD
Comedy Central
eGG Network HD
MTV Hits
Club MTV

*Available to new and existing customers without a Vibe Pack subscription. Standard charges apply for your existing Channel Pack subscriptions and if you subscribe to the Vibe or Ultimate Pack during the offer period.

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  • +8

    why don't they release an app like netflix ? I would like to try Fetch but not happy to pay more than $100 for the STB.

    • +2

      There's no need to subscribe to any channel packs.

      I use it to watch catch up on ABC, 7, 9, 10 and SBS. All are free of charge.

      It has apps for Netflix, Paramount plus, Amazon prime and Stan. At additional monthly cost.

      • +4

        I think they're meaning an app like Foxtel Now. So you don't need to invest in buying their hardware to see if their subscription is any good.

      • I mean, I would like to have $6 per month channel pack, but with an app similar to Netflix. I don't have a TV and I watch FTA channels on PC with a TV card.

        • +1

          they do have an app, its quite good as well. But you can't get it without a box I believe.

          • +1

            @airpoe: Correct!

            Need the box to autho with the app.

    • There is a Fetch App. I have it .. Although it could be attached to the Fetch box.

      Give it a try

      • +1

        You need a Fetch box if you read the description of the app

      • Yeah I think mrbenj is right, well you can setup a Fetch TV account, then the process is you'd setup an activation code (up to 3) in your account, the single activation code is to activate a single Fetch TV box

        Saying above I've never tried using an activation code for there mobile Fetch TV app were a Fetch box is not associated with that activation code, my assumption is it won't work, the mobile app actually communicates with the Fetch box for recordings list and I'm sure also the TV guide within the Fetch box

        • +3

          Features available to all users:
          • Browse and search the Fetch catalogue
          • Watch movie trailers on your Android device
          • Browse and search the 7 day TV guide and setup reminders
          • Post comments about what you're watching on Facebook or Twitter

          Features available to Fetch customers using eligible devices* connected to your Fetch set-top box:
          • Watch Movie Box movies^ anywhere in Australia
          • Watch Live selected subscription channels^ anywhere in Australia
          • Watch the Movies Now Showing trailer channel
          • Schedule recordings wherever you are
          • Browse the recordings on your set-top box
          • Manage scheduled and Series Tag recordings
          • Change channels, and adjust the volume on your TV
          • Rent or buy an on demand movie to watch on your TV or device
          • Buy TV shows to watch on your TV or device
          • Download selected movie and TV shows to your Android device and watch them offline.

          • for device requirements, please refer to: and link to the App User Guide.
            ^ this content is only available where it is included with your Fetch subscription. Not all channels are available for viewing on the app
    • +4

      They're positioning the streaming service as an value add to their box, rather than a standalone streaming service

    • +5
      Usually as good as new, and often on 10% to 20% off with voucher. Refurb by Fetch themselves.

      • +1

        Heads up, looks like these refurbs don't come with the Bluetooth Voice Remote, which I find I need as the IR ones keep on turning on my xboxes :). Hopefully as the newer minis are refurbed, the Voice Remotes will start being included. I suspect they may not support 4K either (like the newer Minis that include the Bluetooth Voice Remotes)

        • +2

          Get a new Bluetooth Voice Remote directly from Fetch.
          Suits Fetch devices:
          Fetch Mini 4K - Model #H671T

          Fetch Mighty - Model #M616T

          Fetch Mini - Model #H626T

          Fetch Gen 2** - Model #M605T

          **Fetch Bluetooth Voice Remote works as an IR remote with Gen 2 boxes. Voice control is not available on Gen 2 boxes

          • +2

            @Balluji: And you can do the same with your mobile phone using Google assistant 👍😁

          • @Balluji: Yep I got those for my other two fetch Mightys because the xbox thing was annoying me :)

      • That's who I bought my Fetch box from. The actually Fetch people. It was brand new even through it was a referb

    • Yes your right so your only option is to buy the hardware and cheapest option is directly through Fetch TV with Fetch TV on eBay for a Fetch Mini they have them from $99, maybe private eBay sale hopefully cheaper around $50 (warning: don't buy locked carrier Fetch Boxes like Optus Yes TV as you might as well rent one directly of Optus from $5 a month)

  • +3

    not seeing this… their facebook and website does not mention it, and when i go to my subscriptions its not giving a free option

    update: i unhid the individual channels and can watch them no issue

  • +3

    As good as these hard drive boxes are, which uniquely allow you to record live tv, I'd say they are in long-term decline with the rise of smart TVs and streaming/catch-up services. I've noticed Fetch have been ramping up their advertising recently, most likely to combat this trend.

    • And they've been dropping there prices on there refurbished Fetch TV boxes on eBay, nice if the Fetch TV Mighty was around the $150 mark, then worth the investment👍😁

  • Unless you watch and record free to air, fetch is rubbish. Pretty slow and clunky operating system. Hardly use it since I got Google TV Chromecast.

    • Recently switched up the Fetch to a Fire stick, crazy how much smoother the stick works in comparison.

    • With last week's update the minis very smooth on optus

    • Not my experience, I have a fetch mini (retail) and it works fantastically! I have 500/500 internet, so no issues with the streaming channels and the FTA channels work well in the mix. I don't use any of the apps though, I have an Apple TV for that.

    • Mine's been off power for so long I got an email saying my account will be deactivated if I don't use it. I tried to use it during the olympics but the 7plus app was much better to use so ended up unplugging it again. For me, it's usefulness would be to allow you to watch ESPN - I just wish this free access was in November when there are NBA games to watch

  • -3

    Quote from Fetch: "Add or remove these packs at any time. Cancelling your monthly subscription will take effect on anniversary date".

    If I'm reading this right you can add a channel pack at any time but you're stuck with it for at least a year

    Also if these packs are $6 anyway where's the bargain after Sept? Or is it just that you can save $6 but be saddled with a $66 bill for the remaining 11 months?

    • anniversary date in Fetch speak means monthly not annually so you can switch on and off for 30 days just like Netflix.

      • Agree! You just pay for the month in advance and drop off anything you don't want as and when you want to cancel.

  • +6

    So much misunderstanding here, they've given free channel packs for a month many times before and its a good deal.

    If you have a fetch box then the extra channels are enabled in the same list as the free to air ones.

    If you can't see them, then restart the box / turn the box off and on again so it enables the extra ones.

    This was mentioned in their occasional email they send.

    So much misunderstanding for someone giving something away for free!??

    • So is it free for a month then they start charging?

      • +4

        No need to subscribe to the package for this month so no need to cancel. Only subscribe next month if you want to continue.

      • +6

        You don't do anything. They are there for a month, then they are gone.

        They want you to watch them for free, so when they go away at the end of the month and you realise that you liked them they hope you will subscribe.

  • +2

    I went and added the Vibe pack but got charged. I think the post meant that the channels are already free and just unlocked for a month but I didn't realise this from the post

    • Correct

    • Drop them an email and see if they will refund, or failing that, ask to put it on hold until next billing cycle so you can get two months for the price of one

  • Can anyone comment on the quality of the HD and non-HD channels these days? The last time I recall signing up for any fetch channels, the catch-up was OK quality (with a very restricted selection), but the streaming content was only about 1Mbps and made VHS tapes seem good.

    • +2

      Quality is excellent but contingent on the source video quality. Also you need decent broadband

    • The Fetch HD quality is better than Foxtel HD quality. Different CODECs I guess.

      You can see this as several channels are shared between Fetch and Foxtel.

  • -2

    I got a fetch mighty and it’s a heap of junk, slow, sometimes I have to hard reboot it, 2 of the 3 leds on it have gone. I asked Fetch it would be great to cement yourself in the 21st century and release a full featured app that you could use on a smart TV, gaming console etc… and the response was how great their paper weight was…. and so with the frequency of this shitty piece of hardware which I have to hard reboot time to time I decided to cancel my fetch subscription… release a full featured app and I will re-subscribe…

    • yeah Ive lost some LEDs also on my Fetch mighty

  • Yep just checked and they are just there you DON'T need to SUBSCRIBE to anything. Only ones I might watch are MTV channels and ESPN if there are any sports I might watch. Comedy Central seemed to also have a few South parks that were from more recent Series ??

  • +2

    Good timing for all the tennis lovers: US open is live on ESPN channel

    • Just dont rely on the program guide to be accurate or scheduled recordings to take place. Still a good thing though.

  • No need to subscribe, the extra channels simply appeared in my list without any action on my part.

    I'd wondered why so much South Park was showing up in the channel list.

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