Gigabyte AORUS RTX 3060 $961.84, ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 3060 $1050.16 + Shipping + Card Surcharge @ Zotim


Gpu in stock at a decent price .I paid $13 shipping to sydney, card surcharge was 1.75% or 3% for paypal

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  • Man that's some strange prices.

    • If you look at the listings, they have the V1 versions selling for 3k. Not sure if pricing error but i ordered one hahaha

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    Not really a deal price. These are going for around the same money from reputable stores such as:

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      People should also stop posting overprice GPU, this is Oz bargain, and I can't see any bargain here.

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        So by your logic we should have no GPU posts at all because they are above MSRP? I honestly can't understand how some peoples minds work on this site. If prices increase higher will you then say this is a good deal?

        If you don't like the deal, go HOLD until 2022/23

        • It's a terrible deal but I don't know why you are negged. People can still get relative 'bargains' in the current market

        • So by your logic we should have no GPU posts at all because they are above MSRP?

          Yes. There won't be any bargains until at least 2022. If you need a GPU now then obviously some prices are better than others but none are "bargains". Right now there are no good deals, only "least bad" deals. It still doesn't make them "bargains".

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          techfast was selling 3060's today for $730. Thats what a "bargain" looks like in the current market FYI, not this.

          • @BigKahunaBurger: Techfast are an exception to the pricing. They are the only reseller who consistently sell considerably lower than other retailers and for sure give 'bargains' comparatively. The trade off is that they sell out within hours or less.

      • I got a graphics card posted on Oz Bargain recently which was above RRP and sold out quick but was much cheaper than the other overpriced cards.
        So the bargain was relative at the time and I needed something to drive my new monitor, therefore the post was appreciated.

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    Avoid buying from this seller. They would jack up the price and ask for a higher price AFTER you placed an order and paid. I had bad experience with them and I'm not the only one according to some reviews on Google.

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    I thought this was ozbargain

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    damn…pretty glad i grabbed that asus 3060ti for $859 when i had the chance. Regardless I think even with the current market this isnt a deal.

  • No Bargain

  • Despite all the recent rumblings, still no end in sight for GPU prices coming down

  • 3060 for this price is about as bad as it gets for price/performance

  • Most overpriced listing I've seen for a 3060.

  • But why?

  • You could get 3060ti for about $800.