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½ Price KB's Gyoza 750g $8.50, KB’s Squid/Prawns/Whiting $3.75, SunRice Medium Grain Rice 5kg $8 @ Coles


KB's Gyoza 750g - $8.50

KB Frozen Prawn Gyoza 750g
KB Frozen Vegetable Gyoza 750g
KB Frozen Prawn Hargow 750g
KB Gyoza Chicken 750g
KB Gyoza Pork 750g

PS: Vegetable/Chicken/Pork Gyoza are exclusive to Coles, and not stock by Woolworths. Coles packs are also 750g whereas Woolworths are 1kg (Same price per gram).

KB’s Salt and Pepper Squid 360g or Whiting Goujons 320g - $3.75

KB Lemon & Pepper Squid 360g
KB Salt & Pepper Squid 360g
KB Panko Crumb Squid 360g
KB Coconut Crumbed Prawns 300g
KB Flaming Crumbed Prawns 300g
KB Salt & Pepper Prawns 300g
KB Tempura Prawns 300g
Kb's Whiting Goujons Salt And Pepper 320g
Kb's Whiting Bites Classic Crumb 300g

PS: These are easy to cook; just pop them in the air-fryer for a few minutes and done.

Sunrice Medium Grain Rice 5kg - $8

Sunrice Medium Grain Brown Rice 5kg
Sunrice Medium Grain White Rice 5kg

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  • Why are prawns expensive but when it comes to dumplings they are always the cheapest?

    • +1

      Possibly because of the actual prawn content in the dumplings.

      Edit: Interestingly, 27% of the prawn dumpling filling is prawn (Litopenaeus vannamei) but CoO is Thailand. 17% of the pork dumpling is pork but is mostly CoO Australia.

    • You hardly find prawns in the dumplings anymore. It used to have a large piece of prawn 🍤 especially in hargow.

      Now I'm not so sure what it is inside, just some minced

      • +2

        The only brand of prawn dumplings I eat is Mr Chen’s.

        • Both are form China.

          I thought they might be the same? diff packaging

    • Are we sure it's even prawn…

    • +2

      Thai prawns are cheap to produce, usually farmed pumped with drugs and antibiotics. Aussie prawns are usually caught in wild and have quotas plus Aussie labour and red tape to push up the price. To put simply you get what you pay for. There are several Chinese shops that sell locally made dumplings which are bit more expensive that supermarkets ones but use Aus ingredients.

      • Can't forget the eye cutting/mangrove destruction

      • red tape?

    • +2

      Only watch this if you want to save money and never eat prawns from unknown source again.

  • +1

    anyone know how these compare to aldi dumplings? I got a "vibe" that they could be the same. except always available at the sale price.

    • I think they are the same.

      • I bought one yesterday to try and they indeed look same and taste same

        • +1

          What's the pricing like?

    • +2

      I find the Aldi ones have less filling, like their version of the Borg's Pastizzis Triangles.

    • +3

      They're similar but definitely different flavour. I prefer KBs but Aldi are ok if KBs aren't on special for a few weeks.

    • +2

      We stopped buying these KB Gyoza from Coles & Woolies since we found the one in Aldi. Aldi’s prawn gyoza are definitely better quality. They are product of Taiwan not like these KB from Thailand. Try them side by side and compare them yourself.

  • The hargows are made in China.

    Are the other ones the same?

    • The prawn gyoza is made in Thailand

      • Nice!

        • +1

          So Thailand > China, or the other way around?

          • +1

            @wildstone: Literally anywhere > China seems to be the go here

          • +1

            @wildstone: Definitely, although rivers in Thailand, Vietnam etc aren't going to be glacier-fed and pristine either

  • Cuttlefish and Asparagus

  • Wish there is pork version of it

    • +1

      KB Gyoza Pork 750g

  • Just checked the chicken ones are Made in Australia with 87% Aussie Goods.

    Hate when they do this % bs.

    • -2

      how come?

    • -1

      's wrong with %?

      • Because what about the other % that isnt Australian, where do they come from?

        • how would you prefer it be?
          just plain Made in Oz (whatever the majority place is)?