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Join Club Plus Membership for $0.10 (was $5) & Receive $10 Store Credit @ Supercheap Auto


Supercheap Auto have now dropped the Club Plus sign up cost to 10 cents.

Unsure how long the promotion will last, but get your burner accounts ready :)

10$ credit after activation (Keep in mind it has a short expiry).

I just checked the prepaid debit card statement and verified it is 10c https://ibb.co/T8kBXd2

Note: Website says join for $1 but will be $0.10 at checkout.

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Supercheap Auto
Supercheap Auto

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  • That’s.. well.. super cheap! Offer valid until 2 October 2021

    • Please share if you know the date of expiry of the $10 credit.

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        If it helps, I signed up on 30th August and my credit expires 25th October

      • +4

        Just signed up, Says $10 loyalty credit gained expires on 01/11/2021

        • Me too. Expires on 01/11/21

  • -2

    Nah, despite the banner it's $1 at checkout.

    Source: I did it a few hours ago. Banner 10c was there at the time.

    Not that it should matter, but I was a genuine first time sign up.

    • Check it again now, It came to 10c at checkout for me when paying with debit card :)

        • +10

          Username checks out

    • Showing as $0.10 in the cart now for me when using a new email, might have just been fixed.

  • +2

    Has been 10c since this morning for us across the ditch, so must be happening in Oz too.

    • +6

      Live report from choice cheapies

  • +3

    Already signed up with both of my mobile numbers, cant use the same number again I think?

    • +1

      Landline. Says no landline despite it being in the subtext lol?

  • +10

    Signed up yesterday for $1. I'm going to cry.

    • +1

      Money waster.

    • +1

      Same here, applied yesterday for $1 but I still haven't got the $10 credit.

    • +1

      Shame on you for wasting $0.90 cents :D

    • +2

      get another one to reduce the average cost

  • +1

    Signed up, 10 cent to get $10 credit. Noice

    • +1

      Last date to use $10 is?

      • +2


  • +1

    Thanks OP…signed-up!!!

  • +2

    Awesome got the $10 credit straight away. 4 free red bull cans seems alright.

    • +2

      When you put it that way… This is excellent :D

  • +1

    it's $1 for sign up now

    • +1

      Still 10c for me at checkout

    • +2

      The banner shows $1.
      Checkout is $5, but it auto-applies a $4.90 discount lol.

      So 10c all up.

  • +4

    3 Ply Disposable Non-Woven Protective Mask 50PK $10 click and collect.

    Tea Infuser Double Wall 380mL $8 click and collect around Blacktown.

    • Thank you. Order the mask

  • -1

    Lockdown tbough

    • After hours lockers.

  • thanks OP.

  • I just signed up 30 minutes ago. Received the welcome email but where’s the $10 credit?

      • Showing as $0 for me

        • Were you already a member?

          Did you use the same mobile number?

          • @edrift: I did use the same mobile number. Is that why?

            Edit: Used a fake mobile number and now $10 immediately applied. Thanks.

            • +2

              @sween64: Yep you're right, just did the same thing. Kind of dodgy that they still take your money and don't give you credit.

            • @sween64: Did you sign up again or just update your number?

              • +1

                @edrift: Signed up again

                • +3

                  @sween64: changed your numbers in the account that you paid $1 then it will give you $10, I did the same, used same numbers for 2 acc then it didn't give me $10 first but after changed to different numbers, it will show $10, you can change Ur numbers back after purchase though

  • +5

    Got this 4 shelf unit for $3 pick up after credit.

    • Thanks, I might get the same :)

    • Got the same but had to pay $5 postage since there's none in stock here. Still, $8 seems like a really good price.

      • +1

        $5 postage for a 6kg parcel is a win mate

  • +7

    Signed up, and now if I purchase stuff for $60 or more with my Commbank card, Ill be saving $20!!
    (Commbank rewards: Get $10 cashback when you spend $50 or more at Supercheap Auto.)

  • You didn't want to give us exsisting credit…fine. ill sign up again. Take my 10 cents you bums!

  • How many accounts can you open and can you reuse the same mobile number?

    • +2

      You can use the same name and address. Just use a different email and fake mobile number.

  • +1

    Thanks Op signed the wife up for 10 cents now have $10 credit to use.

  • It's free in store

  • Can you use burner mobile numbers but your same home address when signing up for a second time?

    • Yes

    • Hate to ask a silly question, but: when you say 'burner' mobile, do you mean made-up number or you all have alternate phone numbers (or your'e using wives, gf etc)?

      Do they use the mobile in any way that matters?

      • Spare one you can just throw away

      • +1

        Prepaid number you use for other discreet activities.

        Yes they send your order details and collection confirmation to it.

        • Sounds like you could sign up using a fake, get the credit applied to your account. Update phone numbers in your account to something legit and away you go? Or do you think changing the number to one already in use would be rejected?

  • Whatsthe expiry on the credit? Can't do click and collect due to local and interstate lock downs / outs.

    • +1

      Looks to be 56 / 57 days from sign-up.

      • Thanks Mintchip

  • i didn't get any.. wasted 0.10c

    • I'm guessing you already had an account and used the same mobile number?

  • fml I paid $1 for this last week

  • +2

    Signed up FREE in store today. Saved 10c!
    Was picking up order from last $10 credit.

  • Can you order an item that’s less than $10 and pay using $10 credit?

    • Apparently yes as people have been using it to get 4 pack of Red Bull for free which is $9.99.

      • I couldn’t get it to work with a cart that was $9.98. Ended up paying another $0.97 and get tyre shine, clamps and Jelly Bellys.

        • Ah right. Btw, for the fake number, did you use one of those 0491 numbers?

  • WD40 easy reach here I come.

  • Thanks OP. Paid $0.1 and got $10.

  • Joined ok I need to order $10 items include delivery. (in NSW)

  • Just got a membership for $0.10 through PP.

    Any idea what to get for $10?

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