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[SUBS] Black Widow - Free for All Subscribers (Was $34.99 for Premier Access) @ Disney+


Marvel’s latest offering! The countdown is on, plenty of entertainment to be had by joining the debate below on whether this really is a bargain or not in the meantime.

Users who wish to block "Additions to Subscription Services" can do so by adding SUBS to their deals customisation. * Xbox Game Pass, Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus etc. are considered additions to subscription services. You can also block seeing deals from certain stores or users by hitting the hide button below. Discussion Thread

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    • Same here, saw it at the cinema, didn't mind spending the money to go out, but wouldn't pay that much to rent/buy at home.
      I actually liked the movie, plenty of action, and yes it was far fetched, but what do you expect in the MCU.

  • 3 Downvotes? Are ScarJo and the Russo Brothers here on OzBargain?

  • +3

    Turned it off after half an hour, boring generic action

    • +1

      You didn’t miss anything

  • No way I will be paying $34.99 just to watch this. They got to be kidding themselves to charge this much on top of the monthly subscription fee.

  • +1

    After watching this movie I was so disappointed as I was expecting more.

  • I am new to Disney+, anyone knows which subs title available to a particular movie?

    • +2

      Play the trailer of this movie and see there what subs/audio languages are available. You would find the option there on top right corner (assuming you are playing in app).

  • +5

    They should be paying you to sit through this

  • It’s already available on Hotstar.

    • Correct, in 4k

      • Is it available on Hotstar premium ?

        • I'm on hotstar premium. And it's available on 4k

  • +6

    So hang on, it is becoming available on the exact planned date for the exact same price and this is worthy of a new announcement?

    • What are you talking about?

      • +4

        this is not new. it was always releasing in 30 days for free for disney subscribers. Just wondering why this justifies an announcement 30 days out. If we start announcing every release 30 days out then OzB will become a nightmare.

        • +1

          It came out in July though. This is just announcing it will finally be free

          • +3

            @MaxDong69: So will be get another announcement in 15 days then another on finally being free? I have no problems with sub threads, but this is just insane.

          • +2

            @MaxDong69: Really? Just announcing finally?
            I pretty sure they show the free to watch date on day 1 on the Disney plus. Simply you pay or you wait in day one.

          • @MaxDong69: Although, it's debatable if it constitutes as free if you're paying monthly subscription.

  • Film was kinda boring. WIsh the sister wasn't so monotonous and the 'father' was a retarded character who served like no purpose.

  • +2

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that didn't like it. All. The reviews said it was great, went in with high expectations and the outcome was a b grade spy film…

  • -1

    still telling me to buy it but i already have a subscription :(

    • +1

      In 30 days

  • +1

    Any new movies on Netflix in 30 days? :(

    Subscribing to Ozbargain's [SUBS] :)

    Except it's predominantly Disney Plus and Amazon Prime :(

  • +5

    Not a bargain considering this date was always listed to be 'free to watch'.

  • I enjoyed pirating this one more than I actually enjoyed watching it #suchislife

  • +1

    I actually liked the movie

  • +2

    why is this a deal?

  • So thing that you already pay for becomes free from extra payment…

  • Emperors new groove is the MVP of disney+

  • +4

    why would this be a deal again? Should be free in the first place when you are a "premium" member

  • +4

    This isn't a bargain. Every new movie and show is going to be listed here now?

  • If the quantity of new content on Disney plus wasn't abysmal then maybe. As it stands the subscription fee on it's own makes this a rip off. Cheaper to rent the movie old school style. I'm getting maybe 30 mins a week of content and that assumes you want to watch most of the stuff they are drip feeding.

  • Neg, because not a deal and ops father smells of elderberries.

  • +5

    If this is a deal then every time a movie is added to Netflix is a deal.

  • +1

    Pretty shitty movie tbh. They didn't do Romanoff justice

  • +2

    I personally think this shouldn't be classified as a "bargain"….it was always gonna be "free" on Disney+ once the paid period ended.

    • Exactly, they announced this right up front in the app when it first became available to rent. I literally opened the Disney+ app, read that it would be available to all subscribers at a later date, saw the stupidly inflated price and then hit the high seas. It's not exactly hard knowledge to come by.

  • One month away. Sheesh……
    Pass for now

  • +1

    Disney+ is a terrible streaming service from a terrible company

    • -1

      I'm not up to date, is this a woke statement?

  • +2

    This is not free

  • Honestly, this doesn't merit a post. It's not available, and even when it IS available, it isn't free - you need a subscription.

  • I might fire a mth in a few days and the film will safely fall in my period to cull the sub .

  • Family members are able to share the subscription right ? How many members max?

  • +2

    just here to neg the 'streaming deal'

  • +1

    We want more streaming bargains on OzBargain. This is quality content :D

  • Is every show and movie that is released on a streaming service going to be posted here now? Trash movie that's as useful to the franchise as Captain Marvel aside, a 30 day countdown on a Disney+ release is not deal worthy.

  • I think its a bargain as many people might just rent the movie in hurry while all they need is to subscribe.

    • +1

      Cheaper to rent the movie though……..

      • +1

        you have 1 month free trail
        so they removed free trail….WTF

  • I am increasingly identifying more and more with villains in super hero movies.

  • Woohoo, game on!

  • Just jumping on the down voting bandwagon

  • -3

    WHy isn't the actor black if she's called Black Widow?

  • All of these pundits getting angry about this but then you look them writing things like
    “Oh My GoZzz GaMePaSss is So CoOOL oO.”

  • Thanks everyone for saving me from wasting my time watching it

  • Must consoom Marvel slobbers

  • +1

    Decent movie. But why would you post a deal when something is added to Disney+? Or any other streaming service?

    • Tks for the reminder is it live ?

  • Does anyone happen to know how can someone from overseas access Disney+ in Oz? Have tried several VPNs but it doesn’t seem to work :(

  • This is ozbargain, not ozadvertisingatvprogramforapaidsubscriptionservice.

  • One of the worst in the mcu

  • Mental

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