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LADDA Rechargeable Battery 2450mAh AA 4pcs $2 + Delivery ($5 C&C) @ IKEA (Family Membership Required)


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It was not allowed to add to cart online yesterday. And it's available now.

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  • Got them for $10/packs few weeks ago from IKEA? Is the RRP rise or what?

  • The white ones in the old packaging are $10. This is RRP

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      I bought a solar light from Ikea that went on the wall, 6 years ago. Inside it had a 1000mA LADDA AA size cell. Screwed it on the wall outside, where it worked until I knocked it moving a ladder underneath, shattering the diffuser.

      It continued to work, even with the internals exposed to the rain for another few months, before I noticed the light was dim and not lasting, and finally climbed up, took it down, cleaned the terminals and gave the cell a proper charge in a decent charger. Now it works like new again, minus the diffuser. Never had an outdoor solar lamp last more than two years before. These are great.

      For a cell charging every day for 6 years though… it's amazing performance. That's >2000 charges in wildly varying temps, not always full, and probably every night a full discharge.

      Def an excellent product.

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    damn.,. no local stock and $9 delivery

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    Still can't deliver to Melbourne CBD

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    Delivery / Collection fees kill the deal.

    • $7 total for me with C&C still a good deal?

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        Unless you need them now - I would wait until they re-open and pick them up myself (but that's my personal view).
        C&C charge is ridiculous.
        At least they should have a "free C&C above certain value".

        Anyhow title should include state or +delivery should be added. It's definitely not Australia wide for $2.

        • This is good, it stops me from buying more batteries… If they have a minimum spend for free C&C then I will have even more batteries

        • $5 if I go and pick up myself.
          $9 to have it delivered.
          $49 if I collect it from a pickup point. Then I also need to get my ass to Launceston and back to Melbourne, as it's the only option provided.

          So the best on offer is $11 for a $12 item. I think I'll wait until things open up again.

          Pretty sure the title means you can buy the pack of batteries for $2, but you are screwed with handling/delivery charges.

        • $5 for C&C is ridiculous. The staff are already in the store working. It's not like they have to bring in extra staff just for C&C considering the store is closed to public. Taking advantage of the lock down situation.

  • Bugger, already used the code on the lower capacity ones :(

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    Thanks op- the $10 had offset the delivery. This means these batteries are well worth buying. At least for me :)

  • $2 with code + $5 for click and collect = Total $7 ( for AA 4pcs).

    Thanks OP for the code

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    "You need to log in or sign up to IKEA Family to apply this discount"

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    Last time I used this discount they cancelled my order.

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    How much is IKEA family membership

  • Keeps telling me to enter a valid coupon code

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      remove the space from the front

      • i just realised this ahhahah. Stupid mistakes

  • "Not available for online purchase"

    And just checked stock in stores. Every, yes every Ikea is out of stock.

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      Probably not if both are made in Japan. There's only one factory in Japan that makes low self discharge NiMH batteries - the FDK factory that makes Eneloops as well as other brands.

      I bought a back of the grey/green ones recently and it says made in Japan. The white ones I'm not so sure about.

  • $5 to click and collect a $2 item from a store that's way more than 5-10km away from me.
    Still a good deal for $7 but not great

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    I was excited until I realised I could only order one at that price. Fine if you're going in store, otherwise $9 delivery which means you're basically paying full price

  • Add the code, shows $2 then go to cart and total is now $20

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    Thanks got 2 packs of the 1900mAh for $13 delivered.

    • Got this as well. 1900mAh is more than what I need.

  • Can this code be used more than once per family membership?

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    LADDA brand batteries? Come on - we're bargain hunters, we're not poor.

  • Can these / the 1900mAh be charged from an eneloop charger?

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      yes they’re both nimh batteries

  • how do u add the code

  • I get out of stock for delivery

  • Delivery and C&C fees kill the deal

  • QREW3Pe79: Quarterly Reward $10 , IS THIS RRP $12, WITH $10 REWARD, THEN $2 + $5 DELIVERY ?

    • Partially Correct
      It's $5 for a click and collect
      It's between $9 to $15 for delivery, depending on where your postcode.
      So $2 plus whatever option.

      • Delivery is delayed until October for me.

        No response from customer service either. Poor form IKEA.

  • The title is misleading. It's only $2 if you buy one packet, add the family discount then you need to C&C or delivery charges.

    • Title looks fine mate,
      "LADDA Battery AA 4pcs $2

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    $2 is goood, Delivery / collection service fee of $5 isn't, wtf.
    $7 for something I don't need. Still got those run-out Coles ones that were next to nothing :D

  • Is this battery 1.5 V or 1.2 V .
    Can someone please confirm ???


  • Ffs just received this…

    Dear Customer,
    Unfortunately, the email address provided with your order xxxxxx was ineligible for the discount applied. This order has been cancelled. All monies paid will be refunded back into the account it was paid for. Your unique case ID is: xxxxxx.
    For all queries, please contact us on (08) 8234 3944.

    • Update: Got refunded $5 less than I paid for my inconvenience??? (assume click & collect fee)
      What a joke.

  • I bought the white ones before I’m and they’re quite good, but I use them for barely a year before they don’t charge anymore in the USB charger, it just flashes. Is that normal?

    • How long do you leave it in there for?

      • Just until I need them, I don’t really think about it. I thought the chargers stopped when the batteries were full.

        • Yea, that's good. Mine flashes too, for a couple - they are at 0%, not charging. But in about 20 minutes or so, they start charging up too. But I take them off charge the moment they reach 100%. Maybe even 90% if I see it.

  • Delivery status: get ready to send. Estimated 9 September. But today is 12 September. How ridiculous!

  • I just ordered 4packs for $27 total, thanks to the coupon found on the other thread, thank you - needed the batteries for the LED lights that run on sensors around the kitchen cabinets