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Delter Coffee Press, Tall Rhino Grinder & 150g Coffee Beans $45 (RRP $95) + Delivery @ Barty Single Origin


Hey guys,

We know you loved the recent AeroPress $45 offer we shouted, free shipping on orders over $75, so here's an Aussie Aero Press am throwing out with a Tall Rhino Grinder & free Barty El Salvador coffee, a single origin that tastes like deep chocolate with a residual sweetness, is lightly spicy, with acidity that complements a strong cocoa-like finish and is super smoooooth 🤓

I'm all for supporting local business and I can say the Delter is the same same but different AeroPress we're all hooked-on. Keen to hear your thoughts and honest opinion.

Have a top Wednesday, and happy #mentalhealth month, drop by for a chat anytime we're around all day.


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  • +2

    I prefer the Delter, it's basically just an updated Aussie Aeropress. Mine hasn't had any issues, still working like a champ after ~2yrs (Though I recently shelved it because I CBF grinding by hand anymore lol)

    • It's not an Aero but makes a somewhat respectable cup, was smooth and I found the water injection system fascinating. Ha, 2 years hey, nice 👍

      • +5

        Good price too; $45 for the unit, Rhino grinder, and some coffee is really good. The only recommendation I'd make is for people to buy the metal filter (Ten Mile Disk), like $10, and pays for itself with efficiency (and you stop dumping thousands of paper filters.)

    • Mine is only 9 months old and still going strong.

      I actually stuck Delta Presses into Christmas presents for my team last year. Astute OzBargainers will note the cases used look kind of familiar ;-)

  • +2

    I’ve get the Delter Coffee Press, it’s great. Here’s a good video that compares it to the AeroPress.

    • Yeah James Hoffmann didnt rate it in his video like in 2019…. so I managed to get my hands on one yesterday and I'm converted … only thing — it's a bit of getting used to having used making an AeroPress in my sleep.

  • +4

    I like what you are doing, but for anyone interested in shipping times note that I ordered 30th August from this deal plus some beans to reach free shipping, and I still havent received notification that it has shipped and I am getting dangerously low on beans: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/648067

    • +5

      hey mate, totally understand, the network is under press, and we only received the full palate of equipment yesterday, we're working hard, started shipping Monday and we'll have everyone covered before the weekend, sorry for the delays, the courier network is slammed right now. Peace ✌️

      • +1

        All good, just sharing my experience - know it isnt all within your control. I like my beans fresh so try to time purchases for when think I will run out. If I dont receive yours in time will just be an excuse to head to Mecca for 250gm of their single origin…

      • +1

        I, assume, you meant pallet. However, I do love the misuse of palate, in this case. The systems are under stress at the moment. I’ve been waiting for some Shampoos from Aveda for a week now.

        • +1

          My mate works at AusPost and they're really struggling, offering all sorts of benefits if contractors work 7 days a week. Mail/parcels have doubled/tripled easily and they still have to deliver Priority first, so a bunch of stuff is being pushed back.

          • +1

            @TogTogTogTog: These poor guys are, really, under the pump. I understand why I have to wait. Just confirming it isn’t just the OPs company. Buy your mate a drink from us and say thank you.

            • +1

              @try2bhelpful: Cheers, I'll buy him an extra beer - "From try2bhelpful, some internet rando"

              I think what frustrates him the most is the perm/contractor difference. Perm posties have a wage and aren't incentivised to work longer/harder while contractors are being pushed to pick-up the slack.

              • +1

                @TogTogTogTog: The way of the outsource contract. There is a reason that management likes this pathway. Don’t get me started on the casualisatipn of the workforce rubbish. Even as a permanent, in my last job, we were told we were expected to put in an extra day of hours as unpaid overtime week after week. Usually as after hours, or weekend, installations.

  • +2

    Love my Delter, but have had to replace the Y seal a few times just to keep it in good condition or else the pressure disappears. But get a consistent grind and its usually pretty good. Especially when my other option is to boil my gooseneck on the stove for the V60 - this is a quick and easy alternative.

    • Similar experience here. The rubber seals and components are thinner and not as durable/consistent as the big chonk of rubber on the aeropress plunger. I've replaced the Y-seal as well. That jet seal is also a pain in the butt to slot back in.

      It makes a good cup and looks pretty doing it, but aeropress is just so much simpler.

    • Did these seals need replacing with daily use or just occasional use? I'm looking to get one just for camping and wondering if it will last a long time only being used a few weeks a year.

      • +1

        Ive replaced mine twice in about 3 years, I wouldnt say constant use. I also think i replaced the first time thinking it was the seal, when I think it was more my grind was sh1t.

        If you want to just use it for camping you'll be fine. Worth the buy

  • Hey Op, how many cups in one go with the grinder and delta? Bit of a novice here

  • Just bought 2 of these, and needed to modify the order. Cannot express how good the customer service was from Barty! much love.

    • +2

      ah thanks bro, got some papers in the order for ya now, thanks for the chat 👊

  • +2

    Does this still work if you are fully vaccinated?

    • +2

      da fuc

      • 🤣🤣🤣

        Vaccing Hell

      • +3

        I'm not as good at jokes as I like to think

        • +1 for trying though :)

    • +9

      Does this still work if you are fully vaccinated?

      As long as both of your vaccines are single origin.

      • and only while eating a 🍔

      • -1

        Now that's a much better joke.

    • +1

      Yeah it works well with the vaccine as it boosts your 5G reception, even if you don't have a 5G phone!
      I know this because I did my research.

  • Looking for recommendation to give cold brew kit as a gift. Anyone or Barty can recommend?

    • Look at the Dripster Cold Brew Coffee Maker
      I have a few of the ones you put in the fridge overnight and they seem to just be a glorified coffee bean steeper.
      The Dripster looks like a quicker way to make over half a litre of cold brew.

      • I have a Dripster, it's just an even more glorified coffee bean steeper (I know it drips!). I wouldn't recommend it because other methods are easier to setup and easier to clean with the same result. It's really expensive for what it is too, a glass beaker and the rest is plastic. The Dripster now sits in the back of the cupboard and I have a bottle of cold brew sitting in the fridge door right now, just to give you an idea that I'm stil brewing without it.

        • really! i suppose the slow drip method allows for a smooth cup. But I agree, making a coffee and putting in the fridge works, only thing when the oils appear on the top that don't shelf or stay for long

          • @DisabledUser405527: CB as a process is pretty forgiving and generally is going to be smooth regardless (relative vs non-CB)- I presume for most coffee drinkers CB would make up a smaller % of their consumption. I drink black and doubt I could pick my Dripster vs immersion in a blind test, so to me ease of use is the biggest thing, the method which won't have me saying 'I CBF setting this up'. You can get a nice looking glass jug much cheaper than a Dripster if you don't want a cheap plastic one from Kmart.

            Apologies, not trying to have a go at your store or anything- I just don't rate the product.

            • @bxpressiv: thats cool, coffee brewing is all subjective, so it a taste palette, all good mate

    • hell yeah, check this out, my fave in summer and makes a mean cup: https://bartysingleorigin.com/collections/equipment/products...

  • +4

    OP, your positive and friendly attitude makes me so happy. If I didn't already have an Aeropress, I'd be all over this. Keep up the great work and infectious (excuse the pun) attitude!

  • Very tempted to do this but shipping is $11 unless you get to $75. If I get the bundle, plus the ten mile disk, I get to $62.50. So what is the best thing to get to cover the other $12.50?

  • +3

    Seems to be a good deal so I bought one. Just don't like that there were extra items added to my cart automatically when I put the bundle in the cart.

    • +6

      you know we support a charity right? Raising awareness to mental health. We ask for a donation while we send you a Barty mini to sample, also, if you're new to speciality coffee a virtual masterclass would be worth taking and its fun.

  • thanks got my 1st set. cant wait to have a try

  • +9

    There's already been a comment on this but I put in my order on 1 September - it took you 5 days to pack the order; it's been a week now and it still hasn't left your warehouse… you seem like a nice person but these timeframes are pretty poor. It's not because "the freight network is slammed right now" that it took five days to prepare the package. I had a recent freight delivery from an interstate seller packed on Monday and it got to me yesterday, within 24 hours. Come on man - and now you're doing it again with another deal.

    • +4

      yep, sendle is slow, we received the palette yesterday for all orders from our warehouse in Brisbane. What's your order number will throw in some b-cans.

    • +5

      Same here…. Order confirmation on the 30th August. Not a single order update since then. Doesn't look like they've even packed it.

      • I got a note today stating that my address was incorrect. It was right and when I go to Sendle, it still states waiting for pickup. Bit frustrated.

        • +3

          So did I, got notified my address was wrong yesterday (it wasn't).

          I cancelled my order ages ago, cause I got told I was being "shirty" when I went on the chat and politely asked about the order status.

          Looks like lots of people haven't had their orders shipped out.

  • Hi, just wondering if you sell metal filter? Thanks.

  • Hi,
    Interested in the beans from your store.
    What are the roast dates on them?

    Tobys, Marketlane, Campos etc..

    • +1

      Freshly picked and packed from the roasteries, Tuesday and Thursday.

  • +6

    I received an order confirmation on the 30 Aug and my order still hasn't shipped or been processed.

    I've received no order updates and there's been 0 communication.

    • That's weird, whats your order number? All orders around that we're shipping. All good, can sort you out. Drop by the chat.

      • +5

        When I check the status of my order it says

        Your order is confirmed

        You’ll receive an email and text when your order is ready.

        Aside from the one email I received confirming my order, I haven't received a single update.

        • Mr Halfprice … drop me a DM or in the chat as am keen to get this sorted for you asap.

      • +1

        I'm in the same boat, I'll drop you a DM

        • coolio!

      • +2

        Hi bartjawien, I'm in the same situation. Received an email confirming my order on 30th August and didn't get any further email. I am dangerously running low on coffee soon!

        I've DMed you.

        • +2

          Hi bartjawien,

          After chatting to you last night you told me my order would be picked up today. Looking at the tracking page on Sendle it looks like it hasn't been picked up yet.

          Can you please confirm?

  • Excuse the noob questions but:
    - how’s this grinder for French press when I have more mouths to feed?
    - does this arrangement work well for flat whites or is it typically for long blacks?

  • hey Les, yeah all good, does is 42g. Meaning depending on the size of your French, you'd do two grinders I'm assuming 👍 check this out: https://bartysingleorigin.com/collections/equipment/products...

  • Just ordered one as the deal seems good to pass up, keen as a bean as one might say to check it out.

    • 👍

  • +1

    Does the grinder fit inside the coffee maker like it does the AeroPress?

    • Yes … I think so yeah.

  • can we have the compact grinder instead?

    • did you want to drop by chat and we can work it out now?

  • Ordered one, thanks

    • 👍

  • wish i could buy the grinder separate on sale as well. have no need for the press but I suppose I could regift it.

    • good idea, pay it forward

  • Great deal here for beans and a delter press.
    However, just out of curiosity rep, how do you promote supporting local businesses and staying grounded when you have ripped off one of Sydney's best known roasters for branding?

  • I'm on board with all those who still haven't had their order processed. I ordered back on the 31st of August, still haven't seen any emails apologising for delays or any reason as to why its taken so long to even process the order. But it seems ok to reply to queries here so it doesn't look bad and affect future sales. No the best business practice.

    • +2

      Cool, we're working hard to fulfil orders, picking and packing at a safe speed. Stay tuned BigBunny.

  • I have been uhmming and ahhhing between this and the Green AeroPress Coffee Kit. This guy is so much cheaper but is it worth spending the dosh for what is essentially the OG? I'm so indecisive!

  • Delter Coffee Press Kit
    Ten Mile Stainless Steel Filter for AeroPress Coffee Maker & Delter
    Hario Craft V60 Brewing Kit


    Two brewing methods for less than $100!

  • +1

    Hey guys, how's everyone going? It's RU-OK day? Please make sure to ask a mate, like for real, if they're ok? Thanks, Bart

  • Do I get any value-added if I already owned a coffee machine?

    • yeah! what kind a machine do you have?

    • whenever we can go back to normal work
      i plan to keep one at the office

      since it comes with grinder means i dont have to grind at home to bring to office =)

      • mmmm nice thinking

  • How do these hand grinders compare to a budget automatic burr grinder? Say the Breville Smart Grinder Pro or the Baratza Encore? I mean in terms of quality of the grind.

    • The burs to be honest. You should be investing in a grinder no less than 350$ AUD to be honest.

  • I'm about to replace my old areopress.
    This seems like a good option.

    So presumably it uses the same filters that areopress uses? (got a bit of those left)


    • yes it does, genius 🤯

  • Hi Op,
    Can you get some crema with delter?
    I saw in some youtube vids, you can get some with aeropress but i haven't seen any vid for delter that could get some crema

  • +1

    Hey, we're about to launch an unbias Delter product review, unboxing, a first take on our YT channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ2qvFtwmuVF9v-_YMuMfkg Monday Tuesday, so make sure you subscribe. Also, be sure to checkout our 'Lockdown Special' to help with those ground-hog blues as well as to drop, a new series, every Fridays will 'The Cupping Show' — lots happening on planet #Barty. Again, thanks for all your support 👊

  • Bought one and some beans, Hoping it comes by next Friday (Shipping out for a while for the nation and need some liquid morale).

  • nice, all packs have been going out since the start of this week for the OzB crew. Definitely!

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