WAHL Traditional Barbers Hair Clipper $59.95 (RRP $99.95) Delivered @ Shaver Shop


Good price for a Made in USA WAHL hair clipper.
Average overall customer rating 4.2/5 (from 47 reviews).
2 year warranty.

Product description:
Traditionally handmade for the Professional Barber, the product is designed to perform at the optimum level. Made in the USA from high-quality materials and Precision-Ground Blades that are designed to stay sharper for longer and accompanied with accessories, you can now achieve the Barber Cut in the comfort of your own home!

Thumb Adjustable Taper Level Control Allows for Multiple Cutting Lengths
10 Guide Combs and Accessories Make it Easy to Get the Right Cut
Precision-Ground Blades Designed To Stay Sharper Longer
Powerful motor and sharp blades
Cord Operation
Includes: durable storage case
Cutting Length: 1 mm - 3.5mm without attachments
Cutting Width: 40mm
Voltage: 230V~50Hz

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  • Better than my current barber in Sydney!

    • I agree. Just need to find someone who knows how to cut hair that I can add to my singles bubble so they can come around and shear me!

      • why ask others to help if you can do it yourself? Not that hard, watch some youtube videos and you'll have a pretty good idea.

        • More concerned about getting the back all straight and even. I use to shave my head with a razor ever week for about 15 years and that was easy as it was all based on feeling with your hand to ensure it’s smooth.

  • Got one. Works well… Any fault i will put with the operator. My wife disagrees with that blame assignment though.

    • Smarter to not talk about this fault while she's using this on your head ….

      • +1

        I don't particularly care… she's the one that has to look at me :P

  • I bought this when it was $49.95 a few weeks ago. It does a great job. Made in the US, its pretty hefty. Its an older design though so needs to be oiled fairly regularly.

  • Anyone know if it comes with some type of storage case?

    • Yes, product description says a durable storage case is included.

  • +1

    Spend $25.05 more and get Philips Series 5000

  • I used to work at shaver shop and I can assure you that these go on sale half price often and I've seen them go as low as 39.99 on certain sales.

    Great clipper though, I feel that their sale isn't as good this year probably due to higher demand with the barbers closed.