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Seiko Presage Cocktail SRPB43J $390 Delivered @ Prouds


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Prouds The Jewellers

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    Has this been approved by WatchNerd ?

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      There are dozens of watch nerds here. Dozens.

      • How many watch geeks?

        • Probably at least like 3.

      • Starbuy now has it for 375 free ship.

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      The dial is probably off centre, so no.

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        'bezel doesn't line up, don't buy'

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        A Seiko with misaligned dials and bezels are the sign that your Seiko is real!

      • Is this a meme or a real thing?

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      Username checks out.

  • SRPE19J links to a different watch.

    • Good pickup. Thanks. Was contemplating putting in the Seiko 5 but just couldn't be bothered in the end.

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        Actually, the one they were talking about is the one with the metallic bracelet, so it does indeed have links.

  • Great deal, thanks OP! Been on the lookout for a good deal on this Presage and this is the best price I've seen.

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    This is one of the most beautiful and eye catching affordable watches you can get. The silvery/blue dial is just stunning. I got it on the bracelet for a little more, but currently have it on a nice calf leather band. The stock bands are usually a bit average and cheap looking.

    • That dial is one of the best looking in any price range

    • You have links to the calf band?

    • The dial does NOT photograph well. It really is spectacular. That would be a great looking watch on a calf strap. I don't mind the standard straps are crap because a watch like this invites so many better (and not so expensive) alternatives.

      • What’s your go to for inexpensive alternate straps?

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    I have the green cocktail on stainless steel. Highly recommend it, for $25 more than this. It is stunning.

    However, if you like the colour, you can get it on the stainless steel band too for $415

    EDIT: Just noticed OP linked to the same watch for $16 cheaper at Prouds. Nice!

    • Green one looks nice, I’ll wait for the sales.

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    I came for the cocktails 🍹

  • Is there any difference between the SRPB43J and the SRPE19J besides the strap?

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      They should be the same. I personally would choose the metal bracelet over the shiny leather one, but get another nice leather band for it.

      • Yep, that's what I was thinking!

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        Yes, for an extra $9 definitely get the bracelet version (SRPE19J). Then buy a nice leather band for it.

        This seller on eBay has a great selection of French watch bands, they're cheap and good: https://www.ebay.com.au/usr/exkic

        • Nice share - will check them out!

      • They are not the same. See the link below for the differences among the presage models. SRPE19J has a slightly lighter face (Skydiving Ice Blue) as far as I am aware. I do love the face of the SRPB43J - it is stunning!


        • Oh looks like you're right. The face is slightly lighter.

        • Thanks for this link, there is some nice limited edition versions to keep an eye out for, that old fashioned with the power reserve is very nice.


          • @dandandan: Need the snowflake. But I'm afraid it would be 2-3x as much :P

            • @wfh: I would buy the snowflake in a heart beat if it was "only" 2-3x of this one. Unfortunately its not.

              • @dealsucker: haha 2-3x "rrp" price I was referring to haha. but no one ever buys cocktails for rrp.

          • @dandandan: That strap looks so cheap. I really don't know why they don't put nicer straps on them.

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    That's a good price - rare to see the cocktail times under $400.

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    I like the dial but domed hardlex crystal at this price point is disappointing. I am just worried that once it gets scratched, the beauty of the dial will diminish.
    I think the Citizen titanium with sapphire crystal at $249 is more a bargain: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/561223.
    Too bad it's not at that special price at Starbuy now. Hopefully Watchnerd can bring the deal back.

    • Totally agree domed hardlex instead of sapphire is disappointing at this price point.

      My Apple Watch is made of something similar to hardlex and it’s scratched to heck, I’d never repeat a non sapphire watch unless it was a cheapie

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    Nice looking watch. Sometimes I wish I could go back to non smart watches.. damn you iPhone and fitness tracking!

    • Same. I was a huge mechanical watch fan.

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    Starbuy now has it for 375 free ship.

    • Thanks mate for the heads up. I cancelled the Prouds order (you can cancel if the order is not processed or shipped) and ordered from Starbuy. Saved $15. Thanks!!

    • Have noted this in deal.


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    the Seiko Presage Zen Garden link doesn't work anymore

    • Cheers. Updated post.