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Dell 27" Gaming Monitor S2721DGF $519.34 (Save $279.65) Delivered @ Dell


First deal, hopefully it's all ok.

Dell are offering their S2721DGF gaming monitor at 35% off again. Have one already and it's been awesome.
Can be had cheaper on the dell ebay sales but thought it would be worth posting if you can't wait around.

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    The same monitor goes for $399 on Dell's ebay sales, so I would wait until it goes down to that price again.

    • Saw that post but it seems that coupon doesn't work anymore? Thought it was worth posting this deal as well.

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        It's going on sale regularly like at least once a month. I got this for $359 during EOFY sale and it's brilliant, but I wouldn't pay at this price given it's on sale so often.

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        Dell eBay sales come around, on average, every month. It'll be worth the wait.

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    Over priced.

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    Great monitor but wait for the periodic $399 sales IMO.

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    ~$400 is a fairly regular sale price now. Search the product in ozbargain first to check if you have a good deal.

  • This is frequently at $400. Got mine at $380

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    -150 more off and then its around the usual sale price :)

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    Sorry OP, nothing personal but I am negging because as other users have said this goes on sale for <$400 so often that this is not a deal and I wouldn't want someone else buying this product at this specific price.

  • This is not a bargain. The lowest price was $399

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      Lowest was $359, and I should've grabbed one then…

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    Damn these have really dropped in price. In September 2020 when I got one, $510 was an absolute steal.

    • Maybe because GPU price increases hence less people can actually play games on shiny 165Hz QHD monitors?

      I bought MSI RTX 3070 Gaming X in January after cashback around $900. Now even it drops it's still >$1,200

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        Assuming it's FHR (since you got it in January) it could potentially sell for 1600+ atm, honestly if I were you id just flip it and get a 3070 Ti as a free upgrade.

        • I was just looking at the deal where I got my 3080 machine and laughed. $2200 for a 3700x + FHR 3080. I could probably almost make that all back from the card alone nowadays hah.

          • @Hinee: You could definitely make over that - FHR 3080s are going for $2600+ great deal indeed.

  • Enjoying this atm. Waiting my razer blade 14 to arrive that has the same screen spec to sync.

  • Hi all, I always have the issue of the setup of these new monitors. I am sure that you could have the same experience. The font looks really tiny when you use these monitors due to the high resolution. The only way I can workaround is to setup the scale to 125% in windows display. I am wondering if there is any other better way to deal with this issue which allows you to enjoy the high resolution with readable fonts? Thanks

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      Most people find 1440p at 27" gives well sized, readable text.

      Windows scaling is really the best option if you find text too small, as you're already doing.

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      Honestly, if 1440p at 27" is too small then I don't think high res monitors are for you. I'm currently staring at a 24" 1440p Dell monitor at work - Windows originally set scaling but it caused some issues with certain apps so have just gotten used to the small text. When I go home it's all much bigger haha. Scaling is your only option - otherwise just get used to it…. fitting more on screen is the joy of high res.

      • Thanks. The scale of 125% is good. Luckily I didn't go for the 4K monitor otherwise it could be a waste in my case as I will still need to use the larger scale.

    • I would just leave it at 100%. You will get use to it in a week or 2, enjoying more screen space. Text size on 27" 1440p is exactly the same as 24" 1080p, which is the most common size in office/work place use.

  • Bought it for $359 from Dell ebay in May21 and its regular price stays around $400-450

    • How long take Dell to ship to you if you purchase from Ebay? I often buy from their online store but found Dell ebay is cheaper in several occasion.

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        I bought the last Dell ebay sale. Showed up today.

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        I ordered it on 29th May from ebay, it was delivered on 14Jun.

  • Too expensive. Has been way cheaper recently. Dell monitors go on sale often. Just wait.

  • Not a deal. Wait for next eBay Dell sale

  • Great monitor, not a deal. Got it with extended 5yr complete warranty (including dead pixel replacement) for $425 shipped in May.

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    R U Ok?

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    Sorry OP. No deal mate. A deal is close to or under $400..

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    Sorry upper. This is still expensive. Ebay Dell had it for much less and the deals happen more frequently

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