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Tefal Ultimate Fry Deluxe Airfryer $159 (Was $399) & Free Delivery @ David Jones


FX202D Ultimate fry delaux airfyer. Black.


Innovative 2-in-1 bowl system maximizes the 1.2 kg capacity of the non-stick basket in a compact design
Enjoy your favorite fried foods without all the oil! Ultimate Fry air fryer features Air Boost technology, which optimizes airflow for perfectly crispy, even results with little to no oil. The innovative 2-in-1 bowl system allows maximum usage of its extra-large 1.2 kg capacity, or 6 portions of delicious food, perfect for friends and family. Indeed, its multiple cooking options and high-precision thermostat (8 cooking menus and 2 comfort modes) lets you fry, roast, grill, bake and more - without the need for additional accessories. Featuring an intuitive digital touchscreen with contextual backlight & a quality stainless steel finish, the Ultimate Fry air fryer is easy to use, and fast to cook, preparing delicious snacks in just 15 minutes. Cleaning is super-easy too, thanks to Tefal's non-stick coating. Rounding it all off is a 60-minute auto shut-off, as well as dishwasher-safe removable parts for total convenience. The perfect healthy fryer for your home!

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David Jones
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    Thanks OP, very good price, bought one and express delivery was free, nice.

    • How did you recieve free delivery?

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        Banner on top says "FREE EXPRESS DELIVERY NOW ON ORDERS OVER $50*" and it links to this

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          Thanks Cheers…bought 1 now.

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      Ignore…at checkout it has express shipping as nil. Thanks!!

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    Price matched by Amazon - https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07Z59G156

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      Dispatched in 2-4 weeks. Actually a good thing, as I can buy now, think later.

      Great price!

      • +1

        That's what I did. I bought one but I can still have two weeks to think.

    • How did you price match amazon?

      • +5

        kampret called Bezos on 0011 1 800 555 999 and said

        "Yo Jeff what's up my man"
        "I'm busy price matching air fryers"
        "Yeah bit*he's that's what I'm calling for"

        • After all Bezos needs the extra dollars to fly into space again !!!!

        • more Pesos for Bezos

  • Can this fry icecream?

  • +27

    That air fryer has a schlong

    • +7

      can't unsee……

      • +6

        Once you see black, you can't go back

    • +1

      That’s the type of comment butthead would make uh-huh-huh-huh-huh

  • Only max 200 degrees?

    • High-precision temperature: 60°-200°C. Yes I think so according to Tefal's website.

  • +2

    as compared to phillips xxl?

    • Yes

    • Smaller than Phillips XXL

  • +3

    $139 if you have a targeted Afterpay $20 off $150 spend pulse rewards. 👍

  • Great find OP. Thank you!

  • +11

    How does this compare to the Philips XXL?

    • Smaller than Phillips XXL.

      • other than the size,
        what about functionality and features ?

        • +2

          Good stuff. Cooks evenly most type of food (appart chips or similar things than need to be shaken every now and then, but that's common with any air fryer).
          I can easily make very crispy pork belly with this machine. Only flaw is that it's hard to get rid of the oil and fat stuck on the basket wall. Not sure why since I don't have that issue with the bowl.

  • +1

    This or the ninja?

  • What litreage is 1.2kg?

    • +2

      1.2kg or 4.2L.

  • +8

    This or 12 Philips hair dryers?

  • Bugger. I haven't even gifted the one I bought for $199 yet :-(

  • How does it compares to kmart one ? Heard kmart is head to head with Philips.

    • +2

      Would also like to know.. i wasn't sure if i will use a aur fryer so I bought the kmart. Been really nice. If there is a reason to upgrade I'm happy to do but not sure if there's much of a difference

      • Which one did you buy?

    • +2

      I bought the Kmart one, love it!

      • +1

        if you read that, why are you asking ?

  • Not recommending one over the other, but saw this upvoted deal- larger capacity for cheaper :)

    • +2

      Note there's different ways they measure these.. friend had that one from woolworths.. you can barely make food for 1 person in that thing. I saw this Tefal and its nice enough to make food for a few people. That 3.5l is a lot snaller than this 1.2l..

      • -1

        ah hah I stand corrected! How misleading wouldn't have thought 1.2l>3.5l :\

        • Sorry, but u r not. 1.2kg # 1.2l, hence cant compare it with 3.5l

      • +2

        You mean 1.2kg?

        • Yea that might be it :) I can't remember but I think you are correct.

    • pretty sure that is smaller

    • The woolies one is definitely my first choice but hard to get for me when it's always out of stock nearby

  • +2

    Tempted, unfortunately its tad too small for me, I have a need to air-roast a whole duck when they are on sale.

    • i liked this name. It relates.

    • How does that go?

      Compared to oven?

  • this or mistral

  • Any cheaper air fryer deals that delivers?

  • if you purchase it from David Jones you can use your AMEX points

    • +4

      Non dj Amex here and it works out same as pay with points. 1000pt = $5.

      I decided to grab one anyway as I have a rule where when I see over 100 upvotes I have to buy.

      • +2

        My wife has a rule where I can't buy anything anymore…. ever.

  • this or the instant pot brand thats ocassionally on sale?

    • +1

      Does instant pot make dedicated airfryers or are you asking about their pressure cooker with airfryer function? I understand it's not that good when it comes to airfrying, unless there's a dedicated model I'm not aware of.

      • he means the one on amazon

        • -1

          But, the dedicated Instant Pot Air Fryers are on Amazon, as are the Instant Pot Air Fryer Lids for their pressure cookers… So, which one is it?

      • they make dedicated airfryers now!

  • +2

    Can try & 10% price beat @ Bunnings , not sure if they price beat marketplace items

    • +1

      "As Bunnings Marketplace products are sold and delivered by third-party Trusted Sellers, the Bunnings price guarantee and lowest prices policy does not apply to products sold on Bunnings Marketplace."

  • Thanks OP bought one!

  • +1

    can anyone who owns this provide a brief review?

    • Very bad reviews online.
      Purchased this 3 days ago from DJ and was about to post it as a deal here. After reading the reviews canceled my order and decided not to post the deal to save people time and money.

  • +1

    Deluxe Airfryer::Gourmet KFC

  • +3

    Wonderful! Another thing I didn't need.

    • I tried to make my mate buy my Philips AF so I could get this thing I didn't need.

  • Don’t know why I bought this.. hopefully will have some fun in lockdown

  • Is this the only one that lets you switch the handle between the inner and outer tubs ?
    My Philips doesn't but it's got me thinking about trying the outer tub.

  • +1

    A bachelor here. Are Airfryers a passing fad that will be soon gathering dust (Like the rice cooker that I bought and never used), or should I take the plunge and try to work out how to use one?

    • +2

      they do chicken tenders in about 12 minutes, if that helps.

    • +2

      They work on the same principle as a fan forced oven. “Air frying” (baking) your food is sometimes a bit faster than an oven as it is less space to heat up, but you aren’t able to put as much stuff in it. If you have a big kitchen and can spare the bench top space it’s a nice appliance to have.

    • +2

      Not a fad, if you are serious, then https://www.thegraciouspantry.com/40-clean-eating-air-fryer-... or https://www.pinterest.com.au/hopoh/airfryer-blogs-others/

      Example, yesterday I was following Chef Jean Pierre on how to cook the perfect steak, and he whacked his in the oven for 6 minutes, I whacked min the air fryer instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVcTvHTn6Dw

      Also my girlfriend fries fish in the pan and the whole kitchen stinks for 2 days, now I do it in the air fryer.

      Also funny article recently in good food: Air fryers: handy kitchen gadget or waste of bench space? We put one through its paces

    • +1

      if you dont have an oven with a timer on it its a massive plus. fantastic for kids lunches, as you can fill it with things like chips and nuggests (or chicken tenders etc)every now and then, I got one from aldi i think it was a while ago. we do use it regularly. makes things nice and crisp where as our gas oven is a little more soggy.

    • +4

      I waited a year before buying one when air fryers were a new thing. I thought they were a fad. I ended up buying a shitty cheapy one from kogan for 30 bucks and I was impressed with how convenient it made small things. Chips and nuggets were the main food I cooked and it was fast and easy. I tend to add extra time for my chips, 20 minutes for a good darker brown crunch.
      You can do pork belly, pies, etc. It's awesome for reheating pizza or KFC (after a quick spin in the microwave). It toasts muffins/cupcakes for a nicer texture, the list goes on.

      I still use the oven, but only when making larger quantities of stuff. 80% of my needs are fulfilled by the air fryer and I would now class it as essential for the kitchen.

    • Thanks y'all. Am convinced!

    • I would say not a fad, but wouldn't get used as much as a rice cooker.

      Depends what you like to eat I guess.