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Hong Gong 2 Yolk Lotus Mooncake 750g $25 @ Coles


Hong Gong 2 Yolk Lotus Mooncake 750g $25 at Coles while stocks last.

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    No deal

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    "Product of China " NO

    I tried a few made in China moon cake, nothing as close as made in Hong Kong, some even I can smell the colour paint from the box, end up in rubbish bin.

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      There is significant price premium on the HK brands… For the record I personally have never experienced paint smells from any of the Chinese moon cakes (sub $20) my wife buys, and we have had the HK brands as gift and I didn't think much of the latter. A bit richer yes, but not worth paying 2-3 times as much for.

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        Please, anyone who negs Gigiolo for his personal opinion on the taste of moon cakes should explain why. I neg heaps of CCP deals and comments (being of HK origin) but I don't wanna see just blanket neg anything/any comment pro china.

        There is a price premium for HK brands, usually double if not more. This is true and most people can taste the quality. But if someone can't or can't justify the 2x premium he has his right express his opinion.

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          anyone who negs Gigiolo for his personal opinion on the taste of moon cakes should explain why

          Crouching tigers, hidden chickens.

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          Wait… i was pro china? I think this is where lot of people miss the point (not you buddy). I am only interested in value for money, so i hope all other morons who bring their shitty political game can piss off.

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            Wait… i was pro china?

            sorry I couldn't find better words, but yea say anything remotely in favorable to anything chinese and it sparks a "us v them" mentality.

            Like I'm all for slamming them for taking over HK, and incarceration of uighurs, or Xi for changing the rules so he can rule for life and brainwashing their kids, or the stupid global times say about democracy and the way they act etc etc etc.

            But people, the comment is about taste of food and value for money.

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              @cloudy: Also to add on to that, if you really don't want to buy anything that is made in china, depending on how significant it is, might have to lead a very minimalistic life… large majority of electronics, appliances, cars, would have significant percentage of parts made in china…

              Ozbargain is all about getting best value for your dollar…

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           I neg heaps of CCP deals and comments (being of HK origin)

          First of all why bring politics to a bargain website. Things from china can be bargains.

          Secondly thats pretty racist negging due to country. If you don't see it replace CCP with african and read what you said.

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            @Chchnu: CCP is not a race but a political party.

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            First of all why bring politics to a bargain website. Things from china can be bargains

            I think the indiscriminate negging brought the politics, I’m defending ones right to opinion even if it’s in favour for something that’s Chinese.

            Things from China can definitely be a bargain, I never said it can’t be, why you said that is beyond me.

            Why is it racist of me to defend the Chinese and dislike the political party that controls China?

            You seem to be a very confused individual, though I know of many Chinese that can no longer differentiate party and country, that is due to CCP propaganda, which is what I said I hate.

            I hope that helps you

          • +2

            @Chchnu: Keep drinking the koolaid. CCP is not a race and it's tankie brainwashing to assert that it's the same.

        • Why is there a + and -?
          Who cares if someone doesn’t like your comment, looks like that just makes people feel like real bullies!

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          You should start comments with DLLM CCP on the CCP deals so that we know you are serious

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        I've never experienced the paint smells as well. I don't unstand why some people downvote you just because you had some Chinese moon cakes.

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        For me mooncakes is nostalgia- it's something I've eaten every mid-autumn festival since I was a kid. If you eff up the flavour, you eff up my festivity. It's haram. If you can't do it right- ffs just don't do it :(

        You pay for what you get and it's worth every cent imo.

      • At a glance I thought your username was gigolo

        Wing Wah 4 yolk white lotus FTW

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      have you tried this particular brand or you are one of those people see every thing from China as bad or of poor quality.

      • -22

        have you tried this particular brand

        Not this particular brand

        those people see every thing from China as bad or of poor quality.

        Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of stuff from China that posted on ozbargain, like a lot from Xiaomi.

        I believe there must have some good mooncake from China especially locally there but I don't think a $25 mooncake from Coles will be good compare with well known Hong Kong brand.

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      Don't know about Chinese mooncakes since I've never tried them but 90% of locally made moon cakes I've tried taste like they're made of rubber. Now I only buy HK and Malaysian moon cakes. Malaysian quality is pretty decent without the markup.

      • have you tried Taiwan moon cakes or ice cream moon cakes

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      even mainlanders know this. HK made pastry sweets are something else

      • in not chinese, nor of chinese origin, but when i was in china is did find HK
        pastries tasted better than ones i had in beijing. i attributed it more to the western influence that HK had and the ingredients used (butter vs palm oil) it’s like french pastries in vietnam , but then i get good and bad pastries in melbourne just between shops in a street, so i think with moon cakes (i receive them as gifts) the focus needs to be the brand rather than generalize mainland vs HK , china is a big country and im sure the quality/ style of moon cakes even varies regionally, just like the quality and style varies from suburbs in australia, and even shops in the same street …

        • best french toast ive ever had was at a bakery run by japanese in thailand

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          Culinary is better in the southern region including Hong Kong. Yum cha originated in that region.

    • +13

      Uhhh this irks me. I try to avoid anything that I’m going to eat made in China. I’m not against stuff made in China, every appliance or clothing I have is probably made there. But I can’t get past the fact that I’ll be exposing myself to any risk in terms of consumption. If their own people are dubious of their own countries food products and actively seek out overseas products at a premium, then it’s probably wiser to do the same.

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        Its own people for most product made in china are not dubious

        • +9

          Baby formula. Enough said. If manufacturers don't care about killing babies, then no doubt they wouldn't care about killing adults either.

          • +3

            @brotherfranciz: The past incidents have destroyed people's confidence in the baby formula industry.

            Even if they magically produce the same as Australian quality and get approved by the Australian government, it's still not gonna convenience everyone. I see some recovery in the last decade, but simply not enough. Local brands with premium quality are also not cheap, so many would rather pay a bit extra to buy the imported.

            I think China needs a better diary industry overall, to improve quality and cost efficiency.

            Wait…aren't we talking about mooncakes? XD

          • +2

            @brotherfranciz: I think baby formula is one thing, they also had a gutter oil incident, that would scare me to not want to eat anything if I visited China.

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        dont worry you are not alone, even my friends from china wont buy ready to eat made in china food from the supermarkets. they rather buy taiwan, korea and japan products.

    • That's why you missed lots of good stuff. There r also hundreds of Moon cake brand in Mainland China. "a few" or just one Moon cake doesn't means anything. And probably you just made it up considering smelling the paint and ur bully tone

      • +9

        Lol why do you think mainland Chinese buy up all the milk powder in HK, Australia?

        Theres a long history of food contamination, corruption and poor regulation.

        • Like why do Australians and people in the rest of the world buy made-in-China goods?

          It's the global economy.

          • +1
            • -1

              @Ughhh: I am in Australia, simply no need.

              If I am in China, I know brands that I can trust. They are just almost as pricy as the imported ones, you got what you paid for. Or as you said, get friends here to buy me Australian ones. Don't get exited yet, keep reading.

              Most Chinese milk powder won't be comparable to the Australian ones, simply because Australia has a more advanced dairy industry (count the cows per person!).

              People here like to use formulas as an example of how bad food quality is in China, however, that's a very naive thought that ignores the complicity of the global economy.

              Did you hear a lot of Chinese criticize Australia don't make many electronics, cars, or other stuff? No.

              Be smart, be kind, be global.

              • +1

                @phoenixpan: Mate you can keep comparing apples with bananas. What's us not making electronics or cars have to do with not trusting the consumables coming from China.

                If I bought a crappy USB hub from china, it would just either not work, or be slow.

                Aside from the baby formula, what about this


                If I was buying China made processed foods which could have used gutter oil to cook in, is that not a risk?

                • -4

                  @squaredonut: Hey, if you don't trust those, it's ok. I believe you can find tons of wikis like that for every country.

                  No one is forcing you to feed your baby Chinese formula or accepting another idea. I didn't say the Chinese formula is all good, right? Chill.

        • much of the farmed seafood we buy in australia comes from china and vietnam, lots of the frozen berries in supermarkets come from china ……the labour costs are lower ….. you would be surprised how much food ingredients that are made in china you already eat without knowing in prepared food you buy …. the prawns in your take away curry, the oyster sauce in your stir fry take away, it the ingredients was frozen, or packaged, and is used to make prepared food, there is a good chance a lot of the ingredients come from china.

    • -2

      Hong Kong is part of China

      • -2

        We are talking about mooncake.

    • +1

      product of Hong Kong is a subrange of Product of China. And so is Product of Taiwan. What's your point here?

    • +2

      I think you have an issue with your nose. Go have a check up with your GP

  • +32

    My mum just bought one of these- and I can vouch that they taste no way near as good as Wing Wah. Don't recommend.

    • +20

      My assumption being that coles has caucasian product procurement really doesnt shit from shit… so therefore you wind up with this crap.

      Its the old addage… if you got to a chinese restaurant and its full of white customers, back out and walk away, its gonna be a complete shitshow

      • +22

        Agreed. I mean the mere fact that it's called Hong Gong makes me cringe, lol.

        • +23

          Hong Gong

          Just try to fool you they are made in Hong Kong, why they want to fool you because Made in Hong Kong mooncake is good.

        • I remember there was a Hongda motorcycle. lol

        • +1

          This is how Hong Kong is pronounced in Cantonese or at least closer to it than "Hong Kong"

      • +7

        Not totally true. My local Coles/Woolies both sells LKK sauces - the same ones that I would buy at the asian grocery stores. And they have pocky, onion rings etc. Yes some things avoid but i would still buy those items from coles/woolies if they were on sale and cheaper e.g. i've seen LKK chiu chow chilli oil (a staple in our house) at some asian grocers selling for $6-7 a jar. Coles was selling for $4.50 for the exact same jar including weight. I know where I'm buying mine from, white customers or not!

        • +1

          The brands that are asian staples/household brands are always good whether it's in coles/woolies or any other store. Any other asian goods that are not from an asian household brand and is in coles/woolies- it is almost guaranteed it will not taste authentic.

      • -1


        • -2

          You're racist.

          • -1

            @Ughhh: Did you see what Tony said? White procurement worker at coles shit, and that we should stay away from restaraunt with white people in them.

            If you dont get it replace white with black and you'll see what i mean.

            • +5

              @Chchnu: Mooncakes and autumn festival is not an Australian or white tradition. Would it be any surprise that someone with no knowledge on the history of quality of product, only procures the cheapest to sell?

              The restaurant thing is also very true. If you grew up eating proper Italian, Indian, Chinese etc food from those places, you'll know what is good food and what is not. What do you think a Lack of Asians in a Chinese restaurant signals?
              A lot of (small suburban at least) Chinese restaurants menus are made for the Caucasian palate.

              • @Ughhh: Prawn crackers, Sweet sour pork, Honey chicken, and fried rice with 1.25L coke please.

              • @Ughhh: traditional food doesn’t mean it’s better food, i prefer eye fillet steak in my chinese meals rather than cuts like bolar blade or topside which are tougher, cheaper and more traditional …doesn’t make it a bad restaurant if it’s not traditional , actually makes it better as they optimize access to better ingredients……

                italians and indians didn’t have tomatoes until 1500’s and their arrival from the americas, same with chilli and potatoes, rather recent ingredients 500 years in the period of mankind, so the “ traditional dishes” most countries claim are only 500 years old based on ingredients used …… i’d hate to have eaten in the 1400’s no chilli, no potatoes, no tomatoes, no cocoa, and pepper cost it’s weight in gold ……

                i love my pepper honey sizzle eye fillet steak at the local chinese restaurant even if it’s not traditional …..

                • +1

                  @garage sale: Whether traditional food (as in taste, cooking technique btw, not cut or brand of pepper) is good food or not is a very personal taste thing. If you're looking for a chinese restaurant to eat at, who's personal taste do you trust more? It also depends on the restaurant target /available demographic. Some people think dim sim from a fish and chip shop is Chinese food and love it.

                  No one alive today will compare to food made in the 1500s or is expecting to taste like that.

    • -7

      But are they better than Wing Chun though?

      • I don't think so- this one has a strange… mung bean after taste. Suffice to say that the lotus flavour is off :(

        • +1

          Wing Chun

          He said this 😆

          • +2

            @superforever: Obviously the joke got lost. Lol

            • -1

              @nightelves: mah bad- I was wondering if there actually was a brand that had the same name as a the martial arts… lol.

    • +6

      FYI, Wing Wah is ~2X of this price. Have to adjust your expectation accordingly

  • +9

    Where’s the bargain?

    • +1

      May be first time Coles sell mooncake?

  • +11

    Breadtop mooncakes are the best I've had in Australia. There's probably better around but I don't know where

    • +1

      If imported from Hong Kong like Maxim's or Wing Wah as mentioned here.

    • +3

      tried the breadtop one before, too fusion with attractive packaging, while the taste is not as good as how the outer presentation, personally prefer more traditional wing wah

    • +3

      Gotta say it's hard to find any made in Australia at all, the BT ones were definitely good. The mini salted egg yolk custard ones were really good too.

      • Jerky house has viet made ones from sunshine and those areas - but the city one is closed.

        Raya makes them (melb) though it's pre-order and always sells out.

    • I can gladly say, BT ones are made here in Aus. But the raw material definitely is not from here.

    • +1

      Yes their ice yuzu is so delicious!! I would go back for more in any heartbeat. Support local.

    • How much are theirs?

  • +3

    Only upvoting cos who even gets mooncake at Coles… sadly none here in the country. :(

  • +1

    Wait until 21st, then maybe less than half price.

    • +2

      Yeah we don't need to have it during mid autumn here.

  • -1

    China likes giving their products a name which sounds like it's made from elsewhere.

    Hong Gong is pronounced the same as Hong Kong.

    • +13

      In china, hong kong is xiang gang. The Chinese on the packaging says mooncake.

      • -1

        Actually the chinese on the packaging says both 'hong gong' and 'mooncake'

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