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Hong Gong 2 Yolk Lotus Mooncake 750g $25 @ Coles


Hong Gong 2 Yolk Lotus Mooncake 750g $25 at Coles while stocks last.

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        • doesnt that say xiang xx? cant read the second character

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            @belongsinforums: How you 'spell' it depends on whether you speak cantonese, mandarin or other dialect I guess lol? In cantonese its 'heung kong yuet beng'. The 'kong' there means river..or similar. It sounds like the 'kong' in hong kong, but the 'kong' in hong kong means 'port'. The 'yuet beng' means mooncake, so yeah it says both on there.

            • @Rain Cloud: According to a HK friend, "Hong Gong" was an alternative, more "artistic" name for Hong Kong used in some 70s and 80s HK movies, novels and songs.

              And incidentally, legend has it that mooncakes were invented centuries ago by rebel peasants to pass around messages planning an uprising against their tyrant rulers. If and when someone in the CCP decides to make this an issue, the days of MiC mooncakes could be numbered. And that of course would include the HK made ones. So buy and eat when you still can, if you like mooncakes…

              • @WantToPayLess: Not invented by rebels, it was resurrected by rebels. It was an old tradition that was lost and the rebel resurrected it and hide the message of when they will do the business inside the mooncakes.

                Nowadays, you don’t need this way of communication, just use Signal. 😂

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    25 bucks for a planet destroying spatial anomaly? How could you not buy at least one.

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    I wonder if they have recycled the filling from the last year. (Or years)

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      That's what they did in China like 10+ years ago.

      They have unsold mooncakes & then reused the filling for next year.

      • What do they do nowadays?

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          Probably export them worldwide.

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          still using those leftover fillings from 10+ years ago

      • seriously? how much for the moon cake and how much do you need to spend on keeping them for a year?

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    Haha love the comments on Mooncakes on OzB every year. It's always ABC is better than XYZ brand, don't get this, get it from here…….but don't want to pay $25 for a once a year specialty and waits until they are almost expired or cheaper price.

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      Thats when Im glad I dont like them and havent eaten them in over 10 years :)

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    I had these last year and they were just not good. The pastry was too thick and chewy and the filling was too dry. The yolk was too dry and not oily enough. I gave away two of the four and still couldn't finish the two that I had for at least a couple of months.

    Wing Wah and Hong Kong #1. Problem is that they sell out so quickly, I'd gladly pay the full price for the good stuff. My own motto is that if I'm putting pure garbage into my system, at least it should be something truly enjoyable.

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      Amen. As Dr Leslie Tay said, "Never waste your calories on yucky food" :P

    • is wing wah the red box with the golden flowers?

      Honestly even at $25 it's overpriced. It's like maotai now.

      Shouldn't moon cakes be like $3-4 each? Or am I remembering my childhood.

      • gold box, red flowers

        Wing Wah pricing is crazy, few years ago, they were like $55 a box!!!

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          Purely price gouging. Capitalism at it's best.

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      I was told Maxim is the best. My parents never bought Wing Wah so I don't know if that's ture.

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    looks like out of stock anyway.

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    Luv this Macau made Durian with salted egg yolks moon cake. Can't find em anymore.

  • Moon cake? I'm waiting for Moon pie. What time to be alive that will be …

  • How do I get my hands on some Wing Wah?

    • Asian grocery stores will have them. Better get in quick if you can though, cause it's almost mid Autumn festival and all the popular flavours will be sold out.

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      Call me a traditionalist, but those "snow skin mochi" style moon cakes are the disgusting bastardised ones.

  • Redjade do some decent mooncakes and are made in Melbourne, prices are affordable as well, packaging is nice for gifts

  • Hong Kong

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      Mainland China sorry.

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    They are all sugar.
    Get locally made is best. Fresh. Support local businesses. Less preservative. Food safety.

    • "They are all sugar.
      Support local businesses."
      I am with you on this 2.

      "Locally made is best.
      Less preservative.
      Food safety."
      I doubt about that.

      I had an army of baby cockroaches crawling out a left over birthday cake bought from BreadTop, when we were eating it the next day.

    • Lotus seeds will still be coming from the PRC. Might be off the shelf paste, some can be questionable.

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    Personal favourite is Malaysian made mooncake… mmm durian

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      You haven’t tried the Hong Kong made durian mooncakes then. They are also better.

  • These are pretty bland compared to other mooncakes. Bought the Taro one from an asian market for the same price, and it tasted like sugar and plastic egg

  • Chookity pok.

  • I click the link it said "Sorry, we couldn't find the page you're looking for"

    • I dunno, the link works for me. Try this

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    Of course a $50 Moon Cake taste batter than $25 one. Who wants Toyota when one can afford Lexus.

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      When Lexus doesnt offer a Supra or 86.

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    Suddenly so much appreciation that wifey can actually make mooncake :o

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    If you want locally made mooncake, check Marketplace. Plenty of folks selling their homemade ones. I only eat Vietnamese mooncakes (they DO taste different) so that’s my only choice because no one imported nothing here :( also, best mooncakes last max 2 weeks, so they are not supposed to sit in a container and fly down under.

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    香江 means 香港 Hong Kong. But they sound differently in Mandarin and Cantonese.

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    People who keep saying wing wah is expensive, it is, but once a year is ok. Let’s also add to the fact that mooncakes aren’t exactly that healthy, if I’m going to be eating crap I might as well eat something that taste good.

    I always see people skimping out on taste in every day to day aspects, like oh let’s put less oil and sugar when we make these cookies or cake it’ll be healthier. Well you’re still eating unhealthy, and the reason why they taste so good is because of all the extra oil and sugar etc.

    Anyways back to wing wah, I’ve seen some documentaries on a lot of the Hong Kong made moon cakes and they’re pretty dedicated on quality, they have their own lotus plant farms and actively look after it and harvest it at the right times. It’s also why they seem to sell out pretty fast, it’s limited to how much lotus seed they could harvest in that year.

  • Arguing for the origin of moon cakes…Some people must be really bored this days.

  • Link not working anymore for me does it work for anyone else?

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    They hoping someone misread Hong Gong and think it is made in Hong Kong.

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    This thread tell us how many ozbargainers are Chinese 😅

    personally I always buy wing wah or kee wah from Hong Kong , nothing come close in terms of refinement , even the egg yolk makes a huge difference. My opinion is that the best or nothing as trying too many can be fattening haha

    • +1

      I prefer Maxim (gold tin) should try it.

  • +3

    If you love moon cakes and you want to buy Australian made, go to the Vietnamese groceries.

    They also sell Chinese made too, so please be careful.

    Hồng Ngọc, and Hòa Thuận brands are made in Melbourne. Around $8 or so each.

    Enjoy them slowly with hot jasmine tea. 1/4 to 1/2 of a cake per serve is good enough. One small bite to enjoy, then a sip of hot tea. Repeats. Life is heaven for a moment there

    • This.

      We only bought local made mooncake sold at Viet groceries.

      If you wait after mooncake day, they'll sell 2 for 1.

      • Are all Viet mooncake priced around $8 per tin? Are they lotus or red bean?

        • $8 per moon cake. Usually have both.

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    haters with political and racists agendas gonna hate…..

    • +1

      The moment I saw this deal, I predicted there will be a lot of discussions about non - mooncake.

      I always wondered, how come these don't happen when Lenovo deals were posted? Happy to be proven wrong.

  • This isn’t any cheaper than I’ve seen in various Asian supermarkets

  • +1

    Just when I thought there couldn't be a more unbearable comment section on OzB than on GPU deals, flupping moon cake controversy one-ups it. Never change guys, never change.

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    I'm upvoting this deal because I want to.

  • Rule of thumb for buying mooncakes:
    - Local stores are always better, get those if you can
    - Avoid moon cakes in a tin box, they spent too much on packaging rather than the moon cakes themselves
    - Cantonese style is not the only style, there are numerous types of moon cakes in China, some even resemble meat pies
    - You should really travel to China and experience the food. And please when you buy mooncakes in China, buy those with parchment packaging. They are the best.

    • I found the tin box double yolk mooncakes around $20 to $30 are good enough to me…prefer the traditional style rather than those fancy modern flavors.

  • -1
    • What if I want it now?

      Everything in that webpage is sold out until 2022 and no prices listed, while the Coles deal is in stock now.

      • Oh right.. It was available when I ordered last week.

        • Online order for redjade ended last week. They usually do a limited run for their larger mooncakes. I think the mini mooncakes $9 for 6 X 50g pieces are still avail. My fav is the Royale Taro.

          U can still get them from places like TFL Asian groceries I believe.

  • +1

    Personally dislike all Cantonese styled mooncakes, can barely eat a quarter due to the sugar.
    You can buy freshly made Suzhou styled pork minced mooncakes around, to me they taste way better with flaky pastry and arguably healthier.

  • We also don't like mooncakes from China, so we tried made in Malaysia ones and taste quite nice, they all under $30 a box.

  • -1

    thanks bought 100

    • that 's why it's no longer available?

  • For the same price, you even can’t buy a decent mooncake box in China. It's low-end, however it's once a year 🤷‍♂️

  • If you live in mainland China long enogh, you will know there are many decent mooncake brands that tastes really good too (some of them started to make mooncake for almost a hundred years), and the price is also quite competetive. only 1/3 to those produce in HongKong SAR.

  • cant justify having terrible mooncake once a year.

  • I always for the sale after moon festival is over, ditto with turkey after thanksgiving.

  • +3

    It is interesting to see a post on the mooncake sale becomes a political and racial arguement.

    • -2

      becomes a political and racial arguement.

      I don't know why? My Made in China NO comment is base on the taste I experience before with imported mooncake.

  • +7

    Shit, it's just mooncake. You like it, you buy; you don't like it, you don't buy. Keep those political shit away.
    I'm Chinese Aussie, I don't like mooncake no matter it's made in Taiwan or Hong Kong or Mainland China, don't ask me to try ice cream mooncake, it's ice cream for me, not mooncake. That doesn't make me anti-China or pro-China. Because it's only (profanity) mooncake.
    Why not going to Quora or Reddit if you want to discuss some political shit?

    • +1

      Who said if you don't like (any) mooncake makes to it anti or pro china?
      Lol wtf.

      Certain brands, which happen to come from certain cities/countries just taste better. Fish and chips would be shit in Asia.

    • +2

      In a perfect ozbargain community, only bargain deals were discussed.

      It stirs people passion when the word "China" is used.

      In this forum, people can debate, neg etc. Everyone can post their message. In a real debate, probably you can't hear much because both side will be screaming at each other, sometimes end in violence. So in here you can read all their viewpoints.

      Correct me if I am wrong, in all Australian parliamentary debates, no matter how fierce, I never saw a politician used their hands to resolve matter. Although I do recall seeing on the news, in Taiwan parliament, some debate end up in brawls.

    • +2

      Some Ppl are totally missing the point of ozbargain.
      In case they haven’t realised yet. The Teslas we drive here, guess where it’s made..

      • People need Tesla, people need Lenovo, not everyone need mooncake. Ahem, Apple iPhone, are they still manufactured in China?

      • Some Ppl are totally missing the point of ozbargain.

        Mooncake is one of the few things hk can proudly declare we are better than China. There is no better place to start the usual debate.

  • give it a few years, no more made HK vs made in china, just made in china on packaging ….
    HK only had 50 years to adjust after the hand over in 1997 so it was going to happen …..just been brought forward rather than wait for the remaining 20 years , what did people think would happen in 20 years …. HK gets an extension for another 50 years ?

  • I did saw on Facebook that someone said the yoke was stinky (gone bad) out of the box.

    But if quality is ok, it’s indeed a great price.

    Having read all the comments though I’m not sure if I trust the quality though (although a good 3 quarters were just blanket negs, which is a shame if we think about the point of ozbargain).

  • +2

    I think a lot of people missed the point why this brand shouldn't be supported.

    The name of the brand is 香江月餅; which is very similar & sounds like 香港月餅 (Hong Kong moon cake); inferring to it being from HK & possibly made as well.

    Hong Kong's name comes from 香江 a river that runs through HK.

    The company as I'm aware is a mainland China company; makes its mooncakes in mainland China; yet brands its mooncake as from Hong Kong.

    The reason why they are doing this is because; HK made/ brand mooncakes generally sell at around double the price of mainland made ones. They are trying to trick people mainly in the mainland in China to buy it & they believe they are buying a HK brand/ made in HK mooncake. As similar food quality issues like baby milk powder; famous brand &/or quality.

    There are lots of Mainland China mooncake brands that sell in China/ HK & Macau; that do this & trick their customer.

    • +3


      Mainland china is famous for making copies that sound like the original brand to trick people.

      See this and this

  • the link doesn't work, can anyone help to fix the link please

    • Can anyone help this guy? I can see the link here.

  • Tried a Chinese brand mooncake, (wah lien) from springvale from $20 because the hong kong brands were sold out. I would say this particular one was on par/tiny bit worse that what I usually get. Not bad and slightly cheaper.

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