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Meross Smart Garage Opener $47.70 Delivered @ Meross Direct Amazon AU


The Meross Smart Garage Door Opener is back on sale, only this time at its lowest price $47.70 at Amazon according to the 3Camel website.
I got another one for the 2nd garage door.

Update: Link to the specs for the unit on Meross website with some support details
Compatibility Check

Mod: Warning - Be aware of safety standards and laws regarding the use and installation of this before purchasing.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    • Depends if your unit is supported. Check the Meross website or better still contact Meross directly.
      It requires a 2pin connection to the unit (2 wire connection acting just like a push button switch). In newer models like mine (Merlin MT100Evo), it replaces the manual push button in its place.

  • I have a similar one i bought from ali express (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/600376). I have connected it to google home but i can't seem to open/close the door with the google home app or even ask google assistant. It just has it listed on the google home app thats about it.

    Any ideas how i can get it actually working?

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      It should be pretty straight forward, you might need to remove / add it again and relink it
      Make sure you follow these steps

      As a trial I removed / readded mine and had no issues

      • Thanks for that. SO the app i used for this was 'smart life' which i have connected to google home. I have other plugs etc with smart life which i can use google home to turn on/off. However, for the garage door opener, it just sits in the google home app but thats about it.

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          No idea. I'm using Tuya Smart and it integrates with google home fine and I can open / shut the garage.

          • @Heybargain: Thanks maybe i will try using that app instead. cheers

    • I have the same one and using 'smart life' app. Works fine for me linking it to my google home.

      I ask google to open the garage and it asks for a pin before proceeding to open.

      • Wow it actually just worked. Just asked it to open the garage door and it asked for a pin.

        • Set the pin in the app itself (not google home).
          Select the device, then click on the bell / alarm icon. It'll give you an option to set password (PIN).
          Well that's what it shows in tuya smart so not sure about smart life but would imaging would be similar.

          • @Heybargain: Yep this is the same as the smart life app. thanks for your help.

  • So I'm guessing this wouldn't work with a rolling code remote control operated swing gate?

    • If the module has a 2 wire connection option for a wall switch it should work.

      Essentially all this does is complete the circuit to mimic the switch.

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    Got one of these about seven months ago for my Gliderol Glidermatic GTS+ (which does not appear on the official compatible list). Very happy with it - wish I had one years ago. Very easy to install and use. Integration with Google Home is very handy - can open with PIN (optional setting but wouldn't like to risk not having one I guess), and you can ask Googs whether the door is open or not, or you can just look at the app which will show an image of a door opened or closed. Can be operated from anywhere. Notifications to phone about opening/closing or left open too long are also useful.

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    I recommend this for local warranty, same features. Pin to unlock, notifies if garage open too long. App works well. I pulled trigger on this because bunnings is happy to return if not compatible. I didn't want to test my luck with an online order and have to return it etc.

    • Ah, bought the Meross one. Didn't know Bunnings has these types.

      • Can cancel if it hasn't shipped. Amazon is easy for cancellations

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      Thanks for the link.

      Local supply, easy return and cheaper!

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      If the Bunnings one has good after sales support like bug fixes and updates like Meross does, then it's good. Again it's only a few $more for Meross.

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      I didn't even know they stocked this. The grid connect app is pretty good, but happy enough with my Aliexpress one.

  • I use Eco Garage and works fine. The wires just poke into the holes at the back and nothing to hold on to so I just blu-tack.

    From time to time it just doesn't connect. But after turning it off and on, it's ok.

    So handy if you forgot the keys or trying to let someone in thru the garage

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    Can this be installed with Steel Line garage motor?

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        Thank you. Been looking for smart garage opener for long time.
        Is the setup messy? do we need to run the cable etc?

        I would love to see you setup or steps to install this. Thank you kindly.

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          Pretty easy, follow those instructions I posted. Not messy if you zip tie up any excess wire, this is my setup. You'll need to run the supplied cable for the door open sensor down to the bottom of the door and mount the magnet on the door itself. I used an old car stereo anodised bracket I had lying around to mount it.

          Please make sure you unplug it from the mains first, which you'll probably need to do as it will be easier removed from the wall and worked on sitting on a table or bench.

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    Added the link to Meross compatibility checker for the garage units. If your unit isn't in the list, send a message to them and they will advise if it works for your unit.

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    I have been using this smart garage opener for about 2 years. It works very well and reliable. Highly recommend.

  • Do you think it would be a good idea to install it in my rental property. The original remote control was lost and i am buying the ebay ones every six months due to changing battery on the temp ones doesn't seem to work again?

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      It will work as long as it's compatible (i.e. a 2 wire pin is available in the unit for connection) similar to a manual push button on the unit which it will replace.

      • I hope I can re-program the unit after a tenant moves out and a new one comes in?

  • These can be tricky to install if you have a mesh wifi network as they operate on 2.4GHz

    • Mine works fine with the Tenda MW6 and MW3 Mesh network.

    • I have a mesh, I did leave the 2.4ghz active on my router for smart devices, such a PITA when it disconnects. I recently changed the name of it as my printer kept f'n up but surprisingly haven't had to reconnect anything else.

  • Hmm, are these just Tuya app knock off's? I've got a generic one at the minute but won't connect it to my Alexa due to not being able to set a pin code.

    Anyone know if this one will allow a pin code to be set in Alexa for Australia?

    • You need to set up the PIN in the tuya app for the garage door.

  • not sure what makes this one is more expensive than the $20-25 ones off ebay and aliexpress. i got one for $20 w/ open/close magnetic sensor that works with google home w/ voice. not sure what more you need.

  • Image of the connection behind my Merlin MT100EVO garage opener.
    It replaced the manual push button.

  • I've got a Kogan smarterhome version. Loving the product so much.

  • Does anyone know if there's a garage opener has 2 channels? ( have 2 garage roller gates)

    • I have 2 garage doors and just buy 2 of these smart openers.

  • I got the Homekit version, works great and is likely one of the cheapest (if not the cheapest) homekit supported garage door opener. Works fine with my B&D garage door.

    • Hi muddrex,

      Which B&D model do you have? I have the B&D RDO-1V3 PD, but I wasn't sure if it would work with it. The terminals were all covered up on the back plate and I'm not too sure how to access it to test the compatibility. How do you access the terminals?


  • I am starting looking at building home automation and home assistant in particular. Could not find the brand on the home assistant page, anyone know this can be added into Home assistant at all ?

    • Also interested if anyone can share their Home Assistant experience with any of these.

    • With home assistant you better get the tuya based. Try looking for a way to flash it to tuya or something sonoff because I'm almost certain it use the same relay and board from them.

      • I can't speak for this one specifically, but I have a generic branded one that looks identical and was able to set it up with the eWeLink app and sonoff integration (with local control) in home assistant.

        Looks like there's a Meross integration you can install through HACS for local control too.

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    For anyone who needs it, here's a compatibility list.

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    Is there a different between the Meross and the Bunnings one?

  • Will this work on a sliding gate instead of a garage door? (BFT Deimos)

    • It will work on any gate/garage door that has terminals that allow the installation of a wired wall switch.

  • Is this any better than the ebay ones which are much cheaper?

  • From a previous thread on how I got it working with a Steel Line SD800 door with only red white photo eyes connection. This is the Wofea one but I assume it's similar:—————-

    I just got the device and managed to make it work without using any external items or adjusting the garage remote.

    For anyone needing help with the Steel Line SD800 with the Red White Photo Eyes connection. The device does not work when you just plug it in the top ports. As mentioned above, you will need to connect it to the GND port and Key port.

    However, the circuit board mentioned on page 13 is slightly different to this model garage door. It is pretty easy to open the unit to connect the wires.

    Unlock the light cover. Take the 2 screws out and it will pop open. Connect the red wire to the little Key port near the bottom right. You may need to affix it with sticky tape to hold it together as it just goes into a small hole (you can put the red wire through the sensor port so you can close the box later). Connect the black wire to the 2nd Black port on top of the garage near the red/white photoeyes.

    It should now work. Let me know if you need help.

    • Hi Ekto! Can you show me where you have connected it to? I have the same garage model but can’t seem to figure out where the connection goes. Thanks!

  • Hey all not a fan of smart homes google / alexa / home kit. and all would it smiply just work with application on iPhone?

    • of course, you don't need to use any of those.

  • Had anyone tried this with B&D SDO-6, or do you know of any compatible solution that will work with this system?

    • Has it got terminals to allow the wiring of a wired wall switch? If so, it will work.

  • Just ordered one. Good deal thanks.

  • It's coming up as $165 now…

    Has this been ozbargained?

    • Put a watch on it on Amazon or Camelx3. It will notify you when its cheap again. It did that for me this morning, hence why I bought one and shared on OzB.

      • How do you put a watch on things? Is it through Amazon or a 3rd party? Cheers

  • damn…too slow

  • well, add that to another ozbargain 'didnt think i would buy that today' list :)

  • Didn’t know I needed this but bought the HomeKit version as wife and I can open from iPhone. Thanks

  • Waiting for next sale

  • Ended up getting the other model that includes HomeKit integration

  • Got mine yesterday. Sadly it was DOA. Their support still has not responded 24 hours later. I will be sending it back to Amazon.

    • How did you identify its DOA?

  • Got mine but when trying to install, seems the magnetic reed switch sensor only registers being together (to indicate garage door closed) when they are like 1-2mm apart.
    Any further and they don't detect.

    Messaged their support email with details and pictures, but their first response is, "they are working, just trying mounting them".
    Not exactly practical trying to mount these to a garage door with a 1mm tolerance :/

    Considering their installation specs say up to 1 inch, the magnetic reed switch clearly has some issue. Sent them back a response requesting replacement sensors so will see what email #2 results in.

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