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35% off Samsung S21 Ultra 5G - 128GB $1201.85 / 256GB $1266.85 @ Samsung Education Store


Very attractive pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G on the Samsung Education Store (a valid .edu email address is required for registration).
There is 35% off RRP.

  • 128GB $1,201.85
  • 256GB $1,266.85

You may also be able to access the $50 code when signing up to the newsletter. Make sure you sign up to the one on the Samsung Education portal and not the main Samsung store as they are treated differently.

No trade-in bonuses available for this device on the Samsung Education Store.

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  • Is there any other code stackable apart from $50? Like the one from chat….$100 or $200?

    • $100 chat voucher doesn't work for me. Only the $50 marketing email sign up does.

  • Does a government email address work on the education portal or only edu email addresses?

    • It doesnt. But you can sign up for Samsung EPP

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        How do you get an edu email address easily? Im currently not enrolled into any courses so dont have an edu email address unfortunately.

        • Enrol in a tafe course.

    • +1

      Government portal shows the same pricing. You can't log in with gov email via edu portal, but if you log in to the government portal you may take advantage of similar pricing.

      Genuine question here. I'd pull the trigger but currently using SG 10+ with 2 sims (Boost and Catch). The only reason I'm not going with this deal because Boost and Catch are not supporting eSim. Are there any good dual sim mobiles that support WiFi calling (natively)? I have close to 0 reception at home for both Telstra and Optus.
      Nothing is really wrong with my SG 10+, but it started slowing down and battery life is far from desirable. Thank you.

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    Discount is available on all S21 models:

    S21+ 128GB 5G $1,006.85
    S21+ 256GB 5G $1,071.85

    S21 128GB 5G $811.85
    S21 256GB 5G $876.85

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    • Which phone did you trade in?

      • +1

        S8 Plus 32Gb

  • What about the 512gb version?

    • S21 Ultra 512gb - $1396.85 - OOS both colours.

      • Thanks for that. I'm after navy anyway

  • Same price in the Government store.

  • possible $500 tradein bonus?

    • No trade-in bonus on Edu portal

  • Kinda hope they have 512gb version

  • How to avail this offer ? i logged into my edu account on Samsung education store and checkout the S21 order but the discount is not getting applied so pls help

  • +2

    I have just logged into the EDU account & am unable to see any discounts? I have just called Samsung help also & are requesting that they be sent a screenshot of the price so they can look ??

    Can someone upload a pic or something? I am interesting in the s21 ultra 5g 512GB

    • It's not letting me send you a PM with the screenshot, regardless though the 512GB is now out of stock

    • It’s still on sale when I view it.
      Are you 100% sure it’s the Samsung Education Store?
      There’s a weird bug where sometimes navigating within the store sends you back to the main Samsung stores instead.

  • -1

    Samsung Education account is not letting me to use @monash.student.edu email? I know it doesn't have .au, but it is still a valid email, but it's not allowing me to use it. Any help is very much appreciated. I really need to get this deal. Thanks

    • Try asking Live Chat for help and explain your situation. If it’s a valid education email, I don’t see why they should prevent you from signing up.

  • How long will take the education store to deliver the device? Thanks

    • +1

      I’ve ordered a Fold 3 recently. I’ll let you know when it gets delivered but I imagine it to be fairly fast (a week) if it’s in stock.
      I ordered an A71 last year and it took about a week.

      • I am using S21 ultra and unsure if it's worth to try fold 3. Have never used a foldable device previously.

        • Received the device yesterday. So basically around 2 business days within Sydney for something that's in stock.

          It's my first time with a foldable as well. Still getting the hang of it.

          • +1

            @dannyboi: Thanks for the update. Please keep me update about your experience on fold 3. I often think how users can use google map on fold device. Will that be too small? Messaging or phone calls. But I do like a bigger screen concept.

  • Their screen work quite well with a Note 10 stick, nowhere to put it properly but a real cheap way to have a phone and a phablet in one.

  • Anyone ordered S21 ultra and received it? Mine seems stuck at "Processing" as the order status

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