[VIC] Asahi Super Dry (Japan Import Version) 24x 500ml $67 ($5.90/L) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ $100 Order) @ Liquorland


TL;DR - Brewed in Japan Asahi, cheaper than brewed in Australia Asahi.

It doesnt sound cheap at first but hear me out.
Asahi usually costs $49 per 24 bottles (330ml)…brewed in Australia.

This imported Asahi might cost $67 per 24 cans… but it's 500ml per can… and is brewed in Japan.

67dollar / 12 litres = $5.58 per litre (brewed in Japan)

49 / 7.92 litres = $6.19 per litre (brewed in Australia)

Use shopback for extra 1% off. Collect flybuys points if applicable as well.

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  • Same price at Dan Murphys.

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      gets my upvote ….. has worked costs $ per litre, rarely see this done in beer deals on ozbargain but it makes it much much easier to compare …. especially if things get into 20 packs, 6 packs, etc …..$ per litre is easy to see is better or worse then in the past …..

      wish more people provided $ per litre

      puts ease of decision making in the league
      of paper towels $ per 100 sheets …..

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        Upvotes are about the deal, not the poster.

      • and it’s cheap if you want brewed in japan vs brewed in australia.

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    Not a deal
    This is the regular price from Dan Murphy or First choice
    You should only buy when there is 20% cashback + 2000pts flybuys
    That brings the price down to $44

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      Yes love the cans, but under $45 is the only time I buy

      • -4

        They must be selling old stock at a loss at that price. $44 for 48std drinks will cost more in taxes I believe. Someone correct me if im wrong.

        • Yeah Nah, it includes the cashback

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      don’t think 24x500 ml cans from dans is $44 or even under $50, these are 500 ml cans not 330 ml bottles or cans …..gets close if you work out $ per litre though …..also spends if you want brewed in japan or brewed under license in australia.

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        Re-read TanedaR's comment and try again.

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        Not from Dan's but there has been a number of times when it's in a good eBay Plus deal thru Boozbud or First Choice where it gets under $50. I wouldn't say that's the only time to buy though, plenty of deals on here for it in the $65-70 price range but generally with 2000 flybuys, upsized cashback or some other sweetener.

    • +1

      or 25-30% cashback better.
      Those big cans taste alright though, stuff buying 330mL bottles of anything!

    • oh haha didnt realize. Mods pls remove if my post inapprorpiate.

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    Yes this is standard price but I do agree it represents excellent value to buy the 500ml cans and the beer is delicious.

  • Website says $71.

  • $71 from the link

    • says $67 for me ….i’m in vic ….

      • also not available for delivery or C&C

  • +3

    Regular price, best to wait for some increased cashback, but great beer and good value nevertheless.

  • It’s $67 plus delivery at Dan’s VIC.

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    Dan's will price beat it. I do this Asahi and the price beat at Dan's all the time.

  • regular price, not a bloody bargain

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    Cash Rewards has 8% back no min, no cap


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      That applies to wine bundle deals only.
      Even for shopback, the rates for wine are usually higher for some reason.

      • It says 8%, no qualifications like wine bundles only, etc well at least for me. What does is say when you click on the link??

  • Great beer, but standard price. As other have said, often possible to get it at less than $50 when increased cashback deals are on.