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Google Pixel 2 XL Black 64GB $212.62 Delivered ($207.90 with eBay Plus) @ Allphones eBay


Original Coupon Deal
I know its an old phone now and won't get android 12, but for 200 buckaroos I think its really a great cheap device that comes with clean android, a nice screen and a great camera.

The 128gb one can be had from mobiciti ebay for $233 if you have ebay plus with your 5% code. I got that one. But I think I would have went the 64GB if it was at this $207 price when I ordered a couple of days ago.

Mine came new with android 8 so had to go through many updates to get up to Android 11.

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    Also one should note - the code dosen't seem to work for the 128gb one through allphones otherwise I would have posted that deal.

    Spending some time with the older device - I have to admit in these tough mask wearing times going back to a fingerprint reader phone has been a very blissful experience.

    • Really missing fingerprint id on iPhones!

    • How's the battery so far? How long does it last?

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        I fully charged it this morning at 10am. Used it a fair bit during the day but nothing too strenuous a few apps, messages, calls, web. screen time 54mins and it's at 87% at 5:30pm. Always on display is on. Seems ok so far. Your results may vary and it's not impossible that the battery could degrade quickly due to the long storage period. I suspect mine is ok though.. for now. Better than the old good condition iPhone 7 plus I was using.

        On a side note though it's not that odd to buy a phone that's been on a climate controlled located shelf for more than two years. Think of Kmart prepaid phones and such. It's not ideal though I'd admit.

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        Update. 3 days in - still seems to be performing as per the expectation. Getting down to 55-60% most days with light to moderate use. Its not the sort of phone for someone that would do long trips on public transport.

        • Thanks for the update! I received mine yesterday. It's completely dead when I received it so had to charge it straight away. Fantastic phone, I really hope there's no issue with the battery.

    • Just got PSEP10 work for the 128gb one, came down to $231.52

  • this might also qualify for lifetime high quality google photo storage ?

    • I'm also want to know

    • +2

      You get unlimited free storage at Original quality for all photos and videos backed up to Google Photos from Pixel 2 through January 16, 2021. Photos and videos backed up on or before that date will remain free at Original quality. After January 16, 2021 new photos and videos will be backed up in Storage saver quality (previously named High quality) for free. Photos and videos backed up in Original quality will count toward your Google Account storage.

      • +1

        It says I can store in high quality for unlimited storage

      • +1

        Original does count towards my quota

    • +2

      only pixel 1 does

      2 to 4 … saver quality

      • what happened with pixel 5/5a?

      • will google photos support ever be dropped in future for old andriod versions? if so, these phones (for their google photos capabilities) would have a price drop?

    • Nope only original pixel does.

  • That's a pretty great phone.

  • +11

    About the same price to change the battery on this phone, so whole phone for the price of a battery change on the old one. Served we well the last 4 years, just another month to the PXL6.

    • +3

      I'm also looking forward to the pixel 6. Maybe internet hype, but so far sounds great.

      • +1

        Yeah, looks like what the PXL3 should have been :P

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    Great phone, mine's getting on a bit now and it's hard to find something to replace it with. Just keep in mind that security and OS updates have finished if that kind of thing is important to you.

    • +3

      Yeah that should be noted. I was tossing up between this and the POCO X3 pro. That phone makes this one look pretty old hat. I just figured it would be better to get a clean android phone with no MIUI and such and no chance of spyware or adware installed. Vs getting security updates with the POCO. Also to get actual warranty. I have bought phones off bangood and aliexpress before and really you have to bascially be ready to take a big risk. Also had a side mounted fingerprint reader phone before and didn't like it much.

      • +1

        Yep I had an easy warranty exchange on the Pixel 2 XL because of charging issues, a China phone would've just been dead.

        • +2

          Yeah i have a shoebox of shame for old china phones that failed in service. I dont want to dump them because they failed in service - with my passwords and such in there. One day im going to get around to disintergating them all, Mr Robot style.

          Dont get me wrong though it was 50/50 on the POCO X3 pro. For those that care about long battery life and CPU performance its certainly a great phone.

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        if you are brave, you can try flashing a PE rom on the poco x3 which will give stock android experience and good hardware.

  • +9

    Still going strong after 4 years - great phone!!

  • +1

    Great phone, couldn't find a reason to replace it even after 3 years

    Pixel6 looks like the only worthy upgrade

    • that's my plan, upgrade from the Pixel 2XL to the 6XL this year. phone has served me well, but now the battery life is outdated.

      wish the pixel series had expandable memory though

  • How is the battery life of this phone?

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      Not great, but not bad. Was regarded as good when it came out but with so many phones coming out now with 5000+mah batteries, 3520mah is not large.


    • Last one I got seems to drop about 8% overnight while turned off… I only used it for uploading to Google photos so far.

    • The battery life is pretty bad imo.

      • They must of stopped manufacturing these things years ago and as such surely the batteries would of degraded at least a bit by now .

        • Yeah, maybe 5=15%, no more unless really badly stored and unlucky. Price is more than fair though for new with 2yrs Wty.

      • better than pixel 3 i guess ?

    • Mine used to be really bad but one day it was actually not to bad, must've been an update or something

    • Was good when new but not anymore.

    • I bought one when they first came out, still use it to this day and it's never run flat on me in normal day to day use with email, light browsing, work calls etc. I honestly don't recall ever performing a factory reset on my handset and it still runs great. Might be rolling the dice these days with the lithium battery's shelf life.

      I've still not really had any motivation to replace it, still waiting for a good reason to! Maybe the pixel 6 will be it?… looking at the camera appendage on it, not really too keen right now :D

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    Waiting for the Pixel 6 Pro. Pixel 2 was fantastic, people shouldn't buy a 4 years old phone because of the old battery, won't last long.
    Better to buy some other cheap phone for the same amount as that would last longer and have newer security patches as well.

    • Would think these last batches were manyfactured up to end 2019 or so, so not that old. Some people don't care much for security updates

      and with Android 11 will last a few more years. This would suit the many people who prefer to buy secondhand flagships rather than a new

      current model delivered from China with not much warranty fall back. If I did not get a Xiaomi Remi Note 10 from Banggood

      I would have considered this for sure ( yeah, I'm a bit mixed up lol ).

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    For similar price I would go for a Xiaomi.

  • +2

    If they are new, and have been sitting around for years without getting a charge, that's not going to be good for the battery.

    • +2

      Batteries are usually shipped at 70% or higher and as longer as they haven’t self discharged below 30% should be as good as new. It would be reasonable to expect these batteries to be in close to perfect condition.

      • +1

        I expected the same when I bought a laptop that ticked the same boxes. Brand new in sealed box, discontinued for a couple of years, been sitting on a shelf in some warehouse.

        When I got it the battery was beyond repair, would not charge at all, 0%. Laptop only running from mains. Guess it self-discharged sufficiently.

        Easy warranty repair, just some extra hassle. Still happy with my bargain, but others might not…

        • Shit. I've kept a sealed in box phone from 2011 on a bookshelf. I'm guessing the battery has probably exploded lol

          • +1

            @idonotknowwhy: No, won't eplode, just run flat to 00 and then either refuse to charge or not hold charge for long.

            You never know, might charge up and be ok as I have many old devices with still good batteries 6-7yrs old.

  • +12

    In a previous post, Mobile citi a sister company of Allphone. Claimed some google pixels were Aus stock. But in reality US version.

    Brand new phones but boxes were opened.

    Dodgy company.

    • +3

      I was about to mention this, bad practice by them.

    • -2

      Before you guys mentioned the issue in their last post of pixel 3, I thought Au Stock only means the stock located in Australia. Not shipping from oversea. Because so many ebay items worth only few bucks listed as Au stock, e.g. phone cases, screen protectors, daily essentials etc.

      • This is the latest response by the store rep:

        " …
        Only Pixel 3(not ponk) has been confirmed and updated the listing to global variant, any issues you can contact CS for return"

        • I know what you or they mean. I am just not familiar with English. Just came here for a few years. My question was for example can I call a cat litter showel shipped from domestic AU Stock?
          I am just questioning the language issue. No doubting you that they were selling an American version of pixel 3.

  • +3

    Didn't the Pixel 2 stop receiving security updates a while ago?

  • Poor Battery performance expected for this old stock

    • +1

      Lithium batteries don’t work that way and are bro happy at testing voltage for a very long time. Provided the pixel design doesn’t have a big vampire current problem, these should be fine.

      • Lithium batteries do lose capacity over time even when unused. This can be minimised (e.g. by storing at 40%, in the fridge), but definitely a thing

  • Good price! wondering if anyone thinking( or has )of a setup of getting this phone and transfer monthly your iPhone (current phone )phone and let pixel upload to google photos? Would it work ?

    • +1

      Works well. Recommend using Syncthing to automatically move iPhone pics to the Pixel.

      • Saw that app, wondering if pixel 2 will removed from the future upload hardware

        Will think of a cheaper one from market place

  • Thanks, bought the 128GB one for $226.38

  • I currently have the Pixel 2XL and it's mostly still going strong except for battery and the power button which doesn't work 75% of the time. Should I get this? I assume the power button won't be an issue but above comments suggest battery will be affected by long periods of no charge. Will it worse than my current device?

    • Had the same problem. Power button eventually fixed itself.
      I think 4XL would be a better buy.
      Personally waiting for 6 pro because this camera is showing its age.

  • could any owners please comment on the Screen brightness in direct sunlight. I believe an update a while back reduced the brightness by a further 50nits to help with screen burn in. having been using a Nokia 8 that peeks at around 700nits, which is great in direct sunlight. I'm Just hoping the 2Xl would be more than Sufficient. thanks

    • +1

      I'm still using this phone, bought it in Oct 2017 and still runs amazingly. Have only formatted twice.
      I've never had a single problem with brightness in direct sunlight.
      It's an absolute winner of a phone and has been a joy to own.
      Time to upgrade to the 6 soon though 😊

      • Thanks for the response.

  • +6

    These are US Stock with almost dead batteries due to discontinuation of their manufacturing a long time ago meaning these batteries have just been sitting in storage for years! Their warranties also have been expired! Don't buy from this scamming and unethical seller! TightArse also sells for these guys and promotes their illegal practices. I've filed a complaint against fair trade and should be able to target them soon

    • ALLPHONES and Mobileciti!

    • you have filed a complatin AGAINST fair trade……. ummmm good luck with that

    • What is the complaint about? Receiving a new phone with a dud battery but unable to claim the warranty? Who told you the warranty had expired?

    • Hi Bargainbrother

      How do you know its US stock?

      I have doubleed and can confirmed its 100% Au specs and provide you with full warranty, any issue you can seller, no one try to scamming you ;)

      • I have bought this from you guys and confirmed the IMEI with the google and they confirmed that this is a verizon US stock with an expired warranty and that you guys are not an authorised google seller so that is how I know it's US stock

        • Pixel 2 or pixel 3, pixel 2 is 100% Australian.

          Only Pixel 3(not ponk) has been confirmed and updated the listing to global variant, any issues you can contact CS for return.

          • @AHUANG: Was it your fault or the supplier?

            If it was the supplier, can you share with us who is your supplier?

  • For anyone picking one of these up, if you're not opposed to trying out an Android ROM/fork, ProtonAOSP supports the Pixel 2 and 2 XL https://protonaosp.kdrag0n.dev/

    There's a few user opinions here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/plkwv3/protonaosp_...

    You lose a handful of Pixel-proprietary features but the comments suggest it's very performant and receives regular updates, something which Google won't do for the Pixel 2 these days.

  • how much more are they gonna know about me?

  • Most likely a refurbished/used phone. Or super old uncharged stock sitting on the shelf.

  • not dual sim so i will pass

  • +2
    1. Is warranty covered by Google or Allphones?
    2. If I buy and the battery is rat shit, is it generally covered under warranty?
    • +1

      Hi Fairmont

      1.Is warranty covered by Google or Allphones?

      Warranty Covered by Google, any issues you can contact seller Allphones.

      2.If I buy and the battery is rat shit, is it generally covered under warranty?

      Battery issues within 30 days you can choose return for warranty or refund, 30days within 2 years covered under warranty.


  • +1

    If seller guarantees box is sealed and Oz charger in the box, I would be happy to purchase.

    • +1

      Hi Juliank

      Indeed, Let me know if you have any issues.


  • +1

    good old mobileciti….

    Brand new phones but boxes were opened.

    Don't you think this will cost your biz in the long run?

  • +3

    Box un-opened, oz charger, all new

    • +1

      Same. No charge left though so had to charge it while setting it up.

  • Is this any better than superior models in terms google photo backup?

  • Expired now? Looks like price has increased to $225.85 with code PSEP10?

  • +1

    Bought the 128Gb model using PSEP10 code, a few notes about service and phone follow;

    • delivery was surprisingly quick through AusPost, signature on receipt.

    • battery was completely flat and cycled 3 times before taking charge, alternating display of the following image and the usual charging animation.


    • accubattery shows 99% battery quality after moderate use and eventually charging from 15% to 92%, and it seems to be holding up fine, I have only tested on wifi so far but accubattery is predicting 13hrs ost from largely web browsing, redreader app and the occasional youtube video all via wifi.

    • phone came with Android 8.1 installed, and I believe may have been manufactured in 2018 according to the serial number.

    • received what I believe is Aus stock, phone is unlockable and I have installed protonAOSP to test.

    • I cannot determine anywhere if the phone has a legitimate 'google warranty', I assume this is sold 'grey market' and the warranty is only as good as allphones will warrant.

    • screen has black pixel smear on scrolling, and strong blue tint at even slight angles, worse than the LG v30+ which apparently has the same display but it isn't really noticeable unless you're looking for it.

    • fingerprint sensor is probably the worst I've used since samsung galaxy s5, constantly misreads immaculately clean fingers even with the sensor cleaned with a lens cloth and cleaner. I'm currently testing a solution for this which involves cleaning then taping the sensor with clear tape to record initial fingerprints, then removing the tape and using as normal. This seems to have largely fixed the problem so far, but it's still not 100%.

    • not having a 3.5mm headphone port kinda sucks, but an adapter is included in the box.

    • cstark27's GCam Mod, PXv8.1_GCam-v1.2 seems to be working fine, haven't tested MWP's version.

    I may add more notes over time, just in case somebody feels like picking on of these up on the cheap in future.

    I mainly bought it with regards to mod community support, it looks like this phone has solid builds for LineageOS, PixelExperience and ProtonAOSP so between those three I imagine you could find something suitable. Should get another year or two out of this fingers crossed.

      • if battery is below 20°c phone will only charge at ~4w even though screen says it's fast charging. This is significantly below the slow charge rate of ~10w and fast charge rate of ~18w.
        • fingerprint sensor seems to work far more consistently after registering the same finger multiple times, and also registering the same part of the finger rather than multiple angles, ymmv but it's almost as good as the LG v30+ sensor now.
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