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$20 off $150 Spend, $45 off $300 Spend (Samsung 970 Evo+ 1TB $168, 980 Pro 1TB $249) + Delivery @ Shopping Express


Spend $150 get $20 OFF, Spend $300 get $45 OFF

Some stand out ones below:

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    Legend op… jit to complement my 5950x from jw last night

  • can we use Spend "$300 get $45 OFF" with this ? I can't find how to get the deal


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      Looks like it's excluded. CPUs and GPUs are pretty much always excluded from these kinds of deals.

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      Deal is for selected products only and not storewide like I initially thought too.

  • Can anyone recommend a heat sink for the Samsung 980 Pro for the PS5?

    This seems cheaper than the WD with the heatsink

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      Something like this:

      Not saying get that one… I think there was another one which looks the same which sold for less previously, but cannot find it anymore.

      There is also one from BeQuiet, but that one is out of stock everywhere and retailers selling them are charging high postage fee (coz. they are mostly in NSW or VIC and if you don't use express, you are looking for a long delay - not that any retailer currently has it in stock).

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      WD Black SN850 1 TB without heatsink can be purchased for $249 on Amazon.

    • I got this one, test fitted, no issues

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    • So, crappy controller? Or just different? Do we know when this came into effect?

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        No, it's actually the opposite for 970 Evo Plus. The controller is newer (and technically better). There is also more SLC cache, but the actual TLC NAND is inferior.

        It kinda makes 970 Evo Plus somewhat like 980 (non-Pro) version. It is somewhat interesting because in general usage, the increase SLC cache allocation would make things feel a bit faster, and benchmark software will reveal better performance (for majority of tests). The down side is sustained write (which does suffer a significant drop after SLC cache is used up), and that's something general public doesn't test (as it involves writing a lot of data to the SSD - given SSD has limited writes, you generally don't want to do sustained write tests often).

        980 Pro, it is too early to tell. If Samsung simply updates the controller and uses the same type of NAND flash, then newer model could be faster. But, would Samsung also put in slightly inferior NAND flash on the new revision?

      • There is some more info in the article.

        Production dates for drives point to April for the older product and June for the newer.

        A 120GB cache may seem like it’s enough for most cases, but it’s not a real cache — it’s repurposed/empty TLC (or QLC) NAND that’s being treated as an SLC >write buffer. The less free space on your drive, the less cache you have.


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      At least they are not as bad as Crucial. Crucial swapped out the TLC NAND for poor quality QLC NAND.

      Send good quality part to reviewers, then go the cheaper version for the customer.


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    Bought something last Sunday, not been shipped or sent any information, bit disappointed

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    Wow - $168,980 for a Samsung 970 Evo+ 1TB seems a bit excessive……

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    lol them gigabyte psu gigabyte still trying to offload?

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      The Aorus models (like the one listed here) are not effected. Gamers Nexus specifically said they'd tested them and they were good

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        Gigabyte have completely screwed themselves… So many are now just reading Gigabyte psu… Oh it'll blow up.. Even though it was two specific models that were affected

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          Might kill their entire PSU division, all because they wanted to f around and find out instead of just issuing a recall

          • @TimR31: It’s created big trust issues. The worst thing a company can do is market and sell a product they KNOW is dangerous.

            For a start it makes them look incredibly stupid. But it gets worse. Even after they were busted they continued to to it. That’s next level dumb..or incompetent..or both.

            After such damning findings I just couldn’t have a GB component in my build. It’s like supporting the terminally numb. Can’t and won’t do it.

  • need more ssd price reductions so I can claim price protection ;/

    • Aren't SSD prices projected to go up?

      • That was what I was told as well. I bought a 1tb SSD early this week.

  • Any c16, 3600mhz ram?

  • They've got the Samsung 870 EVO 4TB for $599 as well.
    Wonder if that'll come up better?

  • That 2x32GB DDR4 ram, would that be okay for an unraid build for long term use?

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      nah it will only last a few weeks ;)

    • Do unraid recommend ECC ram?

  • Is there a code or something?

    • Automatically applied at checkout

      • Not working for the 2TB 980 PRO NVME

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          That sucks. It worked for the 1tb 970 evo, but the shipping killed half the savings

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    was keen to grab one until i popped the 980 pro into my cart, after shipping and their 1% surcharge for using something other than zip pay or direct deposit, it comes out to $264.15 when centrecom has them for 259 delivered..

    • Not very express

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    save $20….

    shipping is $13…

    CC/paypal surcharge =$1.8..

    So I save a grand total of $5.2…

    suddenly uninterested not gonna lie

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    Yeah I was keen until shipping pretty much only saved $10… 😅

  • Are any of these compatible with ps5

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      1 TB WD Black SN850 without heatsink $249 Amazon. Heatsink is advised for PS5 and can be purchased separately.

  • Shopping express is great, got my $80 FireCuda 510 500GB yesterday.

  • they should provide free shipping, sorts of kills the deal.

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      This is their MO

  • the 32gb is heaps good deal. 5 months ago I paid $125 for a 16gb stick. I tempted to make my machine to 64gb, any benefits of going from 32gb to 64gb RAM??

  • Does not work on Samsung 980 Pro 2TB ;(