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[iOS] Paramount Plus Subscription for $5.99/Year (iOS App Required)


Seems like there is a pricing error for Paramount+ on the Apple ecosystem.

Need an iOS device to take advantage.


  • Download the Paramount App on iOS
  • Sign up to a Monthly subscription (you are not charged here as there’s a free 7 day trial)
  • Go into your Subcriptions in Apple Settings and select “anual” at $5.99
  • You’re good until 2022

Get it while you can and enjoy 😄

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      ahah come on now

  • Thanks OP! Getting hot!

  • have they changed price? cant see $5.99

  • Thanks! Great deal if not cancelled

  • Don't see 5.99 only 8.99

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      Did you check subscriptions in the Apple settings? Not paramount+ app settings.

      • I dont have subscription as its saying 8.99 and then asking to add a payment not sure why im only one seeing 8.99

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          Sign up for monthly first. Then go to out or Paramount to your App Store app, click on your profile (top right picture), click on "Subscriptions", click on Paramount+ and the option for "anual $5.99" will be available.

      • I believe I have done it now I have in my payments history three paramount first two being 0 and latest one being 5.99 I take I ignore the other ones as I never followed up with them with payment.
        I’m wondering if you guys are canceling now so they can’t charge the yearly sub.

    • I could only see $8.99/month too - but I had signed up previously on Apple TV. Went into the app and signed up again - now I can see two subscriptions available. First one changed to Paramount+ on Apple TV and only has the $8.99/month option. New one says Paramount+ and has the $5.99/year :) Cancelled the Apple TV one. Happy days. Thanks OP.

    • Yeah it says 8.99, but it’s after you accept the 5.99

  • Done. Used credit. Awesome find. This is why I ozbargain.

  • can someone with an apple ios help me with this?

    • What part?

    • Follow the instructions on the post

  • Great deal! Worked for me

  • No app on my samsung tv app store…Jesus C

  • +3

    so apart from good pricing…. what's on Paramount+ that's worth watching?

    • +3

      Paw patrol

      • Was going to say the same~~lol

    • +12

      Buy first watch/think later

    • +3

      Neighbours /s

      New Dexter season will be on Paramount+ as well.

    • +3


    • +3


      • Awesome! I had 10 all access at one point and got through about 15 seasons…

    • Top Gun on Repeat, until Maverick is released next year.

    • Old Macgyver!

    • Dexter New Blood is gonna be on Paramount+. That's the only reason I got it. Also South Park (+the new movies) if you're into that.

    • American Rust is why I downloaded it, starring Jeff Daniels, out in a couple of days.

      • It’s already there to watch. The reviews are pretty bad though.

        • Oh no, really? That's disappointing.

  • Thanks op

  • +2

    This is going to be interesting when they cancel everyone’s subscription.

    • +2

      CEO like… Whatever the marketing dept did, its working, guys!!! Kudos…

  • it says $89.99 per year for me. Am I doing something wrong?

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      Sign up for monthly in the app itself, then change the subscription in your phone's settings (not the paramount+ app settings)

    • +5

      Go to "subscriptions" under apple settings and don't scroll to Apps and Paramount - that is what I did, and in case you're doing the same

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      Sign up to the monthly option @ $8.99/month. You are setting up a subscription for it but because of the 7-day trial you're not automatically billed. Once you've set it up, you then go to your iDevice's Settings > (your Apple ID name) > Subscriptions, where you should find Paramount+ and toward the top will be "Paramount+ anual (1 Year)" @ $5.99. Here, you change your subscription to it.

  • Done, thanks OP!

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    Thanks OP. Hope it is not cancelled by Paramount / Apple later on by some means..

  • Anyway you can do this w/o an issue device?

  • Thanks - great deal!

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    Someone's getting fired

  • +4

    Cancelled and then add again.. you get for 2 years in $12

    • Wow.nice hack

      • +2

        Sorry.. it says so but not working

        • Ah well. Still great value at $5.99/year

    • Still the same subscription I believe.

    • does this work for 2 years?

    • +2

      Pretty sure it just starts the subscription again in the next year. I.e. You can't pay for it now, and funds will only get deducted next year.

    • Does this work? Or am I missing how to do it. If I add again it says next payment 2022 and my card isn't charged again.

    • Steps?

    • +1

      Doesn't work, app store only renews on a yearly basis.

    • This doesn't work, perhaps they fixed it?

    • it's crazy..:)

    • This guy is switched on. Hacking the hack.

  • -1

    Can I do this on a PS5?

    Otherwise I'll have to try use my mum's phone later tonight if it's still working FML

  • Thanks

  • Worked for me just now

  • Do you get charged $8.99 first or $5.99 ?

  • Thanks!

  • +1

    Oh, the joy of seeing your email inbox flooded with comments but worth it! 😇

  • thanks Op! Brilliant!

  • +1

    The best deal. And what a pace this is getting upvotes at. Awesome and cheers OP.

    Edit: Guess Ozbargain itself is getting bargained. Stress tested ….. OK 😀

  • Sweet job mate!

    Done the deed!

  • Amazing deal. Thanks OP.

  • so do i Download the Paramount App on iOS does it matter if I use the 7 day trial then login change it to yearly subscription

    • No that’s exactly what I did and it worked

      • +1

        so i sign up download app create monthly subscription then change to yearly ?

        • +1

          You do what it says in the instructions of this deal.

  • Wow thanks OP!

  • Score!! Thanks Op

  • +9

    Says in the terms and conditions: Dexter will personally goes to your house at night to collect the remaining $84

    • +2

      I'm okay with that.

  • Can anyone actually watch anything? I subscribed anual for $5.99 but when I try to watch something, I get a "VRM error".

    • Works fine here

    • +1

      Yes, after signing up from my son's iPad, I signed in from my Galaxy phone to test watch MacGyver.
      Thanks OP!

      • Which account is used to sign in in the Galaxy device? iOS noob here.

        • +1

          The same account that I used to sign up for Paramount+ on the iPad.

    • Works fine on Android

  • got it. thanks OP

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