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[iOS] Paramount Plus Subscription for $5.99/Year (iOS App Required)


Seems like there is a pricing error for Paramount+ on the Apple ecosystem.

Need an iOS device to take advantage.


  • Download the Paramount App on iOS
  • Sign up to a Monthly subscription (you are not charged here as there’s a free 7 day trial)
  • Go into your Subcriptions in Apple Settings and select “anual” at $5.99
  • You’re good until 2022

Get it while you can and enjoy 😄

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  • -1

    No chance they honour this, every 10000 subscriber that uses this means 1m out of their earnings. No way they accept that

    • +1

      Doesn’t work this way. >95% would have never gone for this at full price so it’s all incremental revenue. Could be a nice way to get the numbers up without pissing off the rights’ owners (blaming it on a manual error).

      • Yeah they were using the piracy argument, doesn’t hold much water.

    • +3

      I wouldn’t have signed up to them. It’s $6 more than 0. They have bugger all contents and expect people to pay $9/month.

  • Worked as per instructions, nice find OP, hope they don’t mess with us because of that spelling.

  • Wow, thanks op.

  • Oh shit. Thanks. Watching bleeper of a blooper on the Chappelle’s Show

    • +13

      Awesome find mate. Big Credit to you but I wouldn't credit a page that flat out refuses to show respect to the community and all the deals she reposts from here.

      • +3

        I had no idea Dave. I don’t even know who’s behind that page. That’s where I got it from but OP has copied my instructions here.

        Thanks for the heads up.

  • Thanks worked for me as well

  • Good deal but looks like I am screwed here.. I dont have apple device so I used my children's apple iphone to follow the process and now my paypal is added in the apple device and I can not remove it as it gives error that it is connected to an account. I am worried if kids download anything from app store and with paypal payment can be made.. any way I can get rid of that from iphone?

    • +1

      Maybe remove automatic payments for itunes from Paypal

      • Thanks Sudeep will try that

  • Only time I wished I bought an apple product

  • Why did I get slugged 19.99 and then 5.99?

  • Too good to be true, but it works!

  • Can highly recommend "American Rust" with Jeff Daniels.

  • worked! Thanks so much OP :D

  • +1
    1. Sincere thanks to the OP. It appeared to work!
    2. Still unsure if there’s ANYTHING I’d like to watch!
  • Thanks. Didn’t even check the catalogue. Guess I’ll have a year and 7 days to find out

    • Guess I’ll have a year and 7 days to find out

      Only a year since you have to subscribe to 1 year immediately.

      • Ah dang it. Can I cancel? Lost my 7 day trial… wow.

        • Lost my 7 day trial

          This error won't last for 7 days.

    • A year (I think you forfeited your trial)

      • Frankly you’re better off forfeiting the trial in the likely scenario that they’ll fix the annual pricing in the meantime.

    • A year. Free trial gets voided once you get onto the an(n)u(a)l plan.

  • Anybody had success on an android phone?
    Also, I have an old iPhone 5 at home. Is this too old to use this app?

    • +1

      Anybody had success on an android phone?

      No only IOS .

  • Charged the 5.99 already thought it was a free trial so should it not be after then?

    • +1

      Charged the 5.99

      Did you follow instruction, do monthly first with 7 days trial and subscribe to $5.99/year after?

    • +2

      Possibly, but in this case you’re probably better taking the hit for the $5.99 immediately in the likely scenario that they fix it in the meantime.

      There’s still the possibility they’ll revoke the subscription once they’ve fixed it, but that’s less likely.

  • Thank you OP! My original account didn’t allow it as it kept saying “for subscription please log in on the same device you set it up with” and cos I did it on regular browser it wouldn’t let me change it.

    Made a new account and have now got the “anual” sub :)

  • Great find OP. Hopefully they don’t revoke it. I feel since it was done through the Apple ecosystem, it might be more of a bother for them to - so we might get lucky.

  • crap contents but who cares for $6 🤣

  • +1

    Any hacks for Android users?

    • +15

      Buy an iPhone

      • or borrow for a sec

    • +1

      Apple won’t take the hit (apart for the cut they take, which is small bananas), they’re just facilitating the subscription/payment through their ecosystem. Paramount will take the hit.

      • +2

        Still good for them , a lot of us may not even watch it.

  • Any recommendations to watch on Paramount Plus?

    • +1

      American Rust

    • survivor baby! gonna watch season 19

    • So far I've found the latest South Park and Rhys Darby in Japan . (Not watched though)

  • Lol was gonna rent Infinite via Amazon which cost 4.99. Pay a bit more here you get whole year worth of subscription ..WIN

    • +4

      Glad you didn’t, infinite isn’t worth it

    • +1

      infinite is not worth 4.99. Maybe 2.99 :D Anyway WIN for 1 year of subscription

  • +1

    Oz Bargainers lol. You guys are legends. At least I can make someone happy and busy :)

  • +1

    Logged in to upvote OP thanks mate

  • Can you subscribe and then log into another Apple so say my wife can use it as well too?

    • +2

      Yes account sharing works when you sign into your paramount plus account from any device/os

    • +1

      Yes I just login on my Google Chromecast TV , no problem.

  • Trying to download the app on iPad but stuck on waiting. Must be getting OzBargained.

    Edit: stopped and restarted and it's fine now

  • +4

    Amazing - thank you!
    Although, it's not worth more than $6 a year

  • Thanks OP. Great find. I was able to get the annual subscription fro $5.99

  • +2

    Nicely done, OP.

    I think they've made more money from this deal being posted than the standard AU price.

  • -1

    Cheers :)

  • Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Still working. This is a cracking deal, well done OP.

  • Thanks Op

  • Thanks mate 👍

  • +3

    Great deal. The selection of content, however, is abysmal.

  • Does it work for Android

    • +4

      Does one not know how to read the title?

  • Just did it on my brothers phone and it worked.

    Do I have to cancel the trial now or how does that work? Like will I be billed the 8.99 after the 7 days are up?

    I don't have an apple phone so not sure how the "subscriptions" thing on the phone itself works with this.

    • +1

      Nah, this changed your subscription over. So you're all good.

      • Oh ok awesome! Wasn't sure how that subscription thing works on Apple phones so thanks for clarifying :)

  • Does this only allow you to watch via Ipad/Iphone? Only seems to let me sign in via app, not on web-browser

    • +2

      It creates your account - from there you can watch on any platform the app is available

    • You can sign in through the browser, button is top right

    • +1

      I had trouble signing in even though my password was right. I ended up resetting it and now I can access it through the web/app/apple tv etc

  • Epic!

  • done, thanks OP! has anyone figured out how to create a profile? i could not for the life of me make another profile

  • Thanks OP.

  • Thanks op :D

  • Done, worked. Now, I think I get that this isn't the point here… but is there actually anything worth watching??

    • haha thats exactly my conclusion. i guess i dont have to buy a couple coffees next week…but i probably will anyway

  • Thank you OP, great deal.

  • Finally a proper use of my new iPad Air 😜

    • Me too.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, signed up for it but can't find anything good to watch. I will keep my Netflix.

  • Instructions:
    - Download the Paramount App on iOS
    - Sign up to a Monthly subscription (you are not charged here as there’s a free 7 day trial)
    - Go into your Subcriptions in Apple Settings and select “anual” at $5.99
    - You’re good until 2022

    i did all this then when I goto paramount+ settings it says 89.95 upfront

    Appletv I'm using not the Apple iPhone

    • +4

      AppleTV isn’t ios, so you’ve already gone wrong at the first step

    • Maybe try on Apple Iphone then?

      • charging my phone now hopefully i can

    • yeah but you are paying through iTunes now officially. Paramount+ app will show the correct amount because Apple buggered up here.

    • Not paramount+ settings
      Apple account setting where you manage subscriptions

  • Incredible. Thanks!

  • +1

    Don't forget to cancel sub after doing this ;)

    • Apparently you don't have to as it changes your subscription (which you can see in the account settings in the app).

      There's no trial option or monthly billing option, just 'annual')

      • It just canceled mine expires sep 2022

    • +1

      Does the service still run for the remainder of the year (till Sep 2022) or does it end when you cancel?

      • Remainder of the year

      • It's valid until September 2022 even if you cancel

      • You will still get the full year when u cancel now. I cancelled mine but my sub expires 10 sept 2022

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