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[iOS] Paramount Plus Subscription for $5.99/Year (iOS App Required)


Seems like there is a pricing error for Paramount+ on the Apple ecosystem.

Need an iOS device to take advantage.


  • Download the Paramount App on iOS
  • Sign up to a Monthly subscription (you are not charged here as there’s a free 7 day trial)
  • Go into your Subcriptions in Apple Settings and select “anual” at $5.99
  • You’re good until 2022

Get it while you can and enjoy 😄

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      • Thx! Currently, there is nothing about sports.

  • +1

    So I had cancelled my trial which was supposed to end on aug 20th. But looks like I can still access and stream using an expired account.

    So confused if I have to subscribe for an year or just leave it as it is

  • Will it work on Mac?

  • Thanks OP. I tried to do it on Apple TV, shagged me around for 15 mins, then I cancelled, uninstalled it and started again on an iPhone.
    Worked like a charm.
    Content is a bit limited but early days and there is better coming, by the look of things

  • Haha mad! Done!

  • Just wondering any show or movie worth watching?

  • This is the deal of the year

    • Agree!

  • There's Blues Clues!!!! Best deal ever

  • Done!

    Wow they have so many spongebob episodes! Worth it!

  • +6

    it's going to be ages before Paramount figures this one out.

    Monday morning its going be like "oh my goodness look at all the new subscribers…….. projected revenue for the next 12 month is…..oh"

  • Done - thanks. The quality of the streams is very very low… am i missing something?

    • +1

      Well yeah look at the amount of viewers that just signed up in the past 4 hours.

    • You didn't miss anything, their fault.

    • Server overload most likely considering they have probably tripled their user base in 2 hours

    • +1

      It just needs a 4:3 setting and it could market itself as a retro vhs thing.

    • When it casting on tv, it is ok. However, on my computer, the resolution is less than 720P.

  • I have the Paramount+ app on my Sony TV
    This is a great deal

  • Thanks op got it….

  • +2

    It's got OZ on there so that's my $6 worth right there.

    • Key and Peele for me. Cracks me up every time.

  • +3

    Thanks OP!

    Buy now, think later :)

    I followed OP instructions and can see the pending $5.99 transaction for the (typo) "anual" subscription.

    After I had the subscription activated, I had tested the app works via iPad, web-browser, and Android.

    Afterwards, went back to cancel the subscription. On your iOS> Settings> Subscriptions> Paramount+, next to the "Cancel Subscription" button and the cancellation pop-up both confirms the subscription will continue until mext year, e.g. 10-Sep-2022.

    After the subscription is cancelled, can confirm the Paramount+ still works. Currently watching Infinite via the Paramount+.

    PS - the TV-shows and Movies currently available on the Paramount+ is mediocre, but not bad for only $5.99 for a year.

    PPS - for those of you who are interested to see what shows and movies are available on Paramount+, you can use JustWatch to see what's New/Popular on that streaming sub.

    • +7

      Anual is not a typo. It's in Spanish.

      Much like the "mensual" option means monthly… And not menstrual.

      • Thanks for clarifying. Apologies for my ignorance.

      • +1

        But viewfinders mext year is

    • +1

      Why not set a reminder to cancel?
      My email says:

      Your subscription automatically renews for $5.99/year starting on 10 September 2022 until cancelled.

      I’d be happy to pay $5.99 again next year to watch Barbarella once more.

  • amazing. still works.
    will Paramount email advising cancel due to pricing error ?

    its listed as "ANUAL" not annual. ; )

  • done.

  • +5

    What a bargain. Went and bought an iPhone at JB to get this deal!!

    • +1

      iphone 13 coming next week .

      return within 7 days ; )

    • +6

      There are bargains but this is taking thing to another level

  • +3

    If you can't find the subscription in your Apple settings, this is what I did

    Go to the app store > settings > subscriptions

  • Subscribed. Thanks op!

  • Thanks OP, worked like a charm.

  • +15

    There is almost as many upvotes as there are COVID cases in NSW

    • +2

      This deal could not come at a better time, during lockdown.

    • +1

      Also shows lots of iphone users on this site.

      • +4

        Had to pull the iPad out of my 4 year olds hands to score this. Households might have an iPad of some sort if no iPhone

        • Great idea, may be I could get the cheapest ipad on the market to score this deal. BTW great investment to buy kid an ipad.

        • Raiders of the lost Tablet

      • There are…they just don't go to every android deal and talk down on android users.

  • Looks like it will reach 2000+ soon.

  • Thanks!

    Top post!

    Luckily I had my dad over and used his iPhone to do it.

  • Open settings > tap your name > subscriptions

  • Which is the most upvoted deal of all time on OzB?

  • Good find, but I prefer Netflix and Prime. They probably will adjust it anyway after finding out about the glitch!

    • They will fix it, but you get charged $5.99 immediately with the end date Sept 2022. So can take advantage for a year

  • This is amazing, had to update an old iphone in a drawer to make it work because subscriptions didn't show up on the old ios that was installed on it but it worked, thanks OP <3

    • Via the App Store in the old ios

  • I can’t find the app on my Samsung Q80T even though it should be supported.

    Has anyone with a Samsung TV found the app?

    • Same here, couldn’t find it on Samsung, but saw a video on some other models, it is available.

  • +5

    Don’t need another streaming service but got it anyway because it’s the same price as a stunner meal at Hungry Jacks

  • Confirmed, still works :D Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP!

  • Subscribed… and not a single show I’d watch haha. I am treating this like a $5.99 bet that they’ll come good in 12 months

  • mine just gets to the sign up screen for trial and when I click on monthly and select it just hangs there and doesn't progress..

  • Made my day!
    Thank you OP!

  • Is it correct you can have 2 concurrent streams with this? Is it easy to switch libraries via a VPN as with Prime (to watch US content)?

    • 3 concurrent I gathered from the intro screen. Haven’t tried VPN yet.

      • I can't get it to work with Windscribe, I tried a US address. 'Content Unavailable - sorry, but due to licensing restrictions […]'

    • Should be 3 based on my 30 second google search

    • VPN doesn’t work like Netflix. I connected to US server and got a message “can’t watch outside Australia” or something.

    • Us and Australia Paramount are separate. You can not use same log in.

  • boom. works

  • Thanks OP, followed instructions and got the same confirmation — Renews 10 Sep 2022

  • Anyone with an iOS device happy to sign me up if I transfer the money to you?
    Send me a PM if you are able to help out please? Thanks.

    • i think the deal is linked to the subscription made via an apple ID

  • Does anyone know what’s the deal with UFC fight pass app on iOS. It’s showing several prices for 1 year subscription

  • How many signed up to save 15% for $90 a year?

    Probably would have double the up votes if it could work on android too.

    • I think it will triple.

    • 15%? This deal saves you closer to 90% a year.

  • Thanks OP. What a steal

  • Anyone found a glitch for Android yet? :)

  • Thanks, amazing deal.

    Showtime shows are not bad.

    Evil is one of the best shows of the recent years imo.


  • +1

    That's $120 for next 20 years till pension.

    From email

    Your subscription automatically renews for $5.99/year starting on 10 September 2022 until cancelled

  • Who wants to go thirds on this deal? $2 per year 😁

  • Cheers OP!

    I might actually bother re-watching the early seasons of Survivor that I'm sure I watched but can't remember now. Its not like I've got much better to do in Lockdown 6

  • +1

    Great find OP, didn't even stop to think about it for that price!

    Given it's being paid via Apple, it wouldn't surprise me if they have no ability to cancel on us and are forced to let it stand. Don't really see any point in cancelling it either, if it renews next September at $6 again I'm not complaining!

    • +1

      You have ability to provide mass Pro-Rata refunds as a developer. But who knows they might not mind all this extra attention that this has given them.

      • They might if it costs them thousands in extra infrastructure and overhead to accompany all these additional users that are paying next to nothing for 12 months.

      • Considering it gets them thousands of subscribers, they might let it stand. Viewer numbers are more important than dollars to a brand new service. They might hope that thousands of us will forget to cancel in 12 months or get hooked on the service. Cancelling everyone might have a negative impact too, especially if it burns up the free trial that they want people to use

        • -1

          The renewal price in a years time is still $5.99 though lol

        • Putting the bet on that too. My guess is that the subscriber numbers would heavily play into their favour for statistics and marketing in acquiring new customers at the regular pricing.

      • You cannot issue refunds as a developer in App Store. Refunds are handled by Apple, but I can imagine with so many sales they might ask Apple to help them.

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