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10% off Watches @ Arktastic


Arktastic launches a new collection of watches. The brand “BERING” all the way from streets of ITALY is now available at Arktastic watch collection, with inaugural offer of 10% off by using code “WELCOMEOFF” at checkout.

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    Cheaper elsewhere even with 10% off: https://www.bijoux.com.au/bering-time/ultra-slim-polished-si...

    There's no bargain here.

    Also, doesn't seem to have any connection to "Italy" at all. Founder is Danish, has some love story with Greenland while company is setup in Germany and raves about Danish-design.

    There's not even an Italian service centre: https://beringtime.com/int/service-center

    Nor any confirmation of where the watches are made.

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      as Italian as filippo loreti

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        I'm more keen on Spaghetti Scameti?

        • i legit want a spagscam watch

    • They're 100% made in China.

  • The brand “BERING” all the way from streets of ITALY

    Yup, the kind of brand you see on the streets of Rome where those African scammers try and engage with some tourists through high pressure sales/intimidation tactics.

  • Arktastic aren't "selling" anything, it's just a marketplace.

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    Is this bargain? I dont even know this brand lol.

  • Bering has ugly watch designs

  • computer says no….

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