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Seiko 5 Automatic SNK809 $109, SNK795 $121.43 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Good prices on these at the moment although they sometimes go for lower.


Stainless Steel Case
Nylon Strap
Automatic Movement
Caliber: 7S26A
Hardlex Crystal
21 Jewels
Black Dial
Analog Display
Luminous Hands And Markers
Day And Date Display
Pull/Push Crown
See Through Case Back
Buckle Clasp
30M Water Resistance

Approximate Case Diameter: 37mm


Stainless Steel Case
Stainless Steel Bracelet
Automatic Movement
Hardlex Crystal
Black Dial
Day And Date Display
Luminous Hands And Marker's
See-Through Case Back
Fold-Over Clasp With Push Button
30m Water Resistance
Approximate Case Diameter: 37mm

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +11

    These are great watches for people with skinny wrists. Don't forget 6% cashback @ Cashrewards.
    The Urban Gentry Review SNK809

    • +3

      How good is TGV, really got (back) into watches thanks to him. Bloke is all class.

      • -3

        TGV is such an insufferable twat he almost got me (back) out of watches. The topics he covers could be quite interesting, but his persona is grating and his delivery is borderline unwatchable.

        insert 5min bit with a toy dinosaur


        • WatchesCircleJerk is leaking 😂

          • @Zacsik: I didn't even know that sub existed until now.


        • He has Italian heritage, owns a house in the UK and lives in New York. His "upper crust" manner isn't fake. He has videos on Bialetti, memento mori, EDC, etc.

    • +2

      Yep that'd be my wrists (I think kids have larger wrists than me loll)… I have two of these in different styles and they are great.

    • Nice video. Ok Caio.

  • +4

    I wish these had a quartz variant, or someone did a decent quartz copy.

    • +25

      I wish these had a quartz variant

      Said no one ever

      • +5

        quartz watches are nice if you don't wear the same watch every day or simply don't want to wear a watch every day, i like automatics but i didn't realise they had such short power reserves and when i want to wear it i have to reset the time and date (not the deal watch) every time.

      • +2

        Love Quartz watches and mechanical ones

      • +6

        solar powered quartz watches are the best.

      • Well, clearly, I said it. I don't care for automatic watches.

      • +6

        I very much prefer quartz over automatic. Superior accuracy, cheaper, less maintenance costs. At actually being a watch and telling the time quartz is much better. Of course solar and kinetic are better still.

      • +1

        One of the most well known field watches, the CWC British Military G10 was actually a quartz movement due to their better reliability so there's definitely a market and need for them. I have this SNK809 and when I put it on a Nato strap, imo it becomes visually too thick in proportion to its diameter and can snag on the cuff and the like. A quartz movement would allow for a slimmer case without any of these issues.

    • +5

      Do you mean a similar size or just in that style? There's plenty of cheapo homages on Aliexpress.

      Citizen have a 37mm model that's in the same field watch style, but I think it's discontinued now. The only place I could find it at a reasonable price is Jomashop (prices in USD) -
      Citizen Eco-Drive BM8180-03E Old post.

      • Both size and style. I already had an ali special that I actually liked a lot, but the needles just fell off one day. That citizen looks like it might be the ticket.

        • +1

          This is 40mm but a good price - Timex Expedition Scout 40 (4 in stock) - $54.21 delivered
          Might tick loud though.

          • @WatchNerd: I had an Expedition for about a week - I couldn't believe how small it was! Was a shame. Looked gorgeous, but had to sell.

          • +1

            @WatchNerd: Well, I've already ordered the Citizen, but I had an Amazon gift card, so that was a freebie. :D

          • @WatchNerd: Although I didn't have this exact timepiece, I agree about the sound, I wanted to put it on my dresser table beside my bed at night but the ticking was too loud for me even when i put it in the bedside drawer. To be fair, I am the sort to need close to pin drop silence when I sleep.

        • +2

          Alba (Seiko) AEFD557 is worth a look too.


          • @devilbabies: Hey, not bad. I've already purchased the Citizen, but I'll remember this for the future.

            • +1

              @vol4321: If anyone else is looking at a quartz field watch, the Pulsar Solar PX3221X is on sale right now elsewhere. Pulsar even has history providing actual quartz field watch to the british military and its movement was used in the CWC G10. It has more wrist presence at 39.5mm but it should still wear fine on skinny wrist because of the black dial and the short lugs reducing the lug to lug distance or overhang. I have a skinny 6 inch wrist and wear a 40mm diameter watch with 45mm lug to lug distance very comfortably.

          • +1

            @devilbabies: You beat me to suggesting it! I have this model, it is very noticeably slimmer and lighter to the SNK809 (which I also have) and imo has a nicer dial than the SNK809, which is marginally harder to read at a glance. The SNK809 has some flieger watch design influences that I feel were meant for bigger dials (which is a plus if you want that in a small watch).

    • +1

      Sticking with Seiko…. if you really wanted a similar style with quartz, these cost more but I think are really cool.

    • +3

      Citizen BM8180-03E


      edit: just saw that WatchNerd beat me.

      Also Seiko SBCA001 if you can find one second hand.

      • I wanted the Seiko Spirit SBCA001 so badly for myself, if only it was still in production and didnt have hiked up prices. I think it looks better than snk809, please bring it back Seikooo whyyy

    • I had an old Seiko SNE245 that was a solar battery with quartz movement. On a full charge it'd last 6 months.

      Otherwise try an old Chronosport quartz watch. They're US and Swiss made from the 1970's-80's. Top quality watches with swiss movements at Seiko prices. Some of their nicer ones end up being up over $1k though - if you can find them.

    • Police, this man!
      I don't know if I could go with a traditional Quartz again after buying my first auto mechanical. The only caveat is I'm looking for a Quarts Solar for my next watch.

      Serious answer, check out Timex.

  • i’ve got the SNK809, any suggestions for a compatible bracelet?

  • +4

    SNK809 was my first automatic watch. Love it!

  • +1

    Awesome first automatic watch, great pairing up with a variety of straps and can also be modded to look completely different if you so choose. If you change the crystal to a domed crystal, it looks really nice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4d-1P6xJrrg

  • I bought this during Amazon Prime and it hasn't left my wrist since - except to swap out the bands. I've purchased around 20+ nato straps off Aliexpress and swap it out every few days depending on my mood.

    Great watch and decent movement. I have to readjust it maybe once a week.

  • I'd recommend people going through the reviews on Amazon before buying.

    • This is such a basic rule for any purchase, but what exactly made you think that it's worth reminding that rule for these (great) watches?

  • Great watch for someone with very small wrists.


  • I've been wearing one basically every day since 2012. Swimming, snorkelling, hiking, skiiing, carpentry, mechanical stuff, i never take it off and it just keeps going.

    I would suggest a nato strap though so if a spring bar fails you wont loose the watch.

    • Are you sure it's this model? This model is only 3ATM water resistant, so it's definitely not supposed to be worn swimming. It's a shame; it's a nice looking field watch but such poor water resistance really let's it down.

      • Yes I'm sure. It's an 807 which just means blue color. The box says 30m water resistance, which I completely get isn't a depth measurement, but I've never had a drama with snorkeling or jet skiing.

        • +1

          living on the edge :)

          • +1

            @olderman: I reckon the risk of water damage is lower than the risk of losing it if i were to remove it at the beach :)

  • It's a great watch, I purchased one during the last sale about this price.
    Two things I wish I knew before I purchased.

    The Amazon version comes from Malaysia NOT Japan and buy a GOOD band immediately because the one that comes with the watch sucks.

    I recommend the Barton Canvas straps

    Or the Bond Nato strap (this one was cheap and great quality!)

    • Nothing wrong with the Seiko factory in Malaysia?

      • -1

        No, but when I purchased a Japanese watch brand, I kinda expected it to come from Japan.

  • the included strap is scratchy and not great looking but it's a fantastic watch if you add on a leather nato strap

  • Grabbed one. Thanks.

  • Is this automatic or quartz? Listing said 1 CR2 batteries required?

    • Both are mechanical watches with automatic selfwinding movement (you can't manually wind it).

      PS: I wonder where did you find CR2 battery requirement? Amazon's descriptions sometimes are wrong, but I couldn't find CR2 reference for either of them.

  • Any suggestion something similar to SNK795 (style and size) but in quarts or solar?

  • i loved this watch, but i have regular wrist. it looked like i was wearing my girlfriends watch. i just put it in my collection.

  • Such a classy look. Love this thing. Wish it could have been a little cheaper :/

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