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Swisse Men's Ultivite Multivitamin 120 Tablets $27.99 Free Delivery or C&C @ Chemist Warehouse


Try FREE FAST DELIVERY – One Week ONLY – Delivery from your local store within 24 hours! Not sure what date free delivery ends but guessing September 19th.

Swisse Ultivite Men's Multivitamin is a premium quality formula containing 52 vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and herbs tailored for men. It supports healthy stress response in the body, maintains energy production, stamina and vitality, and supports cognitive function.

Size: 120 Tablets

Also available at Amazon for the same price with Prime free delivery.

Also available at Amazon for the sa

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  • -3

    Seems expensive.

    I got a box of 60 the other week for around $10.

    • +2

      Is that Panamax you talking about mate?

      • At those rates, it'd want to be PanaCrack

        Panamax clocks in at $0.69 per 100 on special

        • Is Panamax on sale at the moment. It is cheaper to buy at pharmacy direct than cw. Cw prices are not as cheap as they use to be. I am often having to get them to price match a competitor. A sign that they realised they were not making a big enough profit. Wait till Priceline is run by Wesfarmers which is on the cards. They will know cw for six as Priceline will be promoted as a no frills pharmacy like Bunnings.

          • @BargainBenno: I dont even buy paracetamol, doesn't do anything for me.

            Not sure if you are following the conversation or the link, that link is clearly from June. Not sure if it's on sale, was making a point.

            I don't disagree about Priceline, as something needs to change for them to survive.

      • its often 60 for $10 at coles/woolies

        • +1

          30 tablets for $10, 60 tables for $15 when half price.

    • For your son?

  • Having too much trouble trying to get Fast Free delivery working. Will have to wait until I've got >$50 for the usual free shipping

    All items in cart are available for C&C at my chosen store AND all items in the cart are also available for regular delivery. Why it rejects the Fast option further along is beyond me…

    • The women’s at catch is not as cheap as the men’s at catch. Not sure what the catch is about the women’s that makes it more expensive?

  • -3

    A friendly reminder that these are not miracle pills; if you don't already have a specfic difficiency this is likely to reward you with expensive neon green pee only. Eat properly.

    • +1


      Remember where you are though (eat properly)…

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