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Moccona Freeze Dried Instant Coffee 400g $16.00 @ Woolworths (in Store & Online)


For those still in lockdown and needing instant coffee at home.

Saw the Big Boy Jar's for $16 @ Woolworths today!


That's the same (or near enough) as the price of the 200g jars.

$4/100g pretty cheap for this necessity.

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    Every week the price is $16 at either Coles or Woolies. It's like they are taking turns to have it on sale.

    • I've seen each do that on the smaller jar's but not the 400g.
      Maybe I've just never noticed before.

    • That's how their price cycles work. That's also the reason why I haven't paid full price on the majority of my non-perishable foods and cleaning products in years - I play their price cycle game and buy in bulk :-)

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    Amazon S&S $14.40.

    • If you need a 400g jar each month, I'm assuming you're not sleeping much or drinking anything else.

      Either that or you have a big household! lol… 400g of instant a month (S&S) is a fair bit of black, watery, fluid!

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        You can either S&S then cancel it after the first jar got delivered or set it at an interval that suits your consumption.

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        Don’t think I’ve ever use S&S to get anything monthly

        Normally set to yearly and cancel once it arrives

  • I need a coffee now!

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    Yeah $16 is standard pretend sale price. $14 is the real sale price.

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    I never buy it for more than $16.

    • Well, here is some more for you if you need some! :)

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    Ever since they changed the formula of this to massive disappointment we've been buying the Coles Organic Fairtrade Gold Freeze Dried Coffee, it's the same price as Moccona when Moccona is on special and the flavour is much much better.

    • But Coles changed their formula and packing a few months ago. I had switched to it from Moccona and now I am lost. Any suggestions?

      • Recommendations… Stop drinking instant? :)

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