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Complimentary Wide-Tooth Comb Accessory (Valued $98) for Dyson Supersonic HD01, HD02, HD03 & HD04 Owners @ Dyson Help


This is for exisiting owners of Dyson Supersonic hair dryer models HD01, HD02, HD03 and HD04. You only need your serial number in order to claim, no receipt required.

Screenshot of claim

If you don't trust the link, Just go to dyson.com.au , live chat and then type "Claim complimentary hair care accessories" and they will send you a link .

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    why is it banned on Ozbargain? just curious, thx

    • The site doesn't seem to be linked anywhere from the official site and we've had notice from a Dyson employee that the site is not legitimate. However as we all know with the latter, employees aren't always aware of all promotions.

      At the time, we had no confirmation of anyone receiving the accessory so we asked OP to repost once confirmed. The OP has now confirmed they've received the accessory + customer service is giving out the same link so dyson-help has now been reactivated.

      • Received mine. Accessed the site before it was taken down. It’s $49 RRP

      • Received mine. Ordered 8/8 received by 20/8

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    Doesn’t work
    *edit: seems to work using the direct link

    • Got mine today even though I bought my hairdryer 3 years ago

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    Went to the link in the pic, seems to work. Thanks OP

  • US or Canada link is the closest I can find: https://www.dysoncanada.ca/en/support/quick-links/dyson-supe...

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    Link address above. I got it to work despite not remembering my purchase date so just put in an approximate date.

  • Does this work if you purchased Dyson product through Sephora?

  • Thanks OP! My dyson supersonic was purchased in 2017 but I can still claim the accessories - nice!

    • I bought mine in Oct 2016 and successfully claimed!

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    Thanks op just claimed. Will be my wife birthday present 🤣

  • Thanks guys, hope it works!

    Anyone receive confirmation email? I didn’t get any

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      Make sure you keep the auto reply (if there was one). Last time I submitted a claim for the free stand but when I asked a few months later they said they did t receive it. My only proof was an Ozbargain comment I made referring to the free stand lol, they accepted it though

  • thanks

  • Looks like it doesn't work for my dyson that I bought overseas years ago.

    • I got on the chat and gave them the serial from a UK model that we bought over there and they have organised to send the freebies for me.

      • Thanks, that would be nice.

  • Thanks OP, Christmas sorted!

  • Isn’t wide comb attachment valued at $49? Why does it say $98 in the title?
    Is there anything else we can claim apart from wide comb attachment?

  • Thanks OP - got ours back in 2018 and the AU link the others posted seems to work. Says expect 10-14 days delivery

  • +2

    anyone else getting "This serial number does not exist" message when you enter the serial number? I've entered and checked about 5 times.

    • Yes. Where did you purchase from? Ours was from Sephora

      • Dyson directly

        • I got mine from Myer. Says it isn't recognised. A5H-AU-KEJ####A

          • @lewislardboy: Per comments below, try M5K-AU-KEJ and whatever numbers at the end and it seems to be accepted.

    • Have you registered your device with Dyson post-purchase?

    • just got off customer service and they told me my model was HD-07 so it already has the accessories. So you should try to find out whether yours is any of the HD01 to HD04 listed on the website

  • Thanks OP - excited.

  • +1

    Thanks, managed to claim for my 2017 Supersonic 😁 2 free after-purchase accessories from them, pretty good service for existing customers.

    • Besides this one, what was the other one?

      • +1

        They gave out a free stand in 2018 for purchases within a certain date range

  • Says my serial number doesnt exist. it's a HD01 purchased in 2019

  • That URL looks hella dodgy - dyson-help.com

    It's registered to a 'Cielo Group' https://www.whois.com/whois/dyson-help.com

    Can someone confirm it's to be trusted?

    • +8

      just go to dyson.com.au and live chat, then complimentary hair care accessories and they will give you a link which is the same link that has been posted here.

      • -9

        Doesnt address ryan's concern. Its still the same dodgy link registered as Cielo Group.

        • +3

          And its officially approved by Dyson. Some real einsteins floating this board.

          • -1

            @w37hsyea: Can you show me how it's approved by Dyson? Where's the link on dyson.com (or dyson.com.au) to this domain? If I can get it via live chat, I'd trust - but I have no proof otherwise.

            • @ryanhunt: I have the same concern there. The live chat instructions given give me a link to their accessories shop page and nothing on another domain.

            • @ryanhunt: One possible answer is that the promo may have been [targeted] because Dyson is not floating the promotion through its traditional platforms. Most staff don't have the complete details on the promotion that we would like, but staff have a brief description and a live link for the promo on file.

              It is 100% real and I have personally confirmed it with Dyson through live link and phone.

      • Except I did, and it isn't.

        • +4

          I don't know why you'd think its a conspiracy to get spam or identity theft. All they are asking for is a serial number and address/phone number.

          Ask This and then to put your mind at ease.

  • Yup, there was a flyer for this in the box (recent purchase). Thought it was standard.

  • +1

    Specifically engineered for curly and coily hair, the Wide-tooth comb has robust teeth to help lengthen hair as it dries and create shape.

    Folks, don't claim if this isn't your hair.

  • Got one - thanks!

  • cheers OP

  • Thanks OP. Anyone received a confirmation email?

    • +1

      I just spoke to chat - they said you should get an email or SMS when it's been dispatched

    • +1

      claimed - didn't get any confirmation

  • thanks op

  • +6

    Anyone complaining about this deal being spam, just look at the deal where we all signed up with our details to get a free balloon resistance band.

    Do not be hypocrites.

  • Ordered Thanks!

  • Thanks OP. Claim done :)

  • +1

    Can we claim flyaway attachment as well?

    • None available in Australia, but purchased a fake one for $60 on eBay.
      After it arrived 2 weeks later saw their price has dropped to $30 so purchased another one for my other home.
      It works really well.

  • Am I an idiot?
    Where is the serial number on the device? Or is it not…

    • +1

      This may help.

      • Hah. Great, thanks.
        For anyone else,

        On the power cord near the plug

  • Great find!! Thanks heaps! Needed an extension like this!

  • +4

    I don't know why, but apparently these are the only accepted prefixes for the Australian market:

    "au": ["M5K-AU", "K9D-AU", "C6M-AU", "F8W-AU", "C6J-AU", "F9K-AU", "F5B-AU", "C6K-AU", "G8M-AU", "RZ3-AU", "RY9-AU", "RZ1-AU", "WY8-AU", "A8W-AU", "B1U-AU", "UX7-AU", "YE5-AU", "ZK9-AU", "B8M-AU", "B8C-AU", "VJ1-AU", "VC6-AU", "VC7-AU", "TZ9-AU", "RZ2-AU", "K9D-AU", "F8W-AU", "AF1-AU", "H1D-AU", "FJ7-AU", "C6K-AU", "C6J-AU", "C6M-AU", "F5B-AU", "F9K-AU", "VK3-AU", "G8M-AU"],

    Full list here: https://pastebin.com/ECGvH2Q3

    (It's not accepting my (HD01) A5H-AU)

    • :(
      A5H-AU team here too…

      • SAME, emailed them, waiting to hear back

        • SAMEEEEE

          • @flying18: In case you missed it, see comment just below

    • +4

      I just changed my serial number's prefix with one above and it accepted it. Let's see what happens.

      • genius. did the same and it let me order.

  • +2

    I think I'm most surprised that quite a few OzBargainers have Dyson hairdryers.

    • +1

      We need bargains for ourselves, so our wives have more to spend on "Absolutely NOT bargains".

    • +2

      I got mine for 44% off from Dyson store. Seems like a bargain for me

    • +1

      First one was compliments of flybuys points,
      Spare one is a discontinued blue and gold for $300 from Dyson Australia a few months ago.

    • +1

      … Or have hair to use a hairdryer on

  • Ordered. Thanks OP :-)

  • thanks

  • Got one thanks

  • What exactly is it supposed to do to curly/coily hair? Straighten it?

  • Ordered one thanks, haven't got one yet delivered but will post again

    • Received about 3 days ago. Thanks

  • Did anyone receive an email confirmation of the order? I got nothing

    • They don't tend to send an automated email until they are shipping.

  • Cheers OP. Ordered :)

  • Direct link worked fine for me.

    Don’t claim it if you don’t trust it.

  • Ordered. Purchase date was 2016 after looking through my emails.

    Let's wait 14 days.

  • I claimed it yesterday and would love it if they sent the flyaway attachment too!

  • Their response about serial "This serial number does not exist."

    The Wide Tooth Comb was designed for use with the HD03 Supersonic model however was released after the HD03 was on the market. Therefore it was offered as a complimentary gift for those that purchased this model February 2021 onward as we didn't have a chance to put it in the box. If you are eligible to make a claim I can assist you now.

    It looks like that link is coming from the Dyson US website which is why it isn't recognising your AU serial number. The complimentary Wide Tooth Comb was only available with the purchase of the later HD03 Supersonic model, not for the original HD01 model, and was applicable for all HD03 Supersonic's purchased after February 2021.

    Should you require any further information regarding your product, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    doesn't make sense… and the website mentions "Only available for Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer owners of models HD01, HD02, HD03 and HD04."

    • I replied saying it mentions my model and also the page has the country code locked to Australia and got this:

      We can confirm this promotion is not a Dyson Australia Offer.

      If we can assist with any further queries, please let us know. We are happy to help.

  • +3

    Just received a shipping SMS.

    Dyson have processed your request for the Wide-Tooth Comb. This will leave within 5-7 working days and tracking will be sent separately when available. Further details have been sent via email. Questions? Please email [email protected] with reference wtc-xx-xxxx

    • just received the same text! yay

    • +1

      Came here to post the same, received the same message. And I changed the beginning of my serial number as otherwise it didn’t approve it, although it was HD01.

    • me too. I've got the same text

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