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Infinity Gaming Laptop (17.3", QHD, i7, RTX 3070, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) $2699 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Umart


Seems like a good deal for RTX 3070 GPU and QHD screen. Not sure how good a brand is Infinity.

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    You’d be better off sticking with Lenovo if that deal is still on. Same specs and a better price too.

    • Second this

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      This is available right away though. You could be waiting a long time for Lenovo.

      • Ordered an Ideapad Gaming on Tuesday last week and still don't have any updates. For what it's worth they assure me it'll be sent this week from Sydney….

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    Infinity are just Clevo rebadge like Metabox. The recent Lenovo Legion Pro deals are better IMO.

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      eh not really, infinity uses tongfang(mainland chinese) designs, and they vary quite a bit from clevo(taiwanese) ones

  • I believe this is the same chassis reviewed on Jarrod's tech, albeit with a ryzen CPU.


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    None of my gaming laptops lasts more than three years……

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      Are you taking care of them? Because I've had no issues even with cheap laptops.

      • I'm taking care of all of them. My first one was a Samsung R70 with Geforce 8600GS, GPU was dead after one year and that was the common problem for the entire Nvidia 8000 series in laptops. Samsung replaced the motherboard for me and the same problem happened again one year later. My second one was a Clevo W355ss with a GTX 860M, GPU was dead after three years. My third one was a rebadged Clevo P650 with GTX1070, there was a design problem in its graphics card power supply unit and the GPU was dead after 2 years. Now I'm using a Dell XPS 9840 desktop bought from last year's deal and so far it's alright. By the way, my wife's XPS 13 9600 got some memory issues and stopped working 13 months after purchasing. Dell technicians changed the motherboard twice then finally fixed the problem. My friend's Alienware desktop has been repaired 6 times and they still haven't solved the problem.

        But not all my laptops can't last a long time. My second Samsung laptop with GeForce 9200 is still working after 13 years. My old Acer got from work is also fine for 7 years now. And I'm currently using an HP EliteBook 830G5 for 3 years and no problem at all.

  • I use an Infinity laptop for work, at one stage my SSD completely broke down, had to be replaced, which they did no questions asked which was great.
    However when Infinity returned it, the ports on the left side stopped working completely, including my headphone jack…

    Other than that it's been solid..