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UMIDIGI BISON Pro (Helio G80, Dual SIM, 4GB/128GB, IP68/IP69K) $183.59 ($179.51 eBay Plus) Shipped @ Umidigi-Au-Official eBay


Operating System:Android 11
MTK Model:Helio G80
Screen Size:6.3 in
Storage Capacity:128 GB
SIM Card Slot: Dual SIM (SIM + SIM/Memory Card)
Memory Card Type:MicroSD

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  • With 4gb ram good luck with that these days.

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      For the price of this phone it's fine.

      I can get the 8GB ram version foe $213.51 with discount code YMMV.

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        PSEP12 will get it down to $209.43. Just bought one to replace the phone my son broke. Hopefully the robust nature of this one will help prevent similar losses.

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          Haha,…..just as well I said YMMV and in your favour too. Winning lol.

  • Anyone ever had this phone ? Reviews are hard to find online. Ordered the new Blackview BL5000 after our Blackview 9800 pro stopped working from a 50cm fall…

    • I have the older one with 6gb ram, for the price paid its pretty great and I can't complain. I think if it lasts another year (I've had it 1 year now and use it fairly hard) I'll be pretty happy with it and consider getting another. I do have some minor gripes main one being the camera is not as good as the numbers would suggest, but again i paid maybe $250? I think it's probably better than any other phone in that bracket. I bought my wife a xiaomi note 9 pro and she doesn't like it anywhere near as much as I like this.

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    bought the phone on release day, took 2 months to arrive. lasted 1 month and 1 trip on kayak . supposed to be waterproof, took a few pic, not even submerged and the charging contacts oxydised and turned blue.. washed it out with fresh water, day after it wouldnt charge anymore.
    on inspection, the contacts corroded, 5 months of dispute with aliexpress and only got partial refund. they must have gotten so many complaints that they closed the aliexpress store, but surprise surprise open under a different store so they didnt have to honour the warranty.
    anyway, good phone and idea, real life testing propably was a glass of water to check waterproof. its a good tradie phone that u can use with gloves on, but it heavy, real heavy. oh forget about warranty, they will not answer you on aliexpress, contacted via umidigi.com and they want you to deal with the ali store."which they shut down" so basically buy knowing you wont have warranty. and NO updates.. ever.. you get what you get and no more. dont expect anything more. i bought an F2 first. was impressed at the start gave it to wife and got the bison. F2 had a few problems after a few months and now its a spare phone. was hoping to change over from xiaomi to umidigi.. but after 2 phones, might have to find different phone.

    • Paypal protection in this sale will last you 180 days.

      Blue colour perhaps from oxidized copper.

      IP rating does not rate corrosion caused by salt water (Assuming you where kayaking in salt water). Even my $3k Canon 5d corroded from a few splashes.

      • look at their promo pics,, surfing and pictures of coral reef.. hardly fresh water .
        paypal might help , with aliexpress there was no option of that.

        • Lol, I'll give you that. That girl is def in salt water. A good fresh water rinse off immediately after salt water contact would have been beneficial. Might still be able to save your phone by running a fine (1000 or more grit) sand paper over the contacts. (Suggest a nail file cut down to size). I'm assuming the contacts are copper and not chrome plated iron. Otherwise you'll have a whole other set of problems

    • thanks for sharing your experience. sounds a lot like our experience with Blackview rugged phones. Everything looks good on paper until you start having issues. Sometimes I think it's better to invest in a better non-rugged phone and just get the best waterproof case you can find.

      • Very true. You get what you pay for, but sometimes, in some applications, the best of the best is not needed.

        Waterproof phone won't be enough. For salt water, you want a waterproof case like the gopro case with on;y non-corrosive parts (like plastic) exposed.

        the iPhone 12 and S21 will also 'turn blue' or rust if in contact with salt water and not removed immediately

        • all they had to do is add a rubber grommet that lets you cover any jacks/ports so its protected when going under water.. by not having this one assumes its been tested and ok.. hence advertised as waterproof as is..

  • But specs and price don't line up. 8gm DRAM, camera sensors, Helio G80 and LCD panel for $180 (thats what they get paid from eBay on a good day)

    Need to know about this phone that people should know about:
    - Invasive app with full screen ads (Maybe how they pay for the hardware). Cannot be deleted normally. Might need root to remove it.

    Perhaps you can root it and put a custom rom on it? Then again, no guarentee all hardware will work out of the box.

    • The coupon is 10% and 12% off for eBay Plus members so that's up to 12% UMIDIGI aren't taking a hit on. Their margins on these phones are already extremely thin anyway since you're buying direct from the manufacturer and not through a reseller.

  • I have a normal bison with 8gb ram. Can't complain for the $180 I paid for it. 4gb would not be great.

  • I bought an Umidigi Bison from the same seller about 2 months ago.

    Order was delivered on time. The phone is rather bulky and heavy due to its supposed "ruggedness", but it wasn't an issue because that is exactly what I expected from a rugged phone. Cameras are surprisingly good for a unit priced at around $200. I had a minor gripe with the phone screen, which scratches very easily from daily use, with my thumb swipes creating a trail of scratch marks after a week or two.

    I had to return the Bison due to WIFI issues. The phone keeps on disconnecting from my home WIFI every few minutes and failed to reconnect automatically, rendering its WIFI useless (the 4G connectivity is fine though). A brief search on Reddit indicates that other people have also encountered the same problem.

    The seller was rather slow in responding to messages on eBay. They took 5 days to send a template response and proceeded to ignore my reply until I opened a return request after waiting for 3 more days.

    Reviews for Umidigi phones are scarce online, but I have seen construction workers using the exact phone on site so it can't be all that bad. Just be aware that your mileage may vary with this brand.

    • looks like ebay and paypal is the only way to buy umidigi. forget aliexpress as you will not get an answer.
      again great ideas by the company trying to crack the market. but looks like they are only interested in moving the units not retaining customers. they must skip a few steps of testing and quality control to keep price down. unfortunately they wont see my money again.
      xiaomi got me interested with the mimax. but as they got popular their prices increased to close to samsung, so when you can get offers for s21 for $500 with tradein hacks. why would you bother .

  • This is my experiences with Umidigi. Bought the A5 Pro. Its cheap thing $120??? from bangood or gearbest etc. Absolute ok phone, reliable as a 2nd unit. 4gb 32gb w/ mtk whatever. SOme downsides like micro usb and it isnt super fast but what do you expect for the money.

    So also ordered the A7 Pro from their local granville office and it had bootloop. But no replacement stock.

    Upgraded it for the A9 Pro 8gb 128gb and this is an amazing phone for the money. There's no one outstanding feature but its a smooth phone, clean distro and decent cams. Decent screen. It fulfills my needs fine. It lacks some things like NFC.

    I ended up buying a 2nd one for a relative as it seems like such a decent unit for the money. For me it makes no sense to buy anything but the top of the line 8/128 config but you can get 4/64 if you want.

    I would be reticient to buy the rugged ones.

    Also I believe the naming structure is A7 = 720p, A7 Pro = 1,080 plus.

    So get the pro. They have a A11 and A11 Pro coming out. IMO at $300 you need to look at it carefully but sub $250 $200 for an 8/128gb phone? Hard to go past and they have ebay codes and 30 day returns + 1yr warranty I think?

  • Umidigi is a company I would avoid. A few years back, I thought I would support this start-up company by buying one of their phones. It had a manufacturing defect on the screen where the backlight bled through a corner/edge on arrival. I contacted their customer service and was told somewhere along the lines of “thanks, your feedback has been noted and we will do better quality control next time”…

    Great way to build customer loyalty, indeed…

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      I think if you were buying from banggood then yeah that's what happens

      but since they have a warehouse in granville now… i expect they should be able to provide the basic warranties