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Free 6 Inch Sub & 390ml Drink When You Create a New Subcard Account @ Subway


Thought this is worthy of its own post. Full credit goes to Bargainaholic for the find.

Update 21/09: Register and create a brand new Subcard account and you'll receive a free 6 inch sub and 390ml drink offer within 24 hours (was previously instant upon signing up)

Offer will become available within 24 hours of signing up to Subcard
Offer valid for 7 days from registration


Update - App isn't Required

Try these steps using the website as the app is very slow and glitchy at times.

  1. Register and sign up here
  2. Login on the next screen after setting your password
  3. Select the store you are ordering at
  4. Select the "Offers" tile
  5. Select "Open Offer" on the 'FREE Subway Six Inch sub & 390ml Coke' offer
  6. You can then either scan the QR code on that page at your selected store (make sure your screen brightness is turned up) or select "add to order". If you select "add to order" you then go back to the ordering menu section and add a 6 inch sub and 390ml drink for the discount to be applied.

For those wanting to use the app, try the above steps within the app. Just note the app can be slow and painful to use compared to using the website.

Note: When ordering online or via the app, at some stores the offer will come up with "offer not applied". If that is the case try a different store or use the QR code from the email containing the offer to scan in-store at the register.

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    Worked fine for me. Did one one mine and the missos account. Going to try again tomorrow with a new account…

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      Username checks out

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    if the app doesnt work, try instore
    Thanks OP!

  • Good to know!
    Thank you OP!

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    Wonder if this will always be available - very pleased about this as subway offers have been dreadful for years

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      Offer terms

      *Offer expires 23/09/2021.

      from website

  • Is the QR code the same as the one you get in the welcoming email?

    Can’t select the location from app, keeps crashing.

    • Going by this comment yes. The QR code in the email works to redeem the offer too. I'll update the post as the app is a bit glitchy.

  • Went to a store in Vic and scanned the QR code. Code scanned through but store staff says doesn't apply to this store…

    • Did you use the QR code from the welcome email or from the app?

      • From the app

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          The QR in the app changes with the selected store. You would have had a different store selected and scanned the code at the wrong store. Try using the QR code from the email as it isn't store specific

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    You all should Physically print-out the email on paper.

    It works with ANY store if you use the Email barcode.

    If any store refuses to take your printed voucher, for any reason, just walk out and go to another Franchise.

    I've done this myself, gave them the barcode to scan but the Desi staff member, who can't even speak English properly, claimed "Sorry, you need to buy something else, I am not allowed to give the offer to you for free, despite what it says." I didn't even say Goodbye. Just turned around and walked straight out and went to another Subway, and they just did it.

    If they want to be stingy, not follow Head Office rules and waste their own food, it's their own damn fault.

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      I'll going to make sure I get my sandwich made first then show/mention the free 6 inch. Hopefully they will be less likely to refuse.

      • +1

        Yes, that's the right way to do it.

        Doesn't always work (see my example above).

        Most Franchises just scan it as they should, after the sandwich is made, instead of making up their own rules as they go.

        • But if you do that and then they say no cant they make you pay for it full price?

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            @Triton: I play the walk away trap card.

            • -2

              @TheDukeOfNukem: Oh i see

              I would of thought they would just call the police on you

              • @Triton: I'd honestly argue them not honoring a franchise deal is closer to an illegal action than me not paying for something they are meant to give me for free.

              • @Triton: Police are too busy harrasing us in western sydney

          • @Triton: I just walk out the door.

            They throw the sandwich in the bin.

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              @hashash: Oh i see

              I would of thought they would just call the police on you

              • +4

                @Triton: No, they don't call the Police.

                And there is nothing the Police would do anyway; they wouldn't even get involved.

                I haven't stolen anything.

                And, in any case, it's a Civil matter, not a Criminal one :)

  • Offer added but "not applied". Tried 3 different Subways, and 3 different Subs.

    • -3

      Print the email out on paper.

      • Ok thanks but would rather order and pay with app rather than that. So won't bother.

      • No need to print it out. But you're right with the email QR code. It scans from a smart phone, you just need to make sure your brightness is turned up so the scanner can pick it up

    • Same with me. Despite adding all eligible items

      • +2

        Yeah I noticed this too. Going by comments the only way to get it to work at those stores is to walk in and order the items in person and then scan the QR code at the register

  • No 390ml coke in menu?

    • +1

      Change location.

      • +2

        Finally got a subway from a very good store.

        Looks like some dodgy subway owners are coming up with new ways to avoid complying with offers from Subway. Store near me always says, either system is not working or order online even though offer clearly says you can redeem in store.

        On top of that online ordering is worst. I just called up the 2nd store and asked if they are actually honouring the offer which they did.

        • +1

          Don't call them, next time.

          Just show up, order the sandwich & drink you want, show the QR code and if they refuse to process it like they should, just walk out and go to another Subway store.

          I do this and it works.

          It keeps the honest Subway honest and the dodgy, non-complying ones can waste their food for all I care.

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    Worked fine today in Brisbane CBD using the QR code via email on phone, thanks for sharing.

    • I went to kangaroo point IGA one and all three staff had a go at it and eventually worked out fine. But how hard is it one wonders

  • Worked fine at my local subway no dramas, cheers

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    For anyone wondering in SA this does not work at On The Run Subways (I.e inside petrol station building) through either app or in person, I tried earlier.

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      So annoying, 75% of subways seem to be in OTRs….. Ugh.

      • Outside the radius?

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    Signed up and got the offer via email, however for whatever reason when I go to place an order my local restaurant is not on the 'select store' list…..
    But it's on the location finder list???

    Thanks subway..

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    walked into store and got free dinner thanks op

  • Is anyone having issues with app adding the offer at checkout? Seems to be a lot of trouble and errors for placing an order via app.

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    I had been scanning my subway rewards card for years and never redeemed a reward or anything so I decided to look into it. You get 2.9% subway cash with every purchase.

    That's 32c for an $11 sub

    You need a minimum of $3 accumulated to redeem on a purchase.

    That's $110 of subs to save $3.

    Or $440 of subway to claim a whole sub.

    and points expire after 12 months.

    Just a heads up

    • +1

      Ah yes, they obfuscate rewards with useless "points".

      It sounds like you'd need to buy 55-62 subs to get a free footlong. Which is much worse than the loyalty cards offered by some restaurants years ago which was a reward after 5th and 10th purchase.

      I used to be a big Subway power user for years but now I haven't eaten it since a while before covid.

    • +1

      I agree.

      Subway Points are useless, they way they have designed the system.

      If you Sign up now, & don't scan your Subway card for 1 year, you get a free Sub in one years time!

      Where's the Loyalty in this Loyalty system???

      It's much better to be NON-Loyal! You'll get more out of Subway then!

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    ended up paying at store for the sub and coke. The app offer didn't work and the print out was also the not scanning properly.

    • +3

      Just so you know for next time. All you need is the QR code from the welcome email which will work at any store, turn brightness up to max on your smart phone and it should scan no problem. With the QR code that the app generates, you have to make sure you go to the store you selected as some people had issues with that.

      • +1

        Thanks Mate. Probably will check the next time they make an offer

    • You should've just walked out.

      I did.

      Went to another Subway in the next suburb and it worked fine.

      • There were few people in queue, so I just paid and left.

        • +1


          Do NOT pay.

          Just leave.

          Totally walk out.

          Always worked for me.

  • Could not get the deal to work on the app or the website (the coupon kept saying "not applied) regardless of if i added the sub/drink before or after adding the coupon.
    Had to get it scanned in store which worked fine.

    • +1

      Yeah there seems to be a lot of stores like that. Thankfully scanning the QR code in-store works

  • Do we know if there is a time limit to redeem the free sub offer after registration?

  • Account can be opened online on https://order.subway.com/en-au/home .

    Opened mine, got the email with QR code and offer in the online account. The website would not apply the discount.

    Printed email with the code, but Yokine WA store would not honour the offer.

    One more try and I'll give up.

    • +1

      Did you ask why the store wouldn't honour it? The store isn't out of pocket. Head office takes the loss

      • The girls behind the counter scanned it and it did not work. They wouldn't know why. Dodgy promo…

        • +1

          Ok sounds like you have the same problem as this user

          Get the QR code from the email as the one you printed out most likely was tied to a different store. (the QR code in the email can be used at any store)

  • +6

    I went to my local Subway.

    They made the sub and i showed them the voucher. "We are not accepting this offer at our store. We are choosing not to accept the offer"

    I said I don't care what your doing, it is the offer from your store under your banner. "Oh we have already turned away 3 other customers"

    "Fine i will give it you then but as a goodwill".

    Idiots. They did not even scan my barcode so now I will go to another Subway and do it all again. Screw them after that attitude.

    • What Store was this?

      I'll make sure I never visit it.

      • +1

        South East of Melbourne, don't worry your safe in Sydney.

    • Nothing says "good will" like being an (profanity), and refusing to honor a deal several times before caving. "Good will"

      Good will would be putting a sign up saying "hey look, we don't do this deal" and then when someone tries their luck anyway, politely telling them they're not meant to do the deal, but will do it anyways. (profanity) that, that sort of attitude is why a lot of kind and decent retail workers cop attitude from burned customers.

      • I called back the owner of the franchise later in the day to let him know how disgusted I was.

        They said " We did not want that offer from Subway but they were forced" and he apologised to me and said it was not handled well.

        Yet other Subway up the road, gladly did the buy one get one free, maybe because they made at least $12.95 im not sure. Fairly shit

  • Got my free sub an drink today. I couldn't get the app to work. The code showed up but wouldn't apply (forget the error shown at cart). I tried every method shown here.
    I asked before I ordered and the person behind the counter said it will be fine. It took a while to work at checkout (using email code) but after a few minutes it went through.

    Thank to you bunch of tightarses I got a nice feed. :)

  • +2

    Worked in the app no problem. Have to order like normal and tap checkout for promo to apply. Haven't had subway in years… damn it shrunk.

  • +2

    Got my 3rd sub today. Thanks!

    Also just using the Barcode off the email as the app is rubbish.

    • Same store?

      I'm tempted to do the same but thinking of going to different stores.

      • +1

        Yep, I work next door.

        I just order my sub, request the drink and scan my barcode

  • Anyone know how to use it on website?? Cant seem to figure it out, Offer shows available but NOT APPLIED

    • +1

      Some stores it just doesn't work. Either try ordering from another store to see if it works or order in person and use the QR code from the welcome email to scan at the register.

      • Anyway to get the mentioned QR code on website (when signed in) ?

        • +2

          Should be in your email inbox the one you used to sign up. If you used some random email you don't have access to. Just select the store you're ordering at and click open offer. You can use the QR on that page to order in person but only at that selected store.

      • +2


        Some Stores can be selected from the Subway page, yet when you go to "Offers", the FREE SUB AND DRINK offer doesn't appear. Yet, if you select another Store, it appears. Too confusing!

        It's much better to just print out the email on paper and take it with you to ANY Subway store.

        It will definitely work then.

        ALL Australia Subway stores POS's accept the paper QR barcode.
        (Some staff don't know how to do it, or simply refuse because they are idiots - that's not a problem with the QR code, it's a problem with the staff!)

        • Thanks,
          It worked instore in 2 subways, (not OTR one subways) with online website QR code on the offers page. I guess OTR subway is excluded from the national chains and everything.
          Made up for my lunch today thank brandogs. Managed to mind 1 local store that accepts order online, pre-ordered for tomorrow.
          FOR ordering ONLINE you can only order when the store is OPEN, if store is closed you cannot preorder.

    • I had to try 4 different stores before finding one it worked with.

  • What are the weirdest non-standard VEGETABLES you guys & girls have seen?

    On the NSW Central Coast, the Wyoming & Lake Munmorah Subway Franchises have BEETROOT for 30 cents more.

    When the Terrigal store was still open, they had BEETROOT AND PINEAPPLE for free, too!

    Sydney CBD stores are boring - all they have is the standard vege's :(

    Anyone seen artichokes,choko's, etc or other non-standard food at their Subway???

    • +1

      What are chokos?

      • Most of Sydney suburban houses from the 1920's onwards have Choko trees in their backyard:


        It grows as quick as a weed, but is entirely edible:

        From wiki:
        … in Australia and New Zealand it is an easily grown yard or garden plant, set on a chicken wire support or strung against a fence. In Trinidad and Tobago, it is grown in the mountainous areas strung from wire lines.

        Hence it's popularity in Sydney.

  • +1

    Cheers, just used it to get a 6 inch teriyaki chicken - haven't had Subway in years!

    EDIT - one thing that I was reminded of was the fact that, for me, a 6 inch sub was never quite enough, but a footlong was way too much. They need to make a 9 incher!

    • +2

      That's what she said

  • expiry 23/9

    Offer terms

    *Offer expires 23/09/2021. Receive a free subway Six Inch®sub or wrap and a 390mL Coke variety. Additional costs for extras. Single use only. May not be combined with any other offer or discount. One offer per guest per transaction. Reward dollars not available for purchases made using third party delivery platforms. ®/© 2021 Subway IP LLC.Reward dollars expire one year after they are earned. Gift dollars expire three years after they are loaded.

    ©2020 Subway IP LLC. Subway®, Subway 6-inch® and Subway Footlong® are registered trademarks.

    • +3

      It's different for everyone. Expires 7 days from when a new user signs up

  • +1

    App not working

  • I went to 2 different stores today and all good.

    • Assuming you have 2 accounts ?

      • Yes.

  • Can it be delivered?

  • +3

    How many free subs and drinks are you all up to? I’m up to six.

    • +1

      Since the deal been getting breaky, lunch and dinner everyday

      I have 3 subs around me and they dont know what i look like because of the mask lol

      • Plus different employees.

    • How so? Is it because the stores aren't scanning your code? Or just creating new accounts every time?

    • Winning mate, just winning.

    • Up to 8 now, also can reclaim 10c per bottle hahaha

  • +1

    I rarely going to Subway. But I remember few years back, when I claimed birthday meal, there were only a handful menu that you can select. Will this offer only limited to certain menu ?

    • +1

      You order online and the menu seems to let you choose everything. I normally like that cheap garbage seafood sub but since that's on the cheap menu I'm trying the buffalo chicken for lunce today lol.

  • I created an account Monday afternoon, the offer email says:-
    *Offer expires 20.09.2021

    Does it mean I can still redeem it on the day?

    BTW is this deal finished? Can't see it on website now.