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Free 6 Inch Sub & 390ml Drink When You Create a New Subcard Account @ Subway


Thought this is worthy of its own post. Full credit goes to Bargainaholic for the find.

Update 21/09: Register and create a brand new Subcard account and you'll receive a free 6 inch sub and 390ml drink offer within 24 hours (was previously instant upon signing up)

Offer will become available within 24 hours of signing up to Subcard
Offer valid for 7 days from registration


Update - App isn't Required

Try these steps using the website as the app is very slow and glitchy at times.

  1. Register and sign up here
  2. Login on the next screen after setting your password
  3. Select the store you are ordering at
  4. Select the "Offers" tile
  5. Select "Open Offer" on the 'FREE Subway Six Inch sub & 390ml Coke' offer
  6. You can then either scan the QR code on that page at your selected store (make sure your screen brightness is turned up) or select "add to order". If you select "add to order" you then go back to the ordering menu section and add a 6 inch sub and 390ml drink for the discount to be applied.

For those wanting to use the app, try the above steps within the app. Just note the app can be slow and painful to use compared to using the website.

Note: When ordering online or via the app, at some stores the offer will come up with "offer not applied". If that is the case try a different store or use the QR code from the email containing the offer to scan in-store at the register.

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      • I saw the banner when I went to register an account

  • Got my free sandwich in another WA Subway store. Scanned the QR code from the email. Thanks OP.

  • Are there any exclusions, or can we order any six inch?

    • Anything, I got the Chicken Schnitzel (close to being the most expensive one) during the week without any extra charge. They only charge for optional extras like normal.

      • +1

        Excellent. Tomorrow's lunch sorted

  • +5

    Been to 2 subways today. First one, asked the person if the offer can be redeemed there. Then the attitude changed. Gave little salad, asked for more, only given a piece of leave. Really ? Cannot have the drink bottle with excuse if the machine exists and working, they will give a small cup from the machine. Seriously ?
    Change tactic at second store. Ordered the bread and hand over the bottle, scan the barcode from email, done, no fuss, no excuse, no mark around.
    With the second tactic, they will treat us as paying customer rather than 'free' customer.
    Hope that helps someone here.

    • +4

      Report that store

    • +3

      Use your Second tactic.


      Franchises get paid for all Sub's from Head Office. They never lose money. Don't ask them about vouchers. Just use them at the end, as you did the second time!

      • +1

        How do you know franchises get paid from head office?

  • +1

    Is Spicy Korean chicken included in this deal?

    • +2

      Yep thats what I had

  • Got one, thanks! The steak melt is tasty.

  • They don't verify emails and phone numbers. So you can just make as many accounts as you want.

    Occasionally it will stop working and you have to reload the app.

  • +1

    Plumpton shopping centre wouldn't let me have one…

    • +2

      Report store to head office.

  • +2

    When I went in, I first asked if I could redeem the offer (at the Elizabeth St Melbourne store - the one across from the GPO). They said yes, and I scanned the QR code, got that all accepted, then they made the sub.

    Given that Subways are all franchises and often run by people who are pretty pissed off with Subway as a franchisor (given its aggressive approach in approving new franchises within close proximity to existing ones), I am not surprised that some stores are refusing to play along with this promo…

  • +3

    Went to a store this morning, ordered the normal chicken bacon ranch melt, everything went smoothly but when I told that I'll be using the coupon, the manager was like next time please let me know at the "start of the order" for some reason but no fuss in accepting the coupon.
    I'm assuming it's so that they provide less fillings in there. Nah, not playing by their rules!

    • +2

      That indicates that they have 'paid order' tier and presumably more stingy 'freebie' tier

  • Anyone ordered 2 subs at the same store at the same time using different accounts? Going to try it today at a subway I never go to to see if I can.

    • How'd you go?

      • +1

        Yeah no drama. 2 subs, different accounts, same name and same store.

  • the free sub and coke has popped up again, I used it last week, can anyone else check

    • New promo.

    • +2

      It's a different promo

      Need to buy a six inch sub and drink to receive a free six inch sub

      The full list of the weekly Subway deals is posted here

      • ah didnt read carefully

  • Subway Ingleburn refused :(

    • +3

      Report the store to head office!

      • I have. And it seem I have actually missed a call from Subway Ingleburn earlier today. May be manager or owner wanting to talk about the complain. Any idea what I should say? Already wrote pretty much everything in the complain form anyway :/ .

        • +2

          Say it goes against their terms & conditions. They cannot refuse the use of the voucher, also put in a negative Google review, that way they'll hopefully think twice about doing the wrong thing.

    • i redeemed mine at Ingleburn on Saturday but i simply did an online order and chose pick up. Came into shop and my order was sitting behind the counter.

      • Hey! When I try to order online for that store, it always says "Not Applied" for the offer :( .

        • I find that happens with any store I choose.

          I had to remove offer and reapply it a few times to get it to work.

  • If it says expires 27th, can I use it on the 27th or has to be latest 26th?


    • Mine said the 20th and was still available when I redeemed it for lunch yesterday, so it must mean the end of the day of expiry.

  • Voucher does say participating restaurants. I'm guessing no restaurants are participating until order is already made before the voucher is disclosed.

  • +1

    Why everybody keeps saying that we need to show the voucher ? I just scan the qr code in the email. No need to tell them anything. They will know once it is scanned, it will comes to $0. If they rejected afterwards, then we can report it as they have breached the advertising rule.

    • Yeah this is the way to go. Once it's finalised, just scan the code. If they refuse to accept then walk away as it's an advertised promotion

  • +4

    New update: they seem to be delaying this voucher when you sign up. Just got an email saying, "Shortly we will be sending you your FREE Subway Six inch sub and a 390mL Coke". Could be that they are finally doing some kind of verification but I'll just have to wait and find out if it goes through…

    • +2

      Looks like they changed the terms to state:

      Offer will become available within 24 hours of signing up to Subcard.

      Previous emails didn't state that.

      • +1

        My voucher just came through! Looks like the deal is still on!
        Thanks for details doweyy, you keep the hope alive by reading the fine print 🙌 You're a bloody legend!

        • +1

          Is it on the app or just email?

          • +1

            @edumacation: Both, just redeemed it by ordering online through the app but would also work via email if I chose to go that route

  • +1

    Ozbargained… Doesn't look like it's working anymore?

    • I got the voucher last night on signup and it's still in my offers tab of the app, unless something is different from today onwards?

    • yeh same.
      mine appeared in my offers tab but disappeared today.

      • What about just using the email code?

      • Offer valid for 7 days from registration

  • I just failed to redeem instore. Coupon not applied was their error.

    • So a valid 'in date' coupon was declined? I wonder if it was just that store not accepting coupons or if they have invalidated them?

      • Didn't expire until 25th and tried at 2 restaurants.

        • Right so they might have changed the promo? It's weird when you have active an coupon, still in date
          They seem to have changed the way you sign up, people above are saying no instant coupon now, they send it later
          Wait - looks like Sheng was able to redeem as per below. Perhaps more restaurants are excluding themselves from it?

  • +1

    Just redeem my sisters… got a Korean Sub. Ordered in app - receipt. The coupon expires tomorrow so it does have a short date around 1 week.

  • Looks like it doesn't work anymore, just tried to create an order. Was hoping to have one on the way home from work, looks like it's kfc instead 😂

  • My offer disappeared Any reason??

    • What day did you create a new account?

  • A week ago

    • Looks like your offer expired.

      Offer valid for 7 days from registration

  • Damn.. do i need a new number to register another account?

    • nope, just new email

  • +1

    We’re stoked you’re on board with the all-new Subway® app.

    Shortly we will be sending you your FREE Subway Six inch® sub and a 390mL Coke.

  • +2

    Took me 8 hours and 1 minute for my latest one to come through earlier today.

    • Mind you one I made while waiting for that only took about an hour so, idk.

  • +1

    When will i get my offer..???? I have a tinder date and i told her i will get her subway for dinner… i can’t believe i still dont have the offer

  • -1

    I have been creating new accounts via the [email protected] method. I wonder if they now check this and have caught on. Might have to create an all new email with a different name aswell.

  • -2

    I can't believe they don't have email/mobile verification i already made 20+ dummy accounts and used them all for the subs haha

    • Do you see your offer straight away?

      • Before yes I just made another i dont see it anymore strange, currently have like 7 backed up but wanted to make more

    • yea i know right, but on a side note they dont seem to send emails to fake accounts.

      • -1

        Yes not hard to find emails go to your inbox, i made another 10 accounts

  • When I try to order it says the site has blocked your access. 😒

  • anyone getting
    "Error 403 - Forbidden
    The web app you have attempted to reach has blocked your access."

    • Yes.

  • +3

    Created 2 accounts yesterday at 3pm. Nearly 22 hours later and haven't received offer yet.

    • +1

      Yeah no updates here as well.

    • Made a new account yesterday and the reward is in there today.

      • Did you use a completely new email? Or use a different name?

        • New email.

  • open account yesterday but still no confirm about the free sub reward sent to email here

  • +1

    Killed the offer that I had in a pre existing account

  • +2

    Didn't work instore but when I added to cart on mobile it was fine (make sure to include the coke or it doesn't activate the offer)

  • Two WA stores refused the printed QR code from the email and offered only "buy 1 get 1 free", which I refused. Seems to me that the word is getting around…

    • Try order online if you can find a store the offer applies to.

  • In WA, it wasnt working.. then i added the drink and it worked….

  • +2

    Has anyone been able to get any coupon since the 24hrs system got in place yesterday?

    • Nope, been 36+ hours for multiple emails. I have been using using the [email protected] method, but I'm going to create completely different emails and see if that works.

  • So what is the current best way to redeem?
    In app or with the email?

    • I've always ordered on my laptop browser, choose location when it's open - choose 6 inch sub, add 'sides' which is the small coke, then go to 'offers' to add the deal. You won't get the 'freebie email' instantly but I'm pretty sure it's available to you immedtiately after sign up.

  • Hi all,

    Used no app required method and registered account yesterday. Went to Offers section and got nothing under it, but "Oh no! You don’t currently have any offers available."

    Did I do something wrong there?

  • Anyone having any luck?

    • +1

      Nah I think deal has expired. It’s been 3 days.

    • +2

      I signed up yesterday morning and the offer was not in the app.
      An email was received at about 5pm yesterday with the offer, then after checking the app, it was now there.

      I went to my local store, ordered the Korean chicken and didn't mention the offer until paying - I tried to scan the QR code.
      That didn't work, I was told I had to place the order through the app.
      The attendant immediately told me that "our store is only open until 6pm online", suggesting it would not be valid (it was about 6:20pm).
      That was a lie, the store is open until 7pm on the website and the app was still live to take orders.
      There was no Korean chicken listed in the app, so I was told to put it through as chicken schnitzel.
      The 390ml drink was already in the cart, so make sure you remember to include the drink.
      I was reluctantly given the order - there was a big change in attitude when I mentioned the offer.

      This is the email:

      Now it’s time to claim your FREE Subway Six inch® sub and a 390mL Coke. Just:

      Head to the offers tab in the app and tap ‘Add to mobile order’
      Add your Subway Six Inch® sub and 390mL Coke to your order for the discount to apply

      Check the T&C’s for offer details and your offer expiry. Be quick, this offer is for a limited time only and only available at participating Subway® restaurants.

      • +1

        So the QR code they are sending doesn't work - has to be in app

  • Is it still working?

    • +9

      I have saved up 22 subway in my freezer

      Wow, this really borders on being pathetic.

      Get a job, man.

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