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KrakenPower Macho RTX3080 Gaming PC Build V5 $3099 + Shipping @ BPC Tech


CPU AMD Ryzen5 5600X 6 Core/12 Threads Processor
Cooler EVGA CLC 360 RGB LED 360mm Liquid CPU Cooler
Motherboard ASUS B550M-A AM4 Micro-ATX Motherboard (no usb-c connection)
Graphic Card EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra 10GB Video Card (10G-P5-3897-KL)
Ram Corsair Vengence PRO 32GB DDR4 3200Mhz RGB Memory
SSD/HDD 1TB Western Digital SN550 NVMe SSD
Extra Storage Optional
Case Corsair 4000D Tempered Glass Mid-Tower ATX Case - White
Fan 1x 120mm Fan included
Power Supply EVGA 850 GA 850W 80+ Gold Full Modular Power Supply
Operating System Optional
WIFI Optional

What has the feedback been on BPC? Still sus on the price/parts… reviews and feedback welcome.

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    L here indicates its LHR incase anyone is wondering.

    • Just wondering, do they manufacture any non LHR RTX 3000s at all (except for 3090).

      • Most brands do including EVGA.

        • Not anymore, they have stopped making non LHR cards bar the 3090 now.

          • @Narull: Ah ok, didn’t know that. Bought a asus few weeks ago. So may be the left over ones.

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    If that’s a KR model instead of KL it will be perfect.

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    Does LHR actually impact anything other than mining?

    Seeing the LHR factor called out on OzB but not seeing anything conclusive to see why it should be a problem for a non-miner

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      resale value

      • +3

        So in like 3 years time the resale might be lower? pretty hard to judge a market so far in the future?

      • +51

        resale value to idiots. It makes no discernible difference in gaming.

        • +3

          Hahahahahahhaa I’m with you on this

        • -28

          But one of the major contributing factors in GPU prices sky rocketing 2020~ is exactly because of those "idiots". No? (The main one being China lab virus).

          I get your frustration but don't pretend like they don't exist because they clearly do, and they heavily impact GPU value, whether it be resale or not.

          That being said, there's a good chance that there will be workarounds available for LHR cards by the time you feel like offloading a 3080.

          So all things considered, if you just want to game on your PC, you are 'most likely okay' to just get an LHR card. Even with resale value in mind.

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            @Outsider: I expect ASICS and FPGAs in 3 years time to out perform GPUs, so frankly if you're buying a GPU thinking about resale value - then yes, you're an idiot.

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              @gizmomelb: Yeah that's what everyone thought when they bought their 1060 6gb FIVE years ago. If you think you can precisely predict the future, then yes, "

              • +2

                @Outsider: even if not the case.. buying something based on a projected resale value is a stupid proposition.

                • -10

                  @gizmomelb: Of course it won't be the MAIN reason to purchase a graphics card, as the MAIN reason is to game on it.
                  As I have also said: "if you just want to game on your PC, you are 'most likely okay' to just get an LHR card. Even with resale value in mind."

                  What I AM saying is though, is that you are insane NOT to take ANY consideration for resale value.
                  Because Price purchased - Price sold = price you paid for the time you had on it. "The difference in resale price" is just as important as "the difference in purchase price" in this particular situation.

                  So many people on here are infuriated at the purchase price of this generations graphics cards, and yet… They don't take resale value into consideration. That is full retard.

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              @gizmomelb: Why so hostile? No need for that kind of commentary in this community. I do agree with you however on ASICS so we shouldn't be worried.

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            @Outsider: Idiots yes.

            Unless you think an extra $20 in 3-4 years time matters for " resale " value for a non LHR card.

            We all know there's a massive market for 3-4 year graphics cards.

            Which is usually the amount of time an average person would keep a card for.

            • -7

              @Whomastadon: Thanks for your professional crystal ball advice with the $20 thing, I should probably just ignore you since you think you can precisely predict the future but here we go: miners don't care how old the card is.

              • +1

                @Outsider: You'd think that next generation of cards wouldn't be inflated due to chip shortage and might retail at RRP. If that happens, then the resale value of this generation will plummet to well below next gen's discounted price.

                • -24

                  @Nalar: I'd hope so too, but just like how NVIDIA decided to price the 3080 TI at an insane price because people would buy it anyways, and just like how the China lab virus is evolving like no other virus has ever before, and they definitely aren't man made, I have no idea.

                  • +10

                    @Outsider: I see your trying to push you idea of the origin of Rona, but it's outside this conversation and you are just throwing away your own credibility, so please focus on the topic at hand.

                    NVIDIA priced to a market where there is a scarcity of chips which the world knows about. If in 3 years time that scarcity has passed then the market will demand reasonable prices and thus secondary market will follow.

                    History shows us that the chip makers will return to previous levels eventually, so I believe the the future resale price is going to much lower than it is today.

                    • -19

                      @Nalar: It's "you're" not "your" btw. You can thank me later. It'll help with your "credibility".

                      Not sure why I have to be so concerned about my credibility on an online forum, and not sure why you are so concerned about me talking about the China lab virus which apparently originated from horseshoe bats that do not even exist for a good couple of hundred miles away from the Wuhan markets (you had a choice to just completely ignore it) but you do you.

                      You can give my writing as much credibility as that of a graffiti in a public toilet for all I care.

                      NVIDIA priced to a market where there is a scarcity of chips which the world knows about. If in 3 years time that scarcity has passed then the market will demand reasonable prices and thus secondary market will follow.

                      History shows us that the chip makers will return to previous levels eventually, so I believe the the future resale price is going to much lower than it is today.

                      As I have mentioned before, predicting the future is pointless.
                      But since you like to base your predictions of the future, on history, let me ask you. What gives you so much confidence that what happened last year, won't happen again in the next 3~4 years?

                      Is 2019~ not included in your "history" for some reason?

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                        @Outsider: Wow, I think I'll just dip from this convo, too much crazy. GLHF

                      • +4

                        @Outsider: Yikes

                        What’s with all the crazies on Ozbargain lately

                        • -1

                          @blergmonkeys: I saw it as an opportunity to share random thoughts. Most people don't like it.

                          But at least it opens up curiosity for some minds who give af to do their own research to counter my random arguments. Although, seeing as no counters have come up, I guess that's the answer.

                          Your typical bystander type of comment with no input is… I donno, why'd you even bother? You say I am crazy, but at the same time, you bothered to take the dip into replying to me? Why?

                          • @Outsider: Seems like a boat load of "I told ya so" is incoming.

                            Interesting how the U.S was also a part of it though 🤔

              • @Outsider: You ignored my point because I'm right and you're wrong and you are focussing on semantics.

                Ez win for me

      • +1

        LHR should have at least equal resale value once Ethereum transitions to 2.0/PoW. Which could be in the next 3-6 months.

        Given no one is going to re-sell that quickly, resale value is pretty irrelevant here.

        Edit: reminder that
        1) in the longer term, LHR cards = newer, less abused cards.
        2) LHR = low hash rate for ethereum specifically.

        • All I know is I paid 1700 for my lhr 3080 last month. And now while I am at work during the day, it sits there at home churning away earning $147 US a month. Then when I get home, I get to enjoy playing my games at 4k (some games, it even keeps working in the background without breaking a sweat). In 4 years time, the resale will be the last thing I am worried about compared to a non-lhr card. Sure I paid more than launch rrp (by what, $300 for said card) but 12 months of inflation plus increased costs, its cost neutral in 2 months anyway.

  • Would the CPU be a bottleneck there?

    • +18

      Not at all, 5600x even though it's the lowest of the new Ryzen is a beast at gaming and will destroy most Intel.

      • +2

        why is intel still behind after 4 generations of ryzen? They had all that time seeing their power to performance ratio was lacking after enjoying a monopoly for 10 years and they still refuse to innovate.

        • +1

          Incumbent laziness and brand power winning big contracts probably made it seem less a problem than it is. They have been huge for that long. Their bottom line probably has so much momentum from corporate sales that those in intel who can see the forest through the trees aren't getting much buy-in from executives. R&D is expensive and change is risky! They have probably tried a few lame half asses tactics that we don't even see because they are not true product improvements, and are finally cooking something up worthwhile? Shareholders should hope so.

    • +8

      I've got a 5600x and 3080
      Run great together!

    • +8

      5600x is a great CPU. I haven't seen a benchmark that justifies getting anything with more cores. 5900x is twice the price and 5950 nearly three times for no noticeable gain in gaming.

    • +3

      Nah, if you’re doing mostly gaming it’s a waste to buy anything better than a 5600X tbh. I have the 5600X and it handles everything like a champ and with a really good power efficiency too.

    • +3

      At 1080p maybe slightly, but not at 1440p or higher as you'd be GPU bound.

      Hardware Unboxed did a video of this with the 5000 series Ryzen. There was no difference in performance at 1440p or higher with the 5600x.

    • Not noticeably- you'll occasionally gain a few % more frames in gaming but with 12 threads & 6 powerful cores, you'll be fine for a very long time.

      Heck, you could get away with a 7+ year old i5 if you had to- it would bottleneck these days, but the point is it will still physically run most games- point being, Ryzen 5s & i5s being similar, you should expect a similar lifespan- with the Ryzen 5s all having multithreading, they should last better than pre-10th gen i5s.

  • +1

    Ordered this with CPU and dual band wifi upgrade on 3rd of September. Still waiting for pick up. Sad

    • Have they given you an update? can you do click and collect?

      • +1

        10 business days plus minus. I live nearby the store.

        • +1

          Definitely call them.

          I did a click and collect and they didn't bother updating that its ready for pick up till I called them and they were like "Oh yeah looks like its ready"

          • +1

            @GossipGoat: Lol. How long did it take yours to be ready ?

            They told me 10 business days. Said this Friday or following Monday, last I called 2 days ago.

        • Bro you live nearby I'll call the fckers and tell me I'm coming now to collect - that will for sure hurry their asses up!

          • +5

            @alz: bro, if u call them a fukker, it'll be 20 biz days

    • I ordered a system in Aug.. It's just gone out with AusPost and it'll take another week for delivery - not happy they didn't use a dedicated courier service for something like this.

  • +2

    what is the build quailty like? really bad?

    • +9

      The parts are good quality, not sure how a PC can be badly built really. It's all click together and screws. The whole process is really idiot proof tbh.

      • +12

        I guess you haven't seen The Verge's "How we built a $2000 Gaming PC" video

      • +4

        Check out Gamers Nexus reviewing pre-builts, or Linus Tech's secret shopper series, and you'll see some good (bad) examples.

      • +5

        “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” - George Carlin.

    • I’m running 3600 + 3080, every game I play run perfectly fine.

  • +4

    Isn't this an insanely good deal considering the EVGA 3080 is currently selling for $2100? Surely the rest of the parts aren't worth just 1k

    • CPU and ram is worth at least $750 alone.

    • a quite decent deal, considering 32GB ram and 1TB SSD.
      get parts by ourselves, and put together could be cost similar or bit higher.

  • +4

    A few cons from a previous similar build with the Corsair 4000D Airflow.

    No USB-C header on the motherboard so the case's USB-C port is useless. They promised me a resolution and…. silence.

    They put the front 360 AIO on backwards so it was set to exhaust, like the rear/top case fan.

    • +1

      I don't really mind the USB C.

      Yes I specifically told me to install my 360 in front as INTAKE instead of exhaust which they confirmed via email. Else I will be refunding the product.

      I even purchased Noctua Fans from them to pre install into my built.

      2 on top as exhaust.

      • +2

        The thing is though I questioned them about the USB-C before purchase and they said it was fine, then later apparently they 'misunderstood' what I meant. A follow up email a week after purchasing was ignored. They only offered a resolution after I received it but that wasn't followed through.

        I have to admit lazy me left the front AIO as exhaust and set the back/top fans as intake and the temps are impressive. 25 idle and <55 load. I have some Arctic fans to install when I can be bothered and I'll flip them around because the EVGA 360 CLC fans are loud af.

        • Yes thanks for your input.

          I actually bought 2 x 140mm Noctua Chromax as 2 top exhaust

          3 x 120mm Noctua Chromax as 3 radiator intake.

          Hopefully it's good.

          • @ButterYourMuffin: Yes that'll be sufficient. Unfortunately in this deal it's not the airflow variant but the case still has a good amount of room to pull air from the front.

            • @Clear: Yes the cons are its white and it's not airflow.

              I am trying to buy their black airflow case but it's not in stock.

              However, another way around to to take off the front panel for better airflow. Since in front has filter.

              • @ButterYourMuffin: The white has actually turned out to be really nice. I have no RGB in my build and it's so good. Front cover is easy to take off too, such a good case.

  • +1

    correct me if im worng as im not very good with computers but isnt the lack of fans here really bad? and there isnt an option to upgrade to add fans or the motherboard to have more usb options

    • +1

      I added 2 140mm noctua on top.

      • is there any stock fans on the front of the case? and how hards is it to add fans into this case for an amature. been looking for a build to buy and this is a great price range for me need all the help i can get.

        • In this deal the 360mm cooler will be mounted at the front, so 3 front fans and 1 rear fan.

        • There are fans on the AIO. Adding fans is relatively simple. Just screw in the corners and connect the cables into fan headers. The side of the fan that has the crossbars is the exhaust and vice versa.

          • @celery juice: ic thanks so since there is 3 fans at the front and 1 at the back, is that sufficient or should i add a 2 or 3 fan to the top?

            • @Kail1981: Should be sufficient, but 3 fans at the top will give you more exhaust and improve temps slightly

  • Sorry for the rookie question but when the wifi options says add dual-band wifi does that mean the mother board has that capability or is that a wifi USB that is external?

    • +4

      They said its wifi card onto motherboard and not usb.

      And they confirmed via email it's wifi 6.

  • +1

    These top end GPUs are quite heavy, I may be seeing a slight bend in the GPU in the 2nd picture on their site. If anyone buys this, worth adding a GPU bracket just to make sure card doesn't sag over time or have any impact on the motherboard. Talking from experience with a RX 6800 XT.

    • Definitely they need something. No need for a bracket really though if you have Lego around 😜

      • ahah - yeah on this case may even be possible to use those PCI-E power cables to tie it to the chassis.

      • Haha great idea. To my stash!

    • bigger cards will always have a little sag, as they only attach via a bracket on one end of the card
      This is 99.9% of the time just cosmetic, will not damage anything

    • Yep it sags. Brackets can be had really cheap at least.

      • Any recommendation or link for this gpu please.

        Much appreciated.

        • +1

          Check the length of that EVGA card, anything slightly short or bit longer shouldn't be a problem, ex: Cool Master universal bracket - the support hand is movable.

  • How does this compare to building with the same parts yourself? Is it really any cheaper?

    • depending how you value the GPU

    • +5

      The pricing on this system is quite competitive if you add up all of the parts
      You could maybe save ~$200 by waiting a while for a cheap 3080 to come up on ozbargain, but doubtful that you would save much more than that

      Adding up all the parts myself the cost of this system to build would probably be 3.2-3.3k at current pricing.
      All the parts listed are of decent quality, although the motherboard is on the cheaper end

      If i was building myself i'd probably save 100$ on getting 16gb RAM instead, and maybe another 50$ for a cheaper AIO cooler or even an air cooler.
      I would buy a 3080 at the 1.8k price point if possible, and probably end up paying 2.8-2.9k for the system.
      Of course this would take a lot of extra effort sourcing and researching the correct parts individually, and only worth saving a few hundred dollars if you're interested/invested in the build yourself.

  • +3

    I wish they offered a better motherboard in this build

    • +3

      Came here to say this, $3100 and they put the bottomest of the barrel B550 board in…

      • Not that it excuses it, but this is pretty much all pre-builts, even the really pricey ones. Most pre-built customers wouldn't know the difference, so why sacrifice the profit?

        • +1

          I suppose that's true. Just that this is a lot of money and a slightly better board wouldn't even be that much more expensive!

    • I emailed asking if I could do the same but without certain parts because I’d rather get my own case and an X570 motherboard. Or even if they’d be able to offer the rig with a 5900x and X570. Fingers crossed!

  • +2

    Not amazing as this cheaper deal with 3080 ti but the GPU prices are rising again, so pick your poison

    • +1

      yah if it were in stock :(

    • that was in July when GPU prices took a dip

  • +23

    I've recently purchased a prebuild with BPC. The turnaround time was close to a month, which was understandable given the amount of orders they had. Took another week through AusPost to arrive.

    Once I received it and opened the case, I immediately noticed that not only did they fit the system with a 600w PSU instead of a 650w, they also gave me a RTX 3060 instead of the 3060ti. I had to get it back to them almost an hour away (which I was only able to do because a family member has a travel permit) and then had to specifically request them to express ship it back to me.

    If I didn't know what to look for, I wouldn't have noticed that a few hundred dollars of product wasn't in my order. In terms of rectifying their mistake, they did virtually nothing. Not even an apology.

    All I'll say is when you receive yours, check every box and every part inside to make sure it's what you purchased. One error I can understand and I want to assume this is all a mistake, but to undercut me on two important components of my build is seriously bordering on suspect.

    • +4

      this is good information - I think I'm going to pay extra just for some security and stay away from them at this stage.

      • For edits sake, I was just notified tonight that they've apparently already fixed everything and sent it back to me within a day.

        So props to them on at least a speedy turnaround time to resolve the issue.

    • Had to return my 3060ti system as the psu kept turning off the system when playing a game or running a heavy workload.

      What i assumed was the manager or owner was really pissed off at one of his employees. I think it was related to something being posted online.

      Had to go back and pickup the system.

    • +4

      That's dodgy, I was about to place an order but I really hate this type of thing.