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Ring Video Doorbell (Venetian Bronze) $74.50 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Half Price and looks to be lowest price. Enjoy

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Previous generation means low quality of image?

    • Nope. Quality is good. And this is a great price.

      • Full HD or 2k or 4k?

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            @ky1975: Thats crap quality

            Must need full HD at least now a day

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            @ky1975: can live with 720p for the price, what about the battery life?

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              @mistericho: NFI, I read the specs :)

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              @mistericho: I’ve had an original gen Ring for about 3 years. Still get 2-3 months of battery charge.
              Really happy with it.

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                @The Captain: I think mine is faulty. I have all the fancy options turned off and I'm lucky to get a week out of it.

  • Must pay subscription?

    • If you do not subscribe to a Ring Protect Plan by the end of the trial, all recorded videos will be erased and new events will not be stored, You can still receive Ring and Motion alerts to your mobile device, as well as view Live View on demand on your Ring products without a subscription.

      • How much is subscription? Are you charged yearly?

        • $4 per month or $40 per year for one device.

          $15 per month or $150 per year for multiple devices.

  • Just bought one. Is this the 2020 version ??

    • This is the old model. 2020 model in venetian bronze is $149.

  • Gonna try it, if it’s dogshit can just return with Prime.

    • After use can not be return I guess

    • As if you don't like it? Or, you meant if it is faulty?

      • Faulty can return but dont like can return after opening a seal package?

        • Sharing same question, thus checking.

        • I think so, Amazon refund me straight away after I drop the item off at post office. They don’t really check, not sure if this is the case for everyone tho.

  • After use can not be return I guess

  • What do you guys do when kids do a ring-run? I caught a few on camera.

    • +1

      Nothing they can have fun lol

      • Yes, bloody kids lol

        • Atleast better than damaging someone property

    • Do you know where they live? We'll get some baseball bats and teach those primary school kids to NEVER ring-run on your door again.
      Alternatively, save your time and let it be.
      Or… Print out an image of the kids, and type out large letters "WANTED FOR RINGING DOORBELLS" then at the bottom write in small letters "Just trying to scare them if they see this image."

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      Different models it seems?

    • This is Gen 1, the JB-HiFi unit is Gen 2.. chalk vs. cheese

  • quick review and this version would just frustrate me

    • Good review. Going to cancel my order now !

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    I've installed and had this for 2+ years now.
    It's been pretty good - Ring has been updating features into their app like motion zones and smart responses which is nice for a Gen 1 product.

    Camera quality @ 720p is a bit meh - but for the price it does the job.

    Just keep in mind the ongoing subscription fees if you want to get more of the Ring cloud features.

    Recently bought the 2K Eufy for a new place as I hardwired the Ring and will leave it behind with the new owners.

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      I picked Eufy over Ring to avoid ongoing subscription 2 years ago. Eufy provides 2k images and images stored locally, do a great job for me nearly 2 yrs+. Happy with my Eufy.

  • thanks, wireless for 70 bucks, I'll take 720p and use it as front door motion sensor.

  • oos

  • +1

    yey Yabadabadoo scobidobedo !! Good find

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