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[eBay Plus, Afterpay] AMD Ryzen 9 5950X $973.16, 5900X $687.56 | Ryzen 7 5800X $565.16 | Ryzen 5 5600X $364.56 Posted @ HT eBay

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    • It doesn't get much better.

      Caveat: I did a little better, but not much.

      • Worth noting that once Alder Lake gets released, the price of the 5000 series is going to have to fall. That goes double once the 3D cache versions of Zen3 get released. I'm targeting less than $500 for the 12 core early next year.

        • Hope so. I have price protection and can claim back the difference for at least the next 9 months.

  • This code can't be applied to your order.

    • Are you trying to pay with AfterPay? Says in the description of the deal that you need to check out with AfterPay to get these prices.

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    "Looks like that's the wrong code. Please double-check and try again."

  • Looks like you have to pay with Afterpay to get the discount

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      That's what it says

  • Anyone have any idea how they will deliver the CPU without original box (i.e. 5800X)? I remember seeing somewhere that you need to keep the original box for warranty claims with AMD, how do we do that without the box? Cheers.

    • Original box, I got one from HT, they don't sell OEM tray version.

      • The 5800X in this deal is listed as an OEM Tray CPU.

        • Is that even legal to sell OEM tray version?

    • No box means no warranty directly from amd, you would need to pursue warranty from the retailer.

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        That's how you're supposed to do it anyway.

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      ACCC consumer guarantee is more important than express manufacturer warranty in Australia anyway.

      This is non-negotiable under law: https://www.accc.gov.au/business/treating-customers-fairly/o...

      Not saying yourself, but most people don't know their consumer rights. They are drastically different to the USA for example and a lot of products sold here have generic information online that does not directly relate to Australia.

      I know of someone who has had a 7 year old Samsung television repaired free of charge under this legislation. that box was in the recycling years ago.

      Point is, know your consumer rights and don't get persuaded by the seller or the manufacturer.

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    God that 5950x is tempting

    • out of curiosity, what would you use the 5950x for that the 5600x can't achieve?
      just wondering here

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        Can't answer for SuBw00FeR, but I'm running a 4650G which is not all that much slower than 5600x and choking it up for a minute at a time churning through complex excel sheets this week. Apparently I'd get 4x uplift on multithread ops with that CPU, so I'm tempted too. Definitely overkill for gaming

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        I multitask a lot, heavy apps.

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        3d rendering,
        video encoding
        audio encoding
        that sort of thing, if you work on these kinds of things, it means much faster outputs. and that usually equates to more turn around and more money to be made, also you can tell the client that will be ready in 2 hours, instead of tomorrow.

      • Compiling large C++ projects

  • Contemplating to buy now or wait for black Friday… šŸ¤”

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      Same dilemma here. Really want to upgrade my 7-year old 4790k (which still works fine to be honest).

  • Does anyone know if it's possible to apply a gift card voucher to bring the price down, and then use this promo? I have a $600 afterpay limit, so would like to use gift card to bring final cost down. (E.g. 5900x = $810 - $110 voucher to bring cost down to $700. 15% makes it $595 (+the $110)).

    Obv don't want to buy the GC to then find out this doesn't work

    • I have a $50 voucher I was unable to use sadly

      • Bummer. The T&Cs say

        "Redemption. To redeem this offer during the Offer Period, enter the redemption code PLUS10T, or PXTRA5 if you are checking out with Afterpay, into the redemption code box during the checkout process. This code cannot be used in conjunction with any other eBay offer, coupon or voucher."

        Wasn't sure if that meant you can't use the code and then pay with voucher or if it meant once a voucher reduces the price you can't use the code at all. Guess it's the latter, thanks for confirming!

    • You can apply a gift card along with most promotions. @WhippnNae says you can't but I've done it before and people in this post are saying they can if you want recent "proof" with the same code.

      • s1kwiti said they tried and couldn't, i was asking the question. interesting if users in the other thread have had success though, wondering if I take the gamble…

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      update: I was able to use gift cards to bring the price down below my $600 limit. (Thanks etwo41 for the links.) The 15% discount still applied to the entire order which was a nice bonus.

      (So if you can get the gift cards at a discount, it actually makes sense to pay the majority off with gift cards and just leave a small amount for afterpay. YMMV though.)

      Also check afterpay app to see if you have any offers - I was able to get another $5 off

      • Enjoy your new CPU šŸ˜Š

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    Finally pulled the trigger on 5600x after getting getting b550 tomahawk deal the other day. Got the 6600xt as well just need to sort a nice case, RAM and SSD pretty much!

    • Highly recommend the corsair 4000d airflow if going ATX. Just built mine a week or so ago and it's a fantastic value case for air-cooling.

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    5900x has the exact same performance as the 5950x in pretty much everything but multithread/core heavy applications at $300 difference in price.

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      Yeah, but


  • $386 without after pay

  • Damn I paid $799 on the 2nd. Oh well… I could return but hmm. Realised that I might have credit limit as I haven't signed up to Afterpay. I only got $300 limit on LatitudePay.

  • Hmm, this 5600x or wait for black friday…

  • can we get furthur $30 from afterpay referral ?

    edit: worked at got 5600x for $334.56, thanks mate!
    paid first installment, can we pay full amout right away,

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      Pretty sure I did this on myfirst afterpay deal. Some people had mixed success getting the $30 bonus but I got mine instantly, logged into afterpay and paid off the all the installments right away.

    • Did you have a credit limit on sign up?

      • I had $600. It cost me savings back then, and it's cost me savings now!

      • 600

        • Ah damn no point is returning my $799 5900x.

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      Thanks bazingaa, signed up through a friend and got it for $334 too!

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      Lol that's cheaper than some second hand 3600 you see on Gumtree lol

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    Can someone please recommend any Ram , GPU and PSU deals ?

  • Running into a bug. I go through the checkout process, discount is applied. But when I open to the Afterpay payment window, full price is quoted.

    • Ebay Plus?

      • Just registered.

        • same problem but solved by using Mobile App

  • Just created a After pay account, but the limit is 600,how do I increase it? Thanks

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      Only increases with time and making purchases+repayments as far as I'm aware. I even tried calling a while back as I only needed the increase to $650ish but even the call line has an automated message saying if you're calling about increasing your limit don't bother.

      Best bet now that you're signed up is to try and make a few purchases and pay them off so you'll have a higher limit for the next deal!

      • :/ thanks

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          see my responses earlier in comments, but I was able to use gift cards to bring the total cost below $600. And the 15% discount still applied to the entire cost, not just the remaining balance after gift cards were used.

  • any deals on MB and RAM?

    Gigabyte B550 DS3H is $84 with the same deal? is there any better MB with USB 3.2 Gen 2 ?
    edit: got it anyway for $84, any deals on RAM ?

  • 5900X $687.56

    seriously wtf.

    such a good price.

  • Where's the 5700g ?

  • Patriot Memory Viper Steel DDR4 16GB 3200MHz PC4-25600 Single Module - PVS416G320C6 on Amazon for $115, any better deals with this code ?

    GSkill Flare X 8*2 3200 CL16 = $103, is it ok ?

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      Can you link this ? Just went to check out and it wouldn't let me

      • It is from the other deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/650976
        AF didn't approve mine and ended up getting only 10% deal, got "G.Skill 32GB RAM (2x16GB) Aegis DDR4 CL16 3200Mhz 288Pin Gaming Desktop Memory - $199 = $179.10 after 10% OFF"

  • afterpay site not working ? when I tried to place order 3, got message that I can only have 2 orders and 1 should be paid before placing another order
    tried again after paying one and it didn't approve it. will this affect my credit score ?

    • Sounds like you hit your credit limit. Funds need to be cleared and settled perhaps…?

      • weird, it shows available balance around $350 though

  • 5600x is gone :(

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    Ryzen 3D V-Cache variants must be around the corner.

  • Just got a message about my 5600X order.

    Iā€™m so sorry but we have run out of stock of this item. Am I able to offer the OEM version and $10 refund instead?
    Apologies for any inconvenience.

  • Got a similar message to Gracey.

    Shipped notification received on 16 September, but the parcel has not yet been scanned by Aust post.
    No tracking information as a result.

    Anyone else?

  • What's the best Ryzen for a non-gaming rig? Just Chrome taba and office apps. Currently using a rig with a 10 years old i5 cpu and she's struggling.