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Sapphire Toxic Radeon RX 6900 XT 16GB Limited Edition Video Card $2399 Delivered @ BPC Tech


Not the cheapest model of 6900xt but cheapest price for this model among all the retailers, seeing $2899 in other shops. Toxic is usually one of the top line AMD cards.

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BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)
BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)


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      I was thinking f$&k off but that’ll do too.

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    That is just cool AF.

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    Thanks OP - bought one.
    Definitely worth the extra $100-200 from previous XFX 6900 XT models given water-block + massive radiator is built into the card.

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      Kinda devo I bought one of the $2000 ones already lol

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    Toxic… Just like the substance my wife would kill me with if she discovered I spent $2400 on a GPU lol

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      Not if you get in first ;)

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      Better to ask for forgiveness than for permission

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        Your username might incriminate you here…

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      Tell me, what was the wedding bill? You know for one day :D

      This is much cheaper and more enjoyable than a wedding and lasts more than a day :p

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        She may argue the wedding gave him a lifetime of happiness versus the gpu which will be inevitably replaced.

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          Odds are that he'll be replaced before the GPU.

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        I've…. tried this approach. Perhaps there was an error in my delivery, as it did not have the intended effect.

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    Looks like a child is designing these, jesus.

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      dont know why you got neg. i do agree with GPU design nowadays kinda just looks like toys.

      • Gaming kids wanting GPUs are getting younger and younger?

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        That's a pretty expensive toy!

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          Nothing compared to a sports car or a decent boat lol
          Tell the wife you wanna drop 150K on a car, argue for a day about it, then "concede" by buying this GPU lol

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        What do you mean nowadays?

        Graphics cards have been pretty hideous for a while. If anything id say they actually use to look more like kids toys back in the the early/mid 2000's.


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      Designed by children for man-children.

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    emmmmm, should i cancel my order of a 3080 for this 6900xt…for nearly additional $700

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      performance wise no

      but quality wise this one is top notch

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        Performance wise yes. I have this things "big" brother the extreme version on the higher XTXH chip and it beats my 3090 waterforce in everything ive thrown at it so far.

  • What’s the catch?

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      You could buy a car instead?

      • Hah ur not wrong!

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        Laughs in highly inflated used car market prices

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    Time spy score 23k+,kill any 3090 OC

    • Really?

  • Good to see the return of the Toxic branding. That's a big radiator for a single card!

    • Runs at load at 990rpm, absolutely nuts

  • Is this worth over the XFX variant that's $400 cheaper?

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      If youre going to OC, yes absolutely.

      These cards go mental.

      • How much of a performance boost if OC?

        • From what I've read you're still talking a matter of a couple %

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            @drprox: The point of the AIO version of card isnt pure FPS performance.

            Yes, XFX card will get close in terms of frames…..but not in terms of thermals / noise / longevity.

            If they made a 6800xt version of this card it would definitely be a better deal. But for enthusiasts who want to OC like crazy, thats who this card is for, not for those looking for bang for buck (obviously).

            • @Ahbal: Totally agree with you btw :) I just figured mrtee was asking re actual framerates

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    Between this card and the RX6800XT not even 10% in performance not worth the extra $$$ TBH

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      Pretty sure it is a bit more than 10% faster
      And overclocks much higher
      Higher power and core clock limits

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        Not really! I have seen all performances charts between the 2 barely 8 to 10 fps in games. Also, you have to keep in mind you will need a PSU with 850 wats and that will add up to the total cost :).. if you think this card is within your budget den go ahead plz.. It's my opinion after all if u wanna save money.

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          FWIW, doesn’t make much sense to talk about less than 10% performance and then throw round random 8-10fps claims. 8-10fps could be a huge difference for some games/resolutions. Example below with AC Valhalla where a difference of 8fps is 13.5%, and 10fps would be 17%!

          4k tomb raider
          6900xt toxic: 117fps
          6800xt: 98fps
          19% increase

          AC Valhalla
          Toxic: 67
          6800xt: 59
          13.5% increase

          Sorry for crappy formatting sending from phone. But yeah those numbers are nothing to sneeze at, especially at the lower FPS games were the FPS lows become significantly more relevant.

          This card is super legit. Wish I had the spare cash for it right now but truly terrible timing hah.

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      Sad but true :(
      6900 xt deals are appealing largely because of the inflated pricing on the 6800 xt (I bought a 6900 xt for this reason though I suppose I hold out hope that one day it'll matter..)

      • I paid $1700 for mine this is above $2000 !!

        • I'm guessing you preordered on PLE?

  • this would be good to run x3 4k 42 monitors.

    • For real?

      • probably

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        no. but its cool to imagine it lol

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      I run almost same setup(27" 4k portrait on left, 43" 4k on centre and 27" 4k portrait flipped on right), but with a Quadro P1000 that I picked up for $180 from Facebook marketplace.
      I don't game though, this is my workstation setup.
      Does 60Hz which I found good enough for office use cases, occasional YouTube videos and Netflix.
      If you game, then that Quadro is not going to cut it obviously.

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      42 is a lot of monitors for one GPU…

  • Is this a good choice for Video Editing & Rendering?

    • 3090 is a much better choice.

      • x2.5 the price ???

        • you only buy amd gpu for gaming

      • Garetz is correct, and honestly Nvidia in general just so much better. The support across apps and CUDA is just so much easier to work with. AMD is getting there in this regard, but this is definitely a gaming card firstly, and there are much better NVIDIA options for work purposes (in my opinion and experience).

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    from my research this card Will not give you ultra performance instead it will give you sustained good performance at low noise level especially on warm days.

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    “Limited Edition”. So every GPU.

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      Underrated comment.

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    Wallet toxic.

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      Life / wife toxic (there’s a link between the two)

  • This is a killer GPU, top of the range, I am using similar one, 6900 XTXH LC, Pretty happy about it.

  • Jack arrived at BPC, price is now $2699

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    For anyone whos ordered or thinking about ordering, I ordered one yesterday (marked in stock) and selected pickup.

    I just phoned them this morning to arrange collection today and was advised that they are actually NOT IN STOCK.

    Couldnt give me any indication on whether we are talking days, weeks, months or anything.

    Bad practice if you ask me. at least be upfront and tell customers that they are in fact purchasing a backorder.

    • Ordered mine around 8pm last night. I got the order update and tracking details just half an hour ago - so it wasn't all bluff.

      • must be one of the lucky ones. I believe they had ~5 cards on hand originally. My order is still in "Processing"