Anyone Else Thoroughly Underwhelmed by The iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Series 7?

Watched the super cut apple keynote event of the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch series 7.

Other than the improved battery on the iPhone, didn’t seem like a huge deal to me at all.

I’m surprised the watch didn’t include some new sensor. I’m still rocking my XS Max and series 5 watch and have no plans to upgrade.

In saying that, I know a lot of people will blindly upgrade and Apple will continue to make billions from this. I guess my question is, will you upgrade?

For those with an iPhone 11 or 12 looking to upgrade, why?

Poll Options

  • 134
    Will upgrade my iPhone to the iPhone 13,
  • 32
    Will switch my android phone to an iPhone 13,
  • 43
    Will switch my iPhone to an android phone,
  • 719
    Will keep my current phone

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  • +66

    Android will stay android.

    • +6

      And sometimes iPhone will go Android

      • +2

        That was a poll option. Specifically staying Android was not.

      • +28

        If someone hasn't researched their asset, and has no interest in doing so, aren't they exactly the type of person better served by the Apple ecosystem?

        • +6

          And to be frank iPhones are cheaper or similar in price to most of the Galaxy S21 series anyway.

          The idea that Apple products are merely an idiot tax is antiquated and irrational.

          There are plenty of reasons to own an iPhone, and plenty of reasons to own an Android. iPhones may not be the average IT guys first priority but for OP to claim it's "not a proper phone" is ridiculous.

          • @stanstho: Samsung's are also idiot taxed Android phones.

          • @stanstho: Not exactly. Samsung are 30% of retail either on the first day or within the first month. You have to be an utter idiot to buy SamDung at full price.

  • +32

    iPhone releases have been pretty boring for years. I miss the days of the iPhone 4 and 5.

    • +13

      The iPhone 6 was a good step up.

    • +6

      Still using my 5S, I've replaced the battery 3 times since new, still going well.

      • +1

        That’s impressive! I have an iPhone 8 and am considering changing the battery eventually but it’ll be a pain due to the waterproof glue.

        What iOS are you running? Does it run smoothly?

        • +1

          I just replaced the battery on my iPhone 7 (also waterproof) and it was definitely worth the effort.

          It was initially quite difficult to get the phone open but I eventually tried laying a warm heat pack on it for a few minutes and it came off just fine after that.

          • @tinmancactus: Oh nice. Yeah I think I saw that as a method to open it up on iFixit's website or something.

            Where did you get your replacement battery from?

      • +4

        Iphone se 2016 for me. I was running the 5s but VOLTE was much needed in my area as 3g is choppy at best.

        Battery at 85% still can do all of what I need, sometimes a bit slow but all good.

        • iphone SE was my first "smart" phone- ecosystem, build quality and size was great. As the battery started to go was wondering whether to upgrade to latest iphone but all so big, expensive and no headphone port and then came along samsung 10e — I like android as less locked down, easy to expand memory as i use it for torrenting, casting media, jukebox and light gaming.. less of a pain transferring data from phone to PC

      • +2

        Same. On my 3rd battery for my iPhone 6S Plus.

        Love it. It does everything I need it to do, and I see absolutely no reason to "upgrade".

  • +14

    As has been said, its basically a 12S with some incremental improvements

    Of course, with phones nowadays the improvements are things like 'a smaller notch' or 'a camera that is now beyond what 99.3% of people need rather than beyond 99.1%'

  • +13

    Apple releases have been underwhelming since the iPhone 5…

    • +21

      That was probably the last revolutionary change.
      All the rest have been evolutionary

      • +7

        I'd say the 5S was - it went 64bit (not really a big deal for users), and it got the TouchID sensor which is a big deal IMO. (Especially when that could be jailbroken and running the tweak to give autofilling passwords with touchid)

        iPhone 6, 7, 8 are just better, rounder versions of the 5S (faster, screen size, and the dubious 'feature' of losing the headphone jack - my 6 is here on the desk, gaping hole in it's underside taunting me, yearning to have a plug in its hole… umm.. erm… but I digress)

        (Why oh why couldn't the iP13 get in-screen touchid as well as faceid, my Dad's huawei has had both for years)

        • +1

          They should bring back touch ID but on screen since covid face recognition doesn't work with mask

      • +3

        I'll go for a revolutionary change with the iPhone X that took away the front button and had face id. That was a big change.

        • +1

          More like a downgrade during covid.

    • are you crazy? the iphone X was a way bigger jump than 5

  • +17

    Honestly, every iPhone since the iPhone X has been nearly the same; the only big changes that have occurred over the past 4 years or so have been the size, camera and processor. If Apple makes money doing what they're doing, and there's no demand for any changes, they'll keep doing it.

    • -5

      You can say that for Android too. (I'm a Android user).

      Except for the folding screen that one want cares for.

      • +17

        'Android' is just the name of the OS though; there are so many different companies that use it. Each company comes out with different form factors and features, whilst Apple is the only one that makes iPhones and use iOS. No hate to Apple, it's just that there are more options to chooe from with an Android than an Apple.

        • +8

          Not going to dispute this, but most phones that run the Android OS are similar, in the same way that most PCs that run Windows are similar in function.

          I suppose once phones got Cameras, NFC, etc.. there's little else they can offer apart from incremental improvements.

        • In my opinion both iphone n android based phones are same in a way for general user.
          Both has processor, ram, camera, 5g, no headphone port annd 120hz refresh rate etc
          Both OS has similarities, such as widgets etc
          Price may differ and you get what you pay for.
          You can use both n get used to it overtime .

  • +6

    Superbly underwhelmed. Hopefully. My iPhone X can last another 15 months for iPhone 14.

    • +3

      How's it holding up? Hopefully it's good. I have an 11 pro max and want to keep it for a long stretch as well. 5-6 years if i can 🤞

      • My iPhone X is still super fast so I don’t feel any need to upgrade. I did this year replace the battery though with a kit from iFixit. Good as new now.

    • +2

      I bought the 13 Pro last night but I agree that my X could have easily lasted another year or two without much thought.
      For me the reason to upgrade was because my mum has been quietly eyeing my X for the last year or so so I'm being a good son and will give it to her, if giving your mother your old electronics is what constitutes a good soon. Highly questionable narrative but I'm sticking with it. Makes her happy and I get a new phone.

      • Have you considered shouting her a new iPhone? Am sure it’ll be a nicer gesture than giving her a five year old phone.

  • Will switch if they launch Apple Note series and give ability to use other launchers like Android. Those who use launchers on Android, knows the importance of it.

    • +8

      Tim Apple says no.

      • +2

        Then I would say no too 😁

        • -2

          Plenty of generic Android phones for you to choose form.

    • +4

      Yep, never used an Android phone without Nova launcher; maybe if I swap to a Pixel might I drop Nova Launcher.

      • +1

        I had no idea about specialty of Android before using Nova. Can't think of moving away from it now.

        • +1

          The only Android phone I have used is a Mi A2 that uses Android One rather than a proprietary OS. Looking for an upgrade I realised there seems to be few if any Android One releases moving forward. Possibly because Google will start to offer cheaper Pixel options to serve the market segment that Android One did.

          I just had a quick look at Nova launcher. I'd not heard of it before. Is this what I may want if I don't go with a Pixel?

          • @Antikythera: I believe Nova Launcher can be used on any Android Phone. Pixel seems no exception.

      • I have more gone to the minimal launchers like before launcher. Completely declutters your home screen.

  • +8

    I'm just happy there's a new iPad mini 6!

    • +11

      Big price rise

      • +5

        Yep, but at least there's a redesign after nine years with more screen estate and a chip to match the current iPhone, rather than using something a few generations behind

        • +1

          I'm looking at getting an iPad mini for the kids. We also have a 3yo iPad that does everything they need very well without feel laggy at all.

          I may look at the iPad mini 5 in a couple of months time to see if they drop the price. The iPad mini 5 with A12 CPU will be more than sufficient.

          • @JimB: iPad mini 5 prices have already dropped when I was trying to find the mini 6 on JB Hi-Fi's website this morning (upgrading from my mini 4, and previously had the original mini)

            • @kerfuffle: Just had a look at JB Hifi and it's still starting from $599.

              I'll keep an eye out.

    • Can you make calls on the LTE version? Same processor so it could be an iphone 13 max max

      • Doubt it

        • Workaround would be using a voip application. If you have a voip you would rely on data to do the call. You could even get your mobile to forward calls to the voip number. Not sure about messages though. iMessage would still be ok or use messenger.

  • +3

    Was holding out for the series 7 watch but now just looking out for good discounts on the series 6 instead in the coming weeks!

  • +24

    Needed to bring back touch id

    • +7

      Good lord yes. I miss Touch ID so much now that masks are so common day to day

      • They sell you a solution for that in the apple watch haha. Not sure if you know but you can have your watch unlock your phone if the faceID doesn't work.

    • +2

      They had the tech to do it on the power button too. Would have been perfect with masks and great marketing opportunity

      • +1

        if they cannot make the under-screen touch ID work, use the touch ID on the iPad, it is better that way tbh.

    • Nope, FaceID is a revelation, and having two hardware biometric sensors is not a good use of phone resources.

      • FaceID was clunky at first.
        In its current state it is better. But now we have face masks. So it's objectively worse.

        Apple should have simply put the TouchID into the rear logo. That way all cases would have to show the logo. And the front screen could be properly symmetrical, with larger display/fewer bezels. Now it looks like it was designed by an iDiot.

  • +5

    Sporting a XR now looking to upgrade to a 13 mini as I very much prefer a smaller phone as I don't watch videos on it. Also heard that this is probably the last mini as the line didn't do well. Huge performance in a small form factor is my jam.

    • Those minis may become new SE.

      • +1

        That's very possible although SEs are usually two or three cycles behind in terms of perf.

    • Yeah I reckon Apple have done their dash for now with the 12 mini. I was very surprised they continued it on (pleasantly surprised, though). The % wise of their sales compared to other models was tiny (around the 10-15% I think), but on the grand scheme of things that's still millions and millions of phones.

      • +1

        Apparently they kept the 13 Mini because they had already developed it, before they realised the demand for smaller phones was low. Might be the last Mini generation for a while - rumour is the 14 will axe the Mini line-up entirely and move to a less expensive, non-Pro but larger iPhone model (maybe 14 Plus, who knows).

        That said, I have a 12 Mini myself and really like it. Last iPhone I owned was a 4S - this feels like a modern version of that.

        • +1

          Makes sense - I have the 12 Mini, too. Absolutely love it! I'm sure they'll bring back the mini in 4/5 years time, perfect time for me to upgrade :)

        • +5

          The thing is that the demand isn't low, the 12 mini still outsold almost every android phone on the market. It would have sold a lot more if they didn't release the SE 2020 earlier in the year too.

          I love my 12 Mini, it's amazing apart from the so-so battery life. I'll get the 13 Mini at some stage purely so I have the best version of a small phone available.

        • +2

          I upgraded from 6s to 12 mini and couldn’t be happier. If they really cut off the Mini line next year I will be stocking up on 13 mini so I have a replacement when my current phone dies lol.

  • My XS Max is 3 years old now and the battery life is pretty shocking. I'll be upgrading but mainly for this reason. I don't think I can put up with the XS Max performance for another 12 months as much as I'd like too.

    One thing I'm really going to miss is 3D Touch.

    • Why not changing battery?

    • I’m in the same boat with the battery life at 88% health - it’s become so bad!

      Spending $100 on a replacement seems a bit excessive.

      • +20

        Actually $100 for a battery that lasts 2 years it’s a good price for something you’re using everyday.

        • +5

          Agree. Sounds like a bargain really when spread over two years

        • fair point, I guess I was wondering why it’s not cheaper seeing as the XS max all the way to the 13 pro max has the same battery replacement cost, especially when the XS max battery capacity is smaller.

          Then again, I’m sure the bulk of the cost relates to labour. Can’t imagine the batteries costing much at all.

      • +1

        $100 for an official replacement battery installed is ridiculously good value.

      • Mine is at 84% lmao, I couldn’t be bothered with the $109 battery replacement. Just pulled the trigger and ordered the Iphone. Camera was cracked a bit away, had it since 2018. But on an important note, if i am correct the new iphone pro max has the 120hz display so considering this, battery life may not be better running at a higher refresh rate - probably should a function to turn down the refresh rate. But yeah personally, I think the upgrade from an XS max is a decent jump. 100% gonna miss the 3D touch but have to compromise somewhere.

        At 84% the battery life is still pretty good, last nearly all day for me, moderate user.

    • +2

      I bought used XS max with 86% battery life and was horrible, for some weird reason face id stopped working and for 2.5 year old phone apple still replaced it with refurbished one, Battery life on that was amazing. even after heavy use it use to last me whole day easy.

      Then upgraded to S21 Ultra and Samsung's battery life with same usage was worse than 10's max, Sold the Ultra and now tossing between 12 pro max or 13 pro max, If I can get a good deal on 12 I might go with that otherwise 13.

      • Not sure what you were doing, but the battery life on the S21 Ultra is in a whole other league compared to an XS Max.

        XS Max: 79h

        S21 Ultra: 114h

        GSM Arena battery tests and results are pretty much the best in the industry and have been spot on across pretty much every phone I've owned.

        • Mainly facebook\youtube browsing and maybe taking photos thats about it, I also found Samsung use to also get hot when I tried to shoot 1/2 minutes videos. It doesn't mention which processor phone they tested but have seen few youtube comparisons where they mention Snapdragon has very good edge on battery life compare to exynos.

          • +1

            @RobotWizard: They test exynos as they’re in the uk I believe. The review of the phone lists both models battery results. I’m terms of battery life the exynos and snapdragon are virtually equal this year, unlike with the S20 series.

            • +1

              @MrFunSocks: Just to add to this, the Battery Life table allows you to choose which parameters you like.

              I personally scroll the Calls to the second-lowest (30min) section to avoid biases, this is mostly a phone's standby ability (aka screen-off efficiency). I then scroll the Web Browsing to the second-highest (3h 30m) as this pushes the device harder for rendering and uses its radios, which is the point of a "smart" phone. And I put the Video Playback category in the middle (2h 0m) as this taxes the display which is very important but it doesn't stress the processor. Then you will see the "Custom Rating" on the right-hand side of the table. Hit that, to sort the list from Highest to Lowest battery life based on the parameters that were scrolled upon.

              I noticed my Custom Rating changes the order of the devices compared to the Standard one. And it actually looks like it improves it, as some of those standings were a little questionable. I generally then filter out the devices I'm not interested in, for instance, anything lower than a 1080p screen, or not using a decent SoC etc etc.

              But yeah, have a go. Play around with the Settings I recommend, or put in what you think represents your use case.

      • apple still replaced it with refurbished one

        Did you mean the battery or the whole phone? how much did it cost?

        • +1

          Whole phone for free

  • +7

    Face ID with mandatory mask usage everywhere is a minor inconvenience I suppose but I do prefer fingerprint recognition tech over face ID.

    Haven't had an iPhone since the iPhone 6 as I made the switch. As some have already mentioned. Seems more like an "S" year more than anything.

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