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Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 12.5" - i5/8GB/128GB SSD (Ice Blue only) $798 Delivered @ Microsoft


Decent specs for the price - as it stands, probably the best basic laptop from a major manufacturer for this price. Only for the Ice Blue colour for whatever reason.

10 bucks more than the cheapest deal from JB a little while ago, but in exchange you get free shipping (next-day even for Sydney and Melbourne metro areas) and The Microsoft Store Promise (TM) that gives you 60 days change of mind returns.

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    Anyone who bought this who actually found the screen too small? How's the keyboard like?

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      Depends on how you're going to use it.
      I have a surface laptop, 13.5" screen, 1.1kg and I used to bring it with me when I travel around pre covid.
      The screen is too big for European long distance coach or London to Edinburgh high speed train of course
      even for J class on a flight, it's still taken a lot of space
      It's also heavy when you have to carry it all day
      I wish there is something in the size of a Chromebook, 11" screen, 750g with keyboard,
      but runs Windows 10/11, similar spec with Surface Laptop Go and a $800 tag
      Unfortunately there is none in the market

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      I bought this at launch. The screen is small but you get used to it and avoid side by side windows as they're very narrow. The keyboard is actually great and as good as any other Surface but the touchpad is terrible. It feels cheap and less accurate compared to other Surfaces. If you use the touchscreen more than touchpads, (or a mouse) this won't affect you greatly.

      I think for the price, it's easy to overlook those two draw backs and this would make a great kids laptop for homework or a couch netbook replacement for casual use.

      PS. I think the blue one is the nicest colour.


      I have one for work and it's a total piece of shit. I wouldn't buy one at $300, let alone $800

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    "Only for the Ice Blue colour for whatever reason", probably because people buying these having been choosing all colours, EXCEPT Ice Blue :-). Kinda like when you find Clearance clothing only in XXL.


    Anyone know if it has an HDMI port?

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      1 x USB-C®

      1 x USB-A

      3.5 mm headphone jack

      1 x Surface Connect port

      You would have to do display out thru usb c or surface connect

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    No backlit keyboard is a deal breaker for my tired eyes


    $934 now


      shows 934 too

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