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Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 12.5" - i5/8GB/128GB SSD (Platinum Only) $777 + Delivery ($14.95 to Most Areas) @ HN


$4.95 more than the recently expired previous HN deal (once you include shipping) and $21 cheaper than the recently expired Microsoft store deal. I couldn't find any stores around me with stock (western Sydney), I'm presuming no stores have stock. Not a bad price. Could possibly get other stores to price match to avoid buying from HN.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Realistically we expect new models in Dec right? So if we can wait we can expect more deals then?
    I'm hung up about no backlit kb, resolution

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      New models Oct 5 with windows 11. Surface event next week.

  • New model incoming? Microsoft event is next week (22nd September).
    I'm waiting for the rumoured Book replacement.

  • i5-1035G1
    With Pixel sense screen????
    At least it has goodbrightestness

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    Don't support Gerry!

    • Didn't he give back the covid cash?

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        Hardly Normal repaid back only $6m of the $22m Covid Cash.

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          A token gesture for his image. He's a slippery one.

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    Alright jackpot!

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    Amazing little laptop. Daughter uses it for school and it's perfect.

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    Picked one up, decent for a BYOD device.

  • Hmm if only it was bigger

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      Thats what she said.

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    Good laptop. But stay strong friends. We are holding the fort against HN and Gerry

  • Can you upgrade the ram on this?

    • Negatory

      • Thanks, I will continue my search for a 14 inch lappy that can be upgradable to 16gb ram for under $900

        • Have you considered E14 when it is on special https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/645428.

          • @Olliesh: That looks a bit bulky. I currently have dell vostro 5402, it has shity battery life and thermals are crap too because its always throttling. Only good thing about it is the size and weight so it's very portable.

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              @Homr: It's pretty much the same size as your dell vostro, just heavier

              E14 Gen 3 - 324 x 220.7 x 17.9 mm, weight 1.64kg

              Dell Vostro 5402 - 321.3 x 216.2 x 16.7-17.9 mm, weight 1.36kg

              I have an earlier E14 Gen 2 AMD as a work laptop and overall its good but the display would be the dealbreaker for many.

              Gen 3 has a slightly brighter panel but shares the same shocking 60% sRGB coverage, compared to the 95% on this Surface Laptop Go, or 115% on my M1 MBA. There are many TN panels that do better and are far less washed out than the IPS panel on the E14.

              • @brosk1s: oh thanks, display is not a deal breaker for me cos I normally hook it up on my 2 external screens

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    Free upgrade to win 11


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    Key feature:

    Could possibly get other stores to price match to avoid buying from HN

    • price matched at JB

  • No webcam right?

    • It has a Web cam

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    Where does the Surface laptop go?

  • What's the screen specs. Not a good sign when it's hidden

    • Screen: 12.4” PixelSense™ Display

      Resolution: 1536 x 1024 (148 PPI)

      Aspect ratio: 3:2

      Touch: 10 point multi-touch

      • so, even you couldn't find the brightness or color production?

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          What i found.


          LG Philips LP125WX112403
          X-Rite i1Pro 2
          Maximum: 361.3 cd/m² Average: 353.2 cd/m² Minimum: 1.57 cd/m²
          Brightness Distribution: 95 %
          Center on Battery: 354.3 cd/m²
          Contrast: 1222:1 (Black: 0.29 cd/m²)
          ΔE Color 1.41 | 0.59-29.43 Ø5.5, calibrated: 1.44
          ΔE Greyscale 1.2 | 0.64-98 Ø5.7
          94.4% sRGB (Argyll 1.6.3 3D)
          60.2% AdobeRGB 1998 (Argyll 1.6.3 3D)
          65.72% AdobeRGB 1998 (Argyll 2.2.0 3D)
          94.64% sRGB (Argyll 2.2.0 3D)
          64.4% Display P3 (Argyll 2.2.0 3D)
          Gamma: 2.26

          Color space covers 60 percent of AdobeRGB and almost all of sRGB to be adequate for amateur graphics or video editing.

  • Might bite at $400-500

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      Would it really ever get that low though, they've already sold out of two colours in the last sale around this price

      • No way it would get that low.

  • 1536x1024 display understand it’s ia small screen ….

    the microsoft 365 does it come with a subscription, is it just 12 mths ?

    • Understand that the Lenovo S540 13" screen is QHD. Literally 2.6x the pixels.

      • Literally 2.6x the pixels

        Whats the point if you can't see them anyway?

        This laptop has a higher pixel density than [email protected]" (149 vs 138ppi).
        Personally I'd take the better battery, lower GPU requirements etc. over extra pixels I wouldn't notice.

  • It’s in stock why posted out of stock?

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