Motorola Edge 20 Pro 5G $764 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


Best price I've seen on this newly released mid range 5G phone. Usually around $888-899 (currently $799 with TGG 10% off Finals promo)
Indigo Vegan leather or Midnight Sky available.

Phone Family: Edge Pro 20
Network: 4G/5G
Sim Card Type: Dual Nano (no MicroSD support)"
Operating System: Android 11
Display: 6.67 pOLED FHD 20:9 HiD, 144Hz, HDR10"
Display Resolution: 6.7" OLED FHD (2400 x 1080)
Rear Camera: 108MP 16 MP Wide & Macro OIS with 5x Optical Zoom"
Video Recording:Rear main camera: 8K UHD (24fps), 4K UHD (60/30fps), FHD (60/30fps) Slow motion FHD (960/240fps), HD (360fps) Rear ultra-wide angle camera: FHD (30fps) Macro video: 4K UHD (30fps), FHD (60/30fps) Rear telephoto camera: FHD (60/30fps)"
Storage Size: 256GB
Expandable Storage: N/A
Processor: SD870
RAM Size: 12GB
Wi-Fi: Wi Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax"
Bluetooth: 5.1, A2DP, LE
GPS: Yes
Sensors: Fingerprint, NFC, Proximity Ambient light Accelerometer Gyroscope Magnetometer (compass)"
Water Resistant:IP52
Battery: 4000mAh
Weight (g): 190

Also have the middle range Edge 20 for $588, usually $699
Or the entry level Edge 20 Fusion for $420, usually $499.

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  • Wow… This is a mid-range price? TIL

    • +2

      El cheapo <300
      Flagship >1117

      • I'd love to know what features I'm missing out on by limiting myself to <$500 for a phone, I'm imagining a smoother phone experience generally and better cameras?

        • +2

          Mainly better cameras

    • +1

      When you compare it to Apple, Samsung, even Find and Oppo flagships around the $1200-1400 rrp mark or more, yeah $800-900 is "mid range". Doesn't have the latest and greatest processor so isn't too tier.

      • $900 is midrange?? Wtf

        I got a new OnePlus 9 (US Model) in April for $700. Guess that must be just about in the "budget phone" range for you

        Can get OnePlus Nord 2 for in the $600s which is what I'd call an upper midrange/high end phone

        Ozbargain thinks it's $300-$500 lol

        • I'd ballpark the mid range tier around the $500-900 mark give or take. Given the prices of many flagships, $600 certainly isn't a high end phone regardless of what the OzB masses say.

          Given how much Motorolas seem to discount, I'd say it there will be some really good pricing eventually but for a phone that has only been in stores for a couple of weeks, this isn't bad.

          • @whitelie: Umm you just said how prone Motorola's are to depreciation and then said to go buy one when it's only been out a few weeks?

            $600 certainly isn't a high end phone regardless of what the OzB masses say.

            This is also saying regardless of everyone saying otherwise, this is wrong. If you're paying $900 for a mid tier phone hand in your Ozbargain membership.

            You're honestly so confusing.

            • @pennypincher98: Like anything to do with technology, if you wait 6-12 months, of course it's going to get cheaper. If you want it close to release, then this is the best price going so far.

              Much like your OnePlus 9. Was around $1000 on release, yet you picked it up for $700.

              We're on a bargain page, where everyone is concious of what they're getting for their money. People may put the spending limit at $300-500 but I'm sure that isn't RRP as no one on here pays that.

              • @whitelie:

                6-12 months, of course it's going to get cheaper

                Well yes. As you correctly said before though, Motorola's are more prone to depreciation making it less desirable to pick it up close to release.

                Much like your OnePlus 9. Was around $1000 on release, yet you picked it up for $700.

                Well no. It was one month later I got it for a price far less than it was being sold elsewhere. It's still not available anywhere at the price I paid.

                Btw you know the difference between "high end" and "flagship" right? Rather than going off $ cost you should be going off specs.

  • The fact that this doesn't have wireless charging is infuriating, frankly. Otherwise it'd be a great "why spend more?" phone.

    • Wireless charging seems to be the new headphone jack. So many reasonably priced phones don't have it, especially ones with super fast charging. Really disappointing but I'm at the point I need to upgrade from my trusty LG V30 lol

      • +1

        I'm not sure about that, it's routinely included in flagships, but nothing underneath them. I find wireless charging so useful - drop it in my dock in the car, on the dock on my desk, and on my bedside table, and i can reverse wireless charge my earbuds in a pinch….so frustrating that phone like this don't include it.

        That being said, if you haven't gotten used to having it, though, you can easily have, use and enjoy a phone without it.