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Edifier TWS3 True Wireless Earbuds $18.90 (70% off) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Edifier Australia via Amazon AU


Best price I have seen.

Available in Red, Green (OOS) or White.

The black one is TWS2 not TWS3 so the coupon won't apply.

Description from Amazon

TRUE WIRELESS STEREO - TWS technology offers a wire-free experience with dynamic stereo imaging for amazing sound
CHARGING CASE - Get up to 12 hour playback with quick charge on the go using included travel case
SPLASH AND SWEAT PROOF - IPX4 rating protects against unexpected rain and intense workouts
BLUETOOTH v4.2 – Stellar wireless audio with strong connection and lower latency
1-YEAR WARRANTY – 12-month warranty and friendly customer service

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Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    Anyone tried the Edifier TWS3?
    the reviews are all for TWS2

  • +5

    Was about to make the purchase
    Chickened out

    Some Reviews say they fall out of ear being heavy and battery life is around 2 hours.

    • fck i wish i seen this before i pulled the trigger

      • If it's any consolation, all those reviews seem to be referring to the TWS2 model, not this TWS3 model which may have improved?

      • +2

        You should be able to cancel the order if you've only just bought.

  • +2

    USB C or Micro USB charging?

    • +1

      Couldnt find that spec anywhere. Micro USB is no deal no matter how cheap

      • +4

        it's micro usb

      • Just out of interest - why no deal no matter how cheap?

        • The cord annoyance, everything I have is USB C now

  • +5

    BLUETOOTH v4.2 — $18.90 should be the normal price

  • What's the promo code? Showing $98.96

  • +1

    apply the 70% discount coupon and they're still $41. what gives?

    Edit - seems to be a limit of 1 item for 70% off. when i removed a second set of the headphones from cart, it came up at $18.90.

    • +2

      all their % off coupon are working like that…you can place another order separately. There is no limits on how many times you can use the coupon.

  • we need a good jabra elite 75actives deal….sub $150 pls

  • What country is Edifier from?

    • Designed and Manufactured in China. Not sure if you can find any cheap headphones not manufatured in China or Vietnam.

    • +1

      Edifier is a very good brand, they make really awesome speaker and sound equipment. So yeah a lot better than some generic brand I would say.

  • Thanks op

  • +3

    $18.90 - great budget ear plugs/phones! You can't expect them to be $200 quality earphones when you're only paying $18.90! Thanks, OP. I bought a pair.

  • looks like both products are running BT4.2 and most likely their new BT5.1 products are releasing soon

  • +2

    Just bought a pair, don't even really need it haha. But at that price it's good to have a backup.

    Only saw red colour though, unless I did something wrong.

    • Yeah, can't see the white one too.

  • Hmm these or Tribit flybuds 3 for $49 anyone have either and can review? Thanks in advance

  • +1

    they are gone

  • Any bought similar to this from aliexpress?

    • +2

      I have this pair. Luckily for me it came damaged and I got a refund for it whilst getting to keep it. The microphone is terrible and the touch sensor on the earbuds are sometimes too sensitive or doesn't register a touch at all.

      Would not recommend.

  • +1

    Just got an email from edifier saying they are out of stock of TWS03 and I need to cancel the order. I ordered as soon as I saw this deal. Lame

  • WTF:

    This is edifier seller-ching,
    Thank you for choosing our products
    We are sorry to inform you theTWS3 earphones are out of stock.
    Can we cancel this order and refund you?
    pls follow the below steps:
    The "Request Cancellation" button from Your Account > Your Orders > Request Cancellation just opens a message chat.
    Then we will cancel the order.
    Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Best regards

  • received my order yesterday. Quick review. they are huge. The only part actually touching my ear are the rubber pieces. I hear a hiss that is very noticeable.

  • Sorry , newbie question first time using earbuds perhaps someone could give a quick if it is normal..

    Can i ask when using it for phone calls - is there meant to be audio on both ear buds or just the left

    When I use it for music both earbuds are ok but it seems on calls ( e.g normal or viber etc.. ) audio can only be heard on the left.


    • Seems strange - all the TWS I've used have given me sound through both headphones. I don't have these, but I do have other Edifiers…

      • Cool thanks for the reply.. I contacted Edifier support, they said this is normal to have sound through 1 ear when using it for calls, I'm a bit annoyed by that.. cause when I read stereo I expected it in both ears for music as well as calls…

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